Mormeril Shadesong

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Mormeril Shadesong
Biographical information

Citzen of Neggera
Falsified resident of Earth 1337

Birth Unknown


Family Ex-Fiance: Plaird
Half-Sister: The Necromantress
Adoptive Family: Eitak and Nivek Razal, Mia Macha.
Daughter: Eilean
Granddaughter: Kyra Sharlan

Ranger (formerly), Monster Hunter, Stagehand and Security at New Grand Imperial Theatre


TheGreyElf, Undead guy, Elf

Physical description

Elf, formerly Undead



Hair color


Eye color



Bow, sword




Nivek, Macha, Lego, Rising Valkyrie Unit (Ravens of Odin)

First Appearance

Mormeril Shadesong is an elf and the traveling companion of Macha.


His past is largely unknown, even to him, though it is known at some point he fell in battle and was forcibly raised by his half-sister, the Necromantress, and stripped of his free will. This was shortly before he was to marry to Plaird. Some time later, Nivek, Macha, and Lego freed him and killed the Necromantress, restoring his free will. He has since become Macha's constant traveling companion and the two are never far apart.


Macha and Mormeril run a small monster hunting business known as "MMMH." While it truly stands for Macha, Mormeril: Monster Hunters, less accepting clients are sometimes told it stands for "Mia Macha: Monster Hunter" to hide Mormeril's existence. Despite this, most of the the actual hunting is done by Mormeril. All of Mormeril's income comes from MMMH; however, business has been slow lately and most jobs have been fakes.

Ravens of Odin

While Mormeril was going though a rough patch, Eitak took note of this and suggested Matsumi offer him a job. He was hired as a Raven of Odin.

Known Spells

  • Raise Dead: Raises the dead target as an undead.
  • Shackle Undead: A Mockery of the holy spell, this spell bends an undead to his will and halts them in their tracks. Those with stronger wills are unaffected.
  • Summon Ghoul: Summons a deformed skeleton from corpse dust.
  • Drain Life: Sucks the life force out of the target and adds it to his own. Can be fatal if the target is entirely drained.


  • Mormeril's name is a gender neutral name meaning "Black Rose." It comes from Sindarin Elvish.
  • The Grey Elf is a pun on both his gray skin color and the Grey Elves. This does not mean he was a Grey Elf in life.
  • He will often speak in Elvish to insult others without their knowledge.
  • Animals (and Pokemon) were uneasy around him and would flee if he neared.
  • He used to smell strongly of a floral perfume which he used to hide the smell of decay.
  • Due to him being a ranger in life, he is an expert with a bow and sword. He is also skilled in tracking.
  • Mormeril once had nearly no sense of taste. When he bothered to eat food had no taste to him unless he spiced it to the point it was unfit for eating by normal standards. With his resurection this no longer applies.
  • Holy spells of any nature would cause him pain. Holy healing spells would heal his wounds but the entire process would cause him a great deal of pain. This no loner applies.
  • His limbs could still move if separated from his body. When his arm was blown off in an explosion, this proved true.
  • He dislikes children, although he hasn't revealed why. He does, however, make a lot of excuses so as not to be near them.
  • His character class is "Dark Ranger"