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Mirai Arashi
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June 1


Koji and Amanda Arashi (parents)




Sailor Quinox

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All-New, All Different Sailor Team, New Outer Senshi

Early Life

Mirai Arashi was born June 1 to Koji and Amanda Arashi. Her mother, Amanda, was originally from the state of Minnesota in the United States and had met her father when he was attending college abroad. Growing up in the city of Yokohama, Mirai lived in a very loving home, and though not without personal difficulties in self esteem, she was always kind to anyone who needed help. While she tended to not socialize easily, she made one friend in the form of Jun Adachi, whose parents owned a local book store. They bonded over their difficulties in making friends (Mirai due to issues of self-worth and Jun for her intelligence and snarky nature). Mirai would eventually gain another friend in the form of Yasu Moto, an older teenager who saved the young girl after she was nearly hit by a car. Mirai would look up to the girl as being the sort of person she wished she was, rather then the timid life she lived. As middle school approached, Mirai prepared for her life to continue as it was, with the same struggles and worries--an ordinary life.

Becoming a Sailor Senshi

One day while walking down the street, Mirai spotted a small cat trapped in the middle of the road. Against all reason and realizing how scared it was, Mirai rushed into the road, narrowly avoiding a car, and picked up the animal. Before she could react, the cat ran off, though Mirai was simply happy to see that it was safe. That evening, Mirai found herself visited in her dreams by a mysterious figure who explained that it was the queen of the planet Quinox, a far distant planet in the solar system. She told the confused girl that she had been chosen to be her champion, a being she referred to as a sailor senshi.

Confused, Mirai asked the being why her, and the Queen said she had been watching her for awhile and had seen her gentle soul, and knew that she was someone she could trust. When pressed for questions, the monarch merely told her that someone would be coming to guide her in this endeavor. The next day, coming home, she found herself face to face with the small cat she had rescued, who, much to her surprise, began speaking. The cat explained that her name was Shina and that she was to be Mirai's guardian as a senshi and would help her learn her powers. Mirai quickly realized that Shina was like her, very nervous about the role and the two quickly bonded as friends.

Soon, the day of her ascension came and much to her surprise, she found herself not the only one to become a senshi, though the only one who had not been a senshi beforehand. After the ceremony, Mirai slowly began to get to know her colleagues, though still very nervous. While she had to go back home to Yokohama, she promised to return whenever she was needed.


Shin Sailor Q

The Yokohama Arc: Episodes 1-26

While walking home one day, Mirai witnessed a strange creature attacking a nearby shrine. Shocked, the girl transformed, and though she was able to defeat the creature, she was unable to prevent it from stealing an object. After a few weeks of battling these monsters, she found herself face to face with their supposed master, a man calling himself Jack. The being had come to claim an object known as a "Seal" and while she was able to defeat the man, the seal itself was soon stolen by another strange man. This man, named King, soon went after a second seal, with the help of Homuncli, strange creatures created by the man's master. Eventually, the two battled at Yokohama stadium, ending in King's death. This time, however, Mirai is able to get her hand on the last seal.

Not long after this, Mirai gained a new schoolmate in the form of Himeko Yamashiro, a rather snobby and cold girl. However, Mirai soon began to befriend her, the girl warming up to her in the process. In the meantime, Shina did some research with the help of Freya and learned that the seals were part of an ancient magical ritual to bless the area where the city was built; the seal's points now represented by the three towers of Yokohama. At the same time, Mirai found herself targeted as Sailor Quinox by a new enemy known as Queen, who was seeking the last seal, though not aware that she had it.

Eventually, the school itself was attacked, with Himeko revealing herself to be Queen, much to Mirai's shock and horror. The girl stripped Mirai of the final seal, but as she was about to teleport away, Mirai grabbed her, following her to her lair. There the mastermind behind this all, an ancient magic user known as Magnus, received the prize. His plans were seemingly interrupted by the appearance of Sailors Nix and Nereid, who took the object away from him. However, this proved to be useless, as Magnus violently took the orb giving life to Queen (who was revealed to be a homunculus), killing her in the process. Using this orb, in conjunction with the others (having taken them from the bodies of those Mirai had defeated) as well as the seals, Magnus completed the ritual, sealing Yokohama in a dark dome.

While Nix and Nereid ran into the battle, Mirai found herself speaking to the Queen of Quinox (another form of Matsumi), who told her to believe in herself and face her enemy for the sake of everyone she cared about. Gaining new courage, Mirai joined the other senshi in taking down each of the three towers, which were being used to link to a huge tower in the middle of the city. Stopping the spread of the dome, the senshi then faced Magnus, now in a god-like form, who revealed his plan to try to guide the world into a new "golden age." However, no matter how much Mirai tried to convince him otherwise, Magnus was obsessed with making this wish come true. Remembering the words of her teacher, Mirai was able to tap into her own powers (with help form the other senshi) to fight back, destroying the mad alchemist once and for all. However, while they were able to defeat the enemy, Mirai was grief stricken to find that Himeko was still dead. Her pleas for help were soon answered, when the Queen of Quinox appeared and using her powers, restored the girl to life as well as restoring Yokohama to what it once was. With the conflict truly ended, Mirai returned home to rest.

Shin Sailor Q The Movie 1: Another World

While late and running to school one day, Mirai suddenly has a vision of a hooded girl, begging for help. Without warning, Mirai finds herself transported to a strange world. After saving a young boy from a man in dark armor, she herself is saved by a woman named Yara, who looks exactly like Yasu Moto. Taken to a nearby fort and explaining herself, Mirai learns that she is on the world of "Noi." Upon Meeting High Chancellor Harto, she learns at Noi is being threatened by the forces of a mysterious foe only known as The Phantos, who controls a force of warriors called sentinels and has kidnapped the young priestess, a ward of the High Queen.

Realizing that Mirai has been summoned to their world for perhaps this reason, Harto asks Mirai to go and rescue the girl. However, before she can make a decision, the fort is suddenly attacked by the sentinels. Though she transforms, much to everyone's surprise, she is unable to defend the area and for her sake, Yara quickly takes the girl away, deciding that they must go and speak to the High Priestess for more information.

After riding to a temple on the edge of a mountain, Shin Sailor Q learns from the priestess, who looks exactly like Freya, that Mirai was summoned to Noi by the priestess herself; further, the villains are after the Stargem, a powerful jewel which the young priestess was guarding when she was attacked. Yara asks to speak to the priestess in private, to which she agrees. Curious, Quinox listens in and learns that Yara does not believe Quinox can help them, as she seems too weak. Yara wishes to take on the task herself, mentioning that she had once been told she was meant for something special. The priestess rebuffs her, instead telling her that she can sense a great deal of power within in the young girl. Quinox feels ashamed, but quickly hides it as Yara and the High Priestess return. She tells Yara and Quinox that the young priestess is being held in the Dark Citadel, near the edge of a shadowy lake. She then tells Quinox to trust in herself and her abilities before bidding them farewell.

Meanwhile, The Phantos tells his forces to prepare for the intruders which are sure to come. Moving away, he goes to the hooded girl who is being kept in a cell and demands that she tell them where the gem is. She remains silent, and The Phantos tells her it does not matter, for no one is coming to save her.

Heading into a swampy area, Quinox and Yara are soon confronted by two warriors for hire, named Masa and Sama, who look just like Masaki and Saki. They were being paid by The Phantos to stop them. However, during the battle, sentinels attack, causing the two warriors to switch sides and help them defeat the sentinals. Wanting revenge and in a bit of awe over the fact that Mirai is from another world, they agree to help them get to the citadel. Yara, however, is unhappy with this, feeling over-burdened with the new members of the group and their adoration of the young Quinox.

The Phantos is told of the two warriors switching sides, but is not worried as it explains that "they have already won."

Soon arriving at the edge of the lake, the four find a boat and start to cross. During the ride, Quinox admits to Yara that she is right and that she isn't as strong as the High Priestess makes her sound, and that she just wants to go home. However, Masa disagrees with the girl and tells her that the fact that she already made it this far must show that she has some special quality that she herself does not realize.

Reaching the Dark Citedel, the four manage to sneak in. After getting through several traps and nearly being caught twice, they finally find the cell where the young hooded priestess is. However, before they can get out with her, sentinels appear and Yara, much to the other's shock, joins their side. Taken to The Phantos, the figure reveals himself to be Harto, who had felt unappreciated by the High Queen and desired power. Yara also is revealed to have always been on his side, unhappy with her own treatment and how even though she had been told she was special, nothing came from it. She then reveals that she had the Stargem herself, which the young priestess had foolishly given to her, believing her to be trustworthy, something which devastates the priestess.

Taking the Stargem from Yara, Harto transforms into a powerful armored form and announces he will kill the priestess, which Yara did not agree to and he mocks her for. Masa and Sama try to fight Harto, but are beaten back, as is Yara when she tries to attack. Quinox also is blasted back by a burst of power. Turning to destroy the young priestess once and for all, Phantos is unaware as Quinox grabs a small rock and throws it at the Stargem on his chest, dislodging it. Diving for it, Quinox manages to grab it before Phantos, transforming into "Holy Sailor Quinox" in the process. Phantos in his rage attacks Quinox and at first seems to succeed, but Quinox, wanting to protect everyone there, manages to fight back and finally defeats Phantos, who dissolves in the process. The power returns to the Stargem, and the group quickly escapes from the Dark Citadel amid its collapse. Yara tries to apologize to Mirai, but Mirai understands how she felt and is just glad that she's alright.

At high queen's castle, Mirai is somewhat upset since she isn't sure she'll be able to return home. Masa and Sama try to cheer her up and Yara offers her own support, helping Mirai feel a bit better. Entering the room, Mirai meets High Queen Tamsu, who looks exactly like Matsumi Kaze/Queen of Quinox. The Queen gives her thanks and promises rewards to Masa and Sama, while forgiving Yara for her mistakes. She then asks Mirai what she wishes, to which the girl asks only to be returned home, which the Queen says she can do. Saying their farewells, Mirai finds herself face to face with the young priestess, who then reveals herself to be a double for Mirai herself, and thanks the girl for saving her. The Queen then uses the power of the Stargem to send Mirai back to her own world.

Finding herself in Yokohama, Mirai runs into Jun and Chiyo, who explain school was cancelled due to a power problem. Deciding to get some lunch, the two girls walk off, getting into a slight argument over where to go. Mirai pauses for a moment, remembering the adventure she just had before following after them.

Dream Emperor Arc: Episodes 27-32

One day after school, Mirai passes by an old ruined shrine. Decided to check it out, she finds herself strangly drawn to a torn up image of a strange figure on the wall. Slightly creeped out, she quickly leaves but thinks she hears what sounds like a weird song following her, though it fades quickly.

The next day, she hears news of one of her classmates having vanished, something which worries her friends, who decides to check out the problem, though Mirai is unsure. Arriving at the apartment, they find the building strangly quiet. For a moment, Mirai thinks she hears the song again, but is suddenly interrputed by the arrival of a fox like creature which attacks them. Mirai manages to seperate from the others and transforms, but finds herself unable to defeat the being, which escapes. Mirai manages to get the girls away from the building. The next day, Mirai goes to revisit it, but finds that the building itself is gone.

Elsewhere, the fox like creature reports to a being known as the Dream Emperor, that a Sailor Senshi has appeared. The Dream Emperor is pleased and tells the fox to accelerate their plans.

Mirai starts to become worried, as none of her friends seem to remember the building or their friend being there. As the days run by, Mirai starts to notice similar things happen, with the fox appearing in a location and then the location vanishing, as well as a strange red spot slowly growing in the sky. Finally, one day, the fox appears at her school and though Mirai tries to stop it, the entire school as well as her friends vanish. However, when the fox tries to harm her directly, it is suddenly disintegrated by the Dream Emperor himself, who claims the responablity of destroying Mirai himself. Though Mirai tries to fight back, she finds herself overpowered by the being, who leaves her for dead and retreats to a large temple in the middle of the city.

Struggling to her feet, Mirai is startled by the remains of The Fox, who explains everything: Mirai is actually asleep, trapped in a dream dimension created by the Emperor, who seeks vengence against the Sailor Senshi for the death of his older sister, Queen Badiane. She has in fact only been asleep for a day but that his plan will cause the entire world to fall into the dimension if not stopped, after these final words, the remains of the being finally disintigrating. Realizing she needs to stop him, Mirai hurries to the temple.

At the temple, the Emperor is already beginning to gather the nessicary energies to expand the Vortex, causing many of the people in Yokohama to fall asleep. Quinox begs the Emperor to stop this, but he tells her that he will not listen to a murderer and attacks her directly. Though she tries to protect herself, she is unable to do so and the Emperor casts her into a deeper dream like state, a form of limbo to trap her forever.

Seemenly awakening, Mirai finds herself in a grey lifeless landscape. However a voice calls out to her and tells her not to despair, telling of her great capacity for good and reminding her that a dream is simply the tool of the one dreaming it. With these words in her heart, Mirai reawakens within the dream.

The Dream Emperor is shocked by this turn of events and attempts to destroy her but finds that since she now controls the dream she is in, he cannot harm her. Instead, she apologizes for what happened and forgives him for his actions, removing his helmet and revealing him to be a very young boy, Prince Badri. Badri reveals that he hated his sister, who always abused him, but since she was the only family he had, felt that he had to avenge her. Quinox promises to him that she will be there for him and will visit him again whenever he likes in the dream world. With these words, Badri ends the vortex, reawaking the people of Yokohama, as well as Mirai herself, much to the relief of Shina, who had stayed by her side the entire time.

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman arrives in the city, her intentions unknown....

Alchemist Arc: Episodes 33-50 (END)

Recovering from the events of the Dream Emperor incident, Mirai slowly tries to return to normal life. However, one day while walking through the city with Himeko and Shina, who is resting on her shoulders, the two become aware of a strange woman dressed in dark clothes and wearing a hood. Deciding to follow her as Shina has a bad feeling about the woman, they witness her attack a nearby building. Transforming into Neo Sailor Quinox, the senshi is able to defeat the creature but finds it strangely familer somehow.

Over the next few days, Quinox fights several creatures, before facing apperent master, a woman named Oberon. Though she is able to defeat the individual, she is badly injured in the process and is too weak to put up a better fight when a new series of creatures appear, this time lead by another figure named Titara. While she tries to recover, she learns from Shina that the targets make up the center points of something called ley-lines or areas of highly concentrated magic on which Yokohama was built. If these areas are destroyed, it will cause the entire city of vanish into magical vortex. After recovering enough, Quinox is able to defeat Titara though she learns from her that a greater evil is at play.

When another creature attacks, Neo Sailor Quinox is able to defeat it though unknown to her it's due to the help of other heroes. She then realizes soon after that Himeko had vanished. Himeko for her part finds herself kidnapped by the true mastermind of the plot, a woman who simply calls herself Onna (woman). Onna reveals the truth: that Onna is the last and "perfect" homunuculas created by Magnus before his death. She then blackmails Himeko into helping her plans in destroying the city in revenge against her master's death by theatening to kill Mirai and her friends.

Mirai is shocked when Himeko reappears, once again in the form of Queen and tells her that her becoming her friend was simply a ruse to gain her trust before destroying her. While Quinox is able to defeat her, the entire situation leaves her shaken and depressed and with the help of Prince Badri, she contacts the Queen of Quinox, giving up her transformation phone and her role as Neo Sailor Quinox. Shina for her part decides to try and investigate, soon learning that a final attack is being planned.

Confused and hurt, Mirai decides to take a walk in a park. There she befriends a mysterious woman who offers her some advice and tells her to trust in Himeko, as she probably is doing such actions for another reason. Having made up her mind to try and save Himeko, Mirai is surprised when the woman vanishes when she's not looking, leaving behind the Quinox Phone.

Not long after, Himeko (as Queen) stages a final attack on the last ley-line point standing. Before she can do so, however, Shin Sailor Quinox arrives with Shina and begs her to not give up on their friendship. Realizing that Mirai can fully defend herself, Himeko tries to stop the attack, only for Onna to appear and destroy the last point, knocking Himeko out in the process. With the last line demolished, the entire city of Yokohama vanishes into another dimension.

In the other dimension, Neo Sailor Quinox finds the energy has almost completely knocked out everyone in the city except for herself and Shina. Noticing a large tower like the one Magnus constructed, the two make their way there, only to find Onna, now absorbing the raw power of the magic vortex in the hopes of completely destroying the city once and for all. Quinox pleas with her to stop this but Onna is too consumed by revenge to listen. When she tries to make one last attempt to get through to her, Onna fires a magic bolt straight at the young senshi. Instead, Shina transforms into her human form and manages to block the attack with her own power briefly, only to be knocked out by the recoil. Quinox is horrified, while Onna can only gloat at her attempt, when suddenly the ground cracks around the woman and dark energy hands grab the woman, pulling her screaming under the ground, much to Quinox's horror. The earth erupts as a dark shape rises from it, taking the form of Magnus, who reveals that he had manipulated events so that Onna would resurrect him with the full powers of Yokohama's magical potential. The creature then reveals his plan to finish what he started and become a god and decides to start by destroying Neo Sailor Quinox! Funneling power through itself, it fires on the senshi who tries to block using the Rhapsody Lyre. However, the power is too great and Quinox finds herself beginning to be overwhelmed by it. Just as it seems she's about to die, Quinox remembers all those who helped her through and the words the mysterious woman gave her to not give up on anyone. Given new courage, the senshi funnels as much of her power through the Rhapsody Lyre as she can and fires back at the creature, who tries to defend himself but is soon consumed by the energy, destroying him for good. On cue, Yokohama is flung back into the regular universe, with Himeko and Shina (back to the form of a cat) waking up, healed once more.

Later that day, Mirai is walking home, thinking about everything that had happened, when a voice calls out to her. She finds herself face to face with the woman from before in the park. The woman introduces herself as Matsumi Kaze and reveals herself not only to be the Queen of Quinox but also the previous Sailor Quinox from before Mirai. She tells Mirai how proud she is of her and apologizes for not showing herself before but she now knows that she is someone who deserves answers. She tells the girl that she will always be there for her and vanishes before her eyes. With a new courage and belief in herself, Mirai returns home to face whatever comes the next day.

Shin Sailor Q the Movie 2: Phantom Sea Bell

Having had a rough time after the events concering Onna, Mirai, Himeko and Shina are given the opportunity to relax at a private beach owned by Matsumi Kaze aka the original Sailor Quinox. Arriving, the girls immediately start to play in the water, enjoying themselves completely. However, in the middle of this, Mirai suddenly hears what seems to be the sound of a bell and looking around, notices a strange girl dressed in white staring out at the ocean. Walking over to talk to her, only for the girl to look to her, tears in her eyes and tell her that she's sorry. All of a sudden, the water bursts upwards as a large creature forms out of the sea rushing towards the girl. Mirai tackles her away, while Himeko and Shina run over to try and help. The girl simply cries that she's sorry as the monster tries to follow after her. Transforming into Neo Sailor Quinox, Mirai tries to blast the creature, but it simply absorbs the energy. Before the girls can react, the thing swollows them up, retreating back into the water.

Waking up, they find themselves in a strange room covered in stairs and doors. Realizing that they're under the sea somehow, the three suddenly hear the sound of the bell again. Following the sound, they finally find their way through a door which leads to a long hallway. However, almost as soon as they do, a strange figure in ragged robes and a mask appears and proclaims that they cannot escape the truth. The door behind them suddenly shut and water begins to rush in. Despite their attempts to hold on to each other, they're each washed away, seperate from each other.

Coming to in another room, Neo Sailor Quinox finds the entrance is far above her head. Panicking and worried about her friends, she desprently tries to crawl to the top but keeps falling back down. Not wanting to give up, she suddenly feels a hand grabs hers and pull her up. Looking over, she spots the girl in the white dress, who is crying and runs off, apologzing for what she did. Not wanting to lose her, Quinox chases after the girl into the darkness. Losing her once again, Neo Salior Quinox instead finds a large wall with a diagram, which seems to depict a kingdom with a royal family and then it's destruction. Hearing the bell once again, the wall suddenly splits open, revealing a larger room on the other side.

In the room, she discovers Shina and Himeko trapped in orbs of light by the ragged figure, the bell toiling once more. The figure proclaims that when the bell toils it's last note, then they will be forever trapped here in this place. Quinox tries to protest but the figure blasts her with the same energy, which consumes her. She suddenly then finds herself in another place with Himeko and Shina both of which are staring at visions in front of them. Himeko is watching scenes of her doing terrible things as Queen, while Shina is remembering an incident where she failed to protect her fellow acolytes during the fall of Quinox. Turning, Mirai now sees a moment when she told a lie which got a friend of her's in trouble, a guilt she kept all this time ago. She is then told this is a place of punishment for eternity. Turning, she spots the little girl, who apologizes and keeps repeating how it's all her fault. Mirai then sees a vision of the little girl in the middle of an island kingdom. The girl spots a bell tower and running up it, rings the bell, when all of a sudden the earth shakes and cracks, a large wave heading towards her as she calls out to her papa and mama. She then cries to Mirai that if she hadn't rung the bell none of this would have happened, but Mirai refuses to belive it. Just then the water creature reappears and the ragged figure proclaims their guilt. Neo Sailor Quinox tries to fight back as the creature attempts to attack the girl but finds it too difficult to handle the monster made of liquid. All the while she tells the girl not to give into her guilt, to not let it take over and that there had to be more to this then just that. Quinox knows what it means to feel guilty and she knows what she did was wrong but that she knows that she can't let it eat her away. At that moment, her lyre glows as a new song starts to play on it. Grabbing the instrument, Quinox shouts that it isn't who she is and unleashes an attack which bursts the water creature apart.

Quinox and the girl find themselves once more in the middle of the vision but this time earlier in the day, where the girl overheard her father talking to a few others, appertly about how it was clear that an earthquake was going to happen that tday and that there was little they could do to stop it. The ragged figure then steps forward and states that the girl hadn't understood it at the time and had let herself think the bell was behind it, though it was just an ordinary object. The girl's guilt had been so powerful that she had bound his spirit as well to this plain but now they could both be free. As Quinox watches, the figure transforms into the king, who embraces his daughter. He then apologizes for everything that had happened but thanks the senshi for what she had done. A bright light fills the area and the two ascend before Quinox's eyes as everything seems to fade away.

Coming to, Mirai finds herself once more on the beach. She spots Himeko and Shina and quickly wakes them. The two are very confused on what happened and Mirai figures that what they did was to help out someone. As they look out onto the ocean, the three hear the sound of a bell ring out across the waves.

Shin Sailor Q X

Magna Arc: Episodes 51-64

One night about a year after the events of the Alchemist, a shooting star storm fills the night sky, the comets falling to Earth. In Yokohama, Mirai and Shina watch the display. Mirai is awe of the sight but Shina is frightened, feeling something is wrong with the comets and that they bring something evil with them. A week later, Mirai is walking to school when she nearly bumps into a running teenage girl. She doesn't think much of it as the topic of the comets come up in class, with Jun telling her and Himeko that one apperently crashed close by. Arriving at the site, they find it closely guarded but Jun decides to get closer anyway. At that moment, the stone splits open and a small object latches itself onto Jun, transforming her into a monster which immeidatly declairs that it is searching for someone. Attacking the people around it, the monster then tries to attack Mirai, but Himeko jumps in the way, taking the blow. Transforming, Quinox finds the monster far more powerful then any she has fought but after a time, manages to defeat it without hurting her friend, restoring her to normal in the process. As the weeks go by, more and more incidents occur, as ordinary people seem to transform into creatures, apparently seeking out an unknown person.

The man behind these attacks eventually decides to target a location where he is certain the person he is looking for will be: a school. Disguising himself as a teacher's aide, he changes a student into a Probe with the ability to control others through touch. Soon almost everyone is under it's power outside of Mirai and Himeko are under it's power and try to attack them. Mirai is forced to transform and after a short battle defeats the Probe, releasing everyone from it's power. While Himeko makes sure the students and teachers are alright, Quinox is able to track down the controller to the top of the school roof. He introduces himself as Magna and rather then give away any other information, throws himself from the top of the building, shattering on the ground and revealing himself to be a machine. Meanwhile, in a high tech facility, another man watches as the signal from his teammate vanishes and realizes he has been defeated. Looking over a large pillar like structure, he decides that he will step in to take over.

Dornus Arc: Episodes 65-70

Returning home, Mirai learns from her parents that a new exchange student is going to start living with them, introducing her to Riku Watanabe. Mirai almost immediately recognizes her as the girl she had bumped into before and remembering how Himeko originally posed as a student when they first met, Mirai chooses to confront her privately. Riku admits that she is lying and that she is in fact running away from people who want to do harm to her. While Mirai is unsure, she agrees to help her out and hide her. Meanwhile, Dornus starts to try and track down his target, sending drones out to try and seek the individual his comrade had failed to find. This time, however, he observes the pattern of defeats and figures out that Mirai is the common thread. During a walk back from school with Riku and Himeko, Dornus attacks them directly, this time infecting Mirai herself with a Drone, transforming her into Quinoxius. Himeko and Riku are forced to flee, while Quinoxius hunts them down. Within herself, Mirai finds herself fighting against the creature which has taken over her body, wanting to protect her friends but finds herself weakening. Chased to an abandoned building, Himeko tries to protect Riku against Quinoxius, but finds herself unable to do anything against the super powerful drone. Dornus mocks them but Himeko finally gets through to Mirai, who turns on Dornus. Dornus, having had enough of this, strikes against Mirai. Himeko jumps into the way, taking the blunt of the blast, while Dornus escapes with Riku. Mirai, reverting back to Quinox as the drone part finally dies away, runs to her friend's side, desperate to save her. Calling out for anyone to help, she's shocked when a crystal like object suddenly bursts out from herself and then lowers itself into Himeko. As she watches, Himeko herself transforms into a senshi!

Sailor Salacia Arc: Episodes 71-73

Coming Soon


Neo Sailor Quinox using Rhapsody Barrage


Normal Form

As a sailor senshi, Mirai has enhanced abilities in advance of those of a normal human being. However, while her speed and agility are slightly greater, she is not very physical compared to the other senshi.


  • Air Crash: Mirai's main attack. Gathers energy above her head and sends it outward in a sweeping motion, creating a large cutting shockwave.
  • Air Shield: Small circular shield made of air.
  • Hurricane Strike: Combined attack with Sailor Titan. Funnels air energy through arrow shot by Titan. Very powerful.


  • Rhapsody Lyre: Mirai's senshi weapon. Unlike the others, the Rhapsody Lyre was constructed by the Queen of Quinox herself. The instrument is almost completely indestructible and has several secrets that the young girl has yet to unlock. It's abilities include:

- Rhapsody Barrage: a barrage of air energy shot from the jewel on the lyre when specific notes are played. Has a wide field of attack but can only be used sporadically as it requires recharging afterwards.

- Rhapsody Guard: the lyre can be used to block attacks both energy and physical. This is an automatic feature, rather then needing to be summoned.

Holy Form

An upgrade created when Mirai was exposed to the energies from the Stargem, a magical jewel from the world of Noi. Her fuku gains larger shoulder pads, while the gold on her uniform turns purple. Her center brooch becomes far more eleborate with the Stargem (or a copy of it) appearing in the middle. Her head tiara also gains a star symbol on it.


  • Air Holy Shot: A blast of Stargem laden air energy shot from her palm. It acts as a shockwave.
  • Air Holy Circle: A magical barrier which acts as invisible armor against most attacks. Can also be used to enhance user's strength.


  • Rhapsody Staff: An upgrade to the Rhapsody Lyre. The lyre itself becomes part of the headpiece of the staff with rings around the central pole itself. It's abilities include:

- Rhapsody Orb: An orb of air energy swung out from the staff head itself, which can be directed.

- Rhapsody Block: The staff can be used to block attacks but unlike the Rhapsody Guard, it creates a very small feedback against the attacking foe in the process.


  • Mirai enjoys baseball and is a big fan of both the Yokohama Baystars and the Minnesota Twins.
  • Mirai can understand English due to her mother teaching her it when she was growing up. However, she doesn't speak it.
  • Out of all the senshi, Mirai considers Andy her friend.
  • Mirai has a fear of heights and hates flying in planes.
  • Mirai has visited the United States a few times to visit her grandparents, but never gone outside of Minnesota.
  • Mirai's favorite food is calamari, while her least favorite food is radishes.


Shin Sailor Q

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Hayaku Aitai by Dream Ami - Ending 1 (ep. 1-32)

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