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*The Theatre has two gardens on the grounds.
*The Theatre has two gardens on the grounds.
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Original Building

r87vzlN.jpg Grandimperial.jpeg

From Above


Refurbished Building (from back)

The New Grand Imperial Theatre is a theatre complex found in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan, Ginza 4-12-15, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Built in the early 1920s, the original Grand Imperial Theatre was part of the world wide Capital Defense Plan. While serving as an entertainment hub of Ginza, the theatre also acted as the headquarters of the Teikoku Kagekiden and the center of the Japanese branch of the defense plan. The theatre was at this time run by Lt. General Ikki Yoneda, who acted as manager and would later be replaced in this role by Ichiro Ohgami. The theatre would continue to be used in this capacity until December 23, 1941, after which the entire complex was closed down.

After this the building itself would stay a landmark, with constant debates over what to do with it in the future. The Kanzaki group would soon buy it, though its ownership would pass from hand to hand due to coporate scandels and years of mismanagement. Over the years, the reasons for its nonuse would be forgotten. The building was soon inherited by the Kaioh Group, the spiritual successor to the Kanzaki Group. In local time time, traveler and former Hanagumi member Sakura Xadium Aino bought the building and began its complete restoration. Her mother, Aino Minako, then began transforming the upper part of the theatre into a hotel while the ground level theatre was being restore it to its former glory. This would occur in 2010 when Michael Sunnyside began work to further restore the theatre back to working order.

In the spring of that year, it became the new base of the Rising Valkyrie Unit, also known as the Cosmos Revue, with Ratchet Altair as Theatre Manager Director. The new season of the refurbshed theatre began with an original play "Pecos and Paul" which garnered above average success.

On 29 November, Ratchet retired her post, returning to the US, with Matsumi Kaze replacing her as head of the theatre. The theatre is currently run by her as Manager Director while the building is owned by Sakura. As part of this modernization of the theatre, Matsumi has begun to undertake a new program of publicity including the creation of a website.

First Floor


2. Lobby

From the main entrance, the souvenir shop is on the right, and the ticket office/hotel registration on the left. Along the walls are pictures of the Cosmos Troupe. Stairs from the lobby lead up to the theatre.

4. Souvenir Shop

Located in the lobby area, the Souvenir Shop sells various items both related to the show in production as well as in general Cosmos Troupe items such as autographed pictures, posters and guide books. It is usually operated by Izumi Hoshi.

3. Stage

The main stage of the New Grand Imperial Theatre is a traditional thrust stage. The theatre as a whole holds up to 3,000 people, including both balconies and box seats.


5. Dining Room

A large dining room that serves the Cosmos Revue three meals a day when possible.

6. Kitchen

Attached to the dining room, all foods for the Cosmos Revue comes from here. It is run by Sarah Christensson.

11. Dressing Room

A large dressing room used to prepare for productions.

10. Costume Room

Storage area for costumes used in all manner of plays and works.

9. First Aid

First aid room for injured or sick theatre members or cast members. It is currently run by Eilean.

14. Backstage area

Backstage is a large area that allows for free movement by the actors when waiting for their turn on stage.

12. Storage Closet

A small storage closet where cleaning supplies and other items are kept.

8. Manager's Office

Matsumi's personal office in the theatre. Barely changed from it's original state since the theatre first opened, Matsumi has added to it the pictures of previous managers in a row, as well as a wireless capability for her work.

Second Floor



These rooms are used by the Cosmos Revue at times when they go late on rehersials or performances and wish to sleep the night at the theatre rather then go home.

5. Matsumi and Hideki's Room

With dark green wallpaper and a large bed, the room also contains a desk with a computer for programming purposes. On the wall is a framed poster of "Because of Love."

8. Masaki's Room

With red painted walls, the room contains a TV and game system as well as a small bed. A framed poster of "Love is a Diamond" is posted on the wall.

13. Anni's Room

Other then the bed, this room has a writing desk and small book shelf. Anni keeps a picture of her grandmother Mara on the table near her bed. On the wall is a framed poster of "A Midsummer Dreamy Night."

9. Euri's Room

With walls painted pink and a covered bed with gold trimmed pink covers, the room has soft carpeting and stuffed animals lining one side of the room. On the wall is a poster of "The Blue Bird" framed.

12. Hana's Room

Sparsly decorated, the room contains a low laying bed, along with a weight set. A framed poster of "Saiyuki" is on the wall.

10. Lara's Room


Gemini's Room


Sakura's Room


7. Script Room

A small library where copies of scripts are kept for rehearsal purposes.

4. Salon/Lounge

Small room for the Cosmos Revue to relax in.

Third Floor

Luxury Apartments

Specially maintained apartments in which high paying patrons can stay the night. Access is from elevator only.



2. Exercise Room

State of the art exercise room, complete with the latest in gym equipment for Valkyrie Unit members to train in.

4. Locker Room

Attached to both the exercise room and the swimming pool, the locker room provides storage for the Valkyrie Unit's items.

3. Swimming Pool

Large swimming pool used by the Valkyrie Unit.

6. Meeting Room

Room which acts as the core of Valkyrie Unit operations. Contains advanced equptment that allows for monitoring and other functions.

7. Vehicle Bay

Storage area for the Ymir and Yggsdale.

8. Spirit Armor Storage

Area where the Selphiers are kept and launched.

Les Fleurs de Cerisier

A restaurant located right next to the theatre, it is owned by Ratchet Altair. It offers a full selection of meals for theater goers both before and after performances. The menu is made up of dishes in American, Parisian, and Japanese cuisine.

Dishes available at Les Fleurs de Cerisier.


The repertoire of the theatre is truly varied, covering dramas, comedies, musical reviews, all both old and new, with the theatre often encouraging new writers to contribute to it. The theatre troupe itself resembles Takarazuka theater, with both male and female parts being played by women.

As of September 2012, the theatre is host to both local talent in the daytime and a daily musical revue in the evening.

Note: this list does not include motion pictures or performances by the trope done outside the theatre

Note2: Due to the events of WWII, some information has been misplaced, lost or totally destroyed.

1922 Season

  • Revue Show- September

1923 Season

  • Julio and Romiet - March
  • Evening of The Camellias - April
  • Because of Love - May
  • Cinderella - June
  • Love is a Diamond - July
  • A Midsummer Dreamy Night - July
  • Saiyuki - August
  • Snake Woman in A Fire Inferno - October
  • Wings - November
  • Third Heaven - December

1924 Season

  • My Fair Lady - Feburary
  • The Great Dinosaur Island - March
  • Cinderella - April

1925 Season

  • New Year Song Show - June
  • Comedy King Lear - June
  • The Sleeping Beauty - Summer
  • The Blue Bird - September
  • Miracle Bells - December 24

1926 Season

  • The Continuation of the Dream - Spring
  • Christmas Performance - December 24

1927 Season

  • Villa of the Sea God - January 1

2010 Season

  • Paul and Pecos: A Tale of America - October-November
  • Scrooge: A Christmas Story - December 23

2011 Season

  • New Years Revue 2011 - January 01
  • Great Hero Siegfried - April 16-May 15
  • Alice in Wonderland (revival) - August 05- August 20
  • Fundraiser Grand Revue+ - October
  • Lost Night in Thailand - November 19 - December 11
  • East of the Sun, West of the Moon+ - December 23

2012 Season

  • 2012 Valentine's Day Revue* - Feb 14
  • Sera-Myu: Sailor Q - An American Senshi. - March 8 - April 15
  • The Magic Flute* - July 2nd- August 1st
  • A Princess of Mars - October 21 - November 11
  • The Valkryies - December 10 - December 21
  • Miracle Bells 2012 - December 24

2013 Season

  • New Years 2013 - Janurary 1
  • The Wizard of Oz+ - February 16 - March 8
  • Billy the Kid - June 12 - July 12
  • The Legend of Tanabata - August 7
  • A Midsummer Dreamy Night (Revival)+ - October 12 - November 02
  • Train under the Stars - November 22 - December 14
  • Christmas Wishes Revue - December 24

2014 Season

  • Let's Celebrate! revue - January 1st
  • Romeo and Juliet - February 14 - March 15
  • Godzilla the Musical - March - May
  • Comedy Macbeth

2015 Season

  • The Three Muskateers

2016 Season

  • Hero’s Journey – July - August
  • Pirates of Penzance* – August –September
  • Comedy Macbeth – September – October
  • The Dragon King (revivial) – October – November
  • Absurd World – November – December
  • East of the Sun West of the Moon – December

2017 Season

  • New Years Wonderland Revue – New Years day
  • Japan Story – January – February
  • Puss in Boots – February to March
  • Rebels of the Stars – March - April
  • Adventures of Robin Hood – April - May
  • Treasure Island (revival)+ - May - June
  • Legend of Musashi+ - June - July
  • Summer Celebration Revue+ - July - August

2018 Season

  • Lovely New Years Celebration - New Years Day
  • Just So Stories - January - February
  • The Great Dinosaur Island (Revival - February to March
  • The Flame Bird - March - April
  • Trolus and Cressida Comedy - April - May
  • The Time Machine+ - May - June
  • Beauty and the Beast+ - June - July
  • Let's Celebrate the Summer! Revue* - July - August

+ = Senka performance

  • = Senka and Cosmos Trope combined performance.


Owner: Micheal Sunnyside III

Theatre Manager: Matsumi Kaze

Stage Manager: Freya de Albra Tura

Box Office: Hideki Kaze

Head of Maintenance: Gemini Sunrise


  • On the backside of the theatre building, on the left side, is a bullet hole shot by Maria Tachibana. It has never been removed or fixed.
  • The Theatre has two gardens on the grounds.