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Created by Yaijinden in order to get people up to speed on the events of the Seven Swords storyline, the following is in a neatly-folded illustrated pamphlet run off on copy paper containing the following information.

Front Page - So, about this Steel Fist thing...

For those who stepped in halfway, getting involved in something that's already happening is sometimes a little like walking onto a rug that's being pulled out from under you. Curious about this rei-bot? Wonder why we're so shifty about many things? Read on, noble soul, and learn.

Interior Pages

The Beginning

Here's the short version.

Once upon a time, everyone's favorite cybermiko rei-bot went off to make sure there were no other rei.bots in the terraverse anywhere that could threaten her. She got all of them, except for one. This other variant of, known as rei-bot, resided in a dying universe on the other side of causal reality-- too far away to sense, and too far to traverse... at least, too far to traverse by conventional means. Not until she found a way out. By coincidence, Shaldra, Dr. Xadium, and ? breached the distance between our universe and hers. rei-bot saw a way to get out of her dying universe, and she took it through them-- planting a seed of her consciousness into the three travelers and using it as a link and a direction back to our home. However, her survival was not to be guaranteed so easily. The fact of the matter is this rei-bot comes from a universe that is more or less perpendicular to ours, meaning that rei-bot is's equal but opposite number. Like matter and antimatter, absolute darkness and the heart of a star, they will annihilate this universe and many others if one cannot eliminate the other, but they have both discovered that they are so equally matched they cannot accomplish this through raw force.

The Middle

In order to dislodge her 'evil' twin from the universe rei-bot has created levers. By investing a part of herself-- or twisting someone's nature to match the dimensions of her own universe-- she can create servitors that bring out the darkness in their hearts. Michael, Shaldra and Xadium were her first recruits; Furu and Mango followed shortly, tricked or manipulated into it, and Indigo Kazan and Reiko both choosing to to follow rei-bot knowing full well what they were. The alternate personalities created by rei-bot's infusion are known as the Clan of the Steel Fist -- rei-bot's soldiers and followers, drawing their new names from Buddhist and Shinto gods and artifacts. In the beginning, those who were forcibly drafted recall little, if anything of their alternate lives, existing generally in the thrall of rei-bot's powers; eventually, though, rei-bot lifted the veil between their lives, and the vast majority of the Steel Fist remained with her. Members of the clan of the steel fist are extraordinarily powerful-- several degrees more than their host existences. They fight together well and know that their lives are held at the whim and mercy of rei-bot. While they may seem polite and generally peaceful-- and some of the steel fist are genuinely pleasant-- they do not hesitate to carry out the orders of their master... which, right now, is the collection of seven certain swords.


The seven swords, from what we can tell, are the very fulcrum she will use to dislodge her counterpart from reality. As such, our priority as people who don't want the world changed is to keep them from her hands. Every so often, we get a whiff of what the steel fist is planning and we go to stop them. We haven't been that successful-- not yet. Of these seven swords, three have fallen into the hands of the Steel Fist. We, as the general occupants of Ten'ou House, have but one... but even if we continue to fail, we will hold on to it and wield it as _our_ fulcrum of victory. If we win the universe remains our own. If _she_ wins well the universe as we know it will be changed forever. Those of us who have chosen to fight against the steel fist have our own myriad reasons to take up arms, but without exception we reject the possibility she offers: a world free from the dominion of the strong over the weak. At least, that's what she says she wants.

Won't you join us?

The Backside

On the flip side of the pamphlet is an artist's rendition of Yaijinden, all flashing a V for Victory.

Pamphlet no Yaijinden: because you're lost, and I can't be sodded to waste time explaining this to every individual soul out there.

Sticky Note by Raihosha

Stuck to the back is a typewritten note by Raihosha.

The followers of rei-bot have claimed to be ids of their host bodies, so everyone who is confused raise your hands. Here are some articles to help you out:

  • The original paper by Sigmund Freud
  • More in-depth on the subject and a bit on carl jung who had some slightly different views.

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