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Musé is a small café on the corner in the quieter part of Minato-ku's shopping district. It has a good view of the park across the street, and is ideal for people-watching. It is light, airy, and clean, with soft artistic touches and a bit of greenery. It has round tables and many of the window seats are high, allowing one to perch and watch or work.


The cafe stocks coffees, a large variety of teas, cakes, fruit, and other sweets and pastries, some made on premises and some brought in. In terms of its' selection, it's a more a blend of a café and a small tea parlor than a true coffee shop.


Many people stop in the cafe for a drink or snack. However, it's especially open to artists and writers, allowing them to gather in small groups or sit and write or draw for hours at a time, so long as they have purchased at least one item and are not causing a disturbance.


Cora had frequented the café, along with several other cafés, and when she found that the owner was ready to retire, decided to buy the place herself. She made minimal changes to staff and menu, liking it the way it was.