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Mika Markov is the Human name of the animate known as Sailor Stone Golem. She is a member of the Taro Senshi.



The woman known as Mika Markov was born on the Planet Homuncula, located in the Taro Galaxy. Mika, born on a planet known for their muscular and tall physique, stood out even among them from an early age. Growing up, Mika was always taller than the rest of the children around her. Because of her unusual height and her immense, muscular build, Mika soon found herself an outcast among the rest of her people. This eventually led to self isolation, as well as the accidental discovery of powers that also made her unique.

She soon came in contact with a strange woman who offered her help in making the people of the planet accept her. Mika readily agreed, but when she discovered what this would curtail, she attempted to escape the bargain. However, the woman would not give up so easily, and in the process of placing her under her control, reduced Mika to a mute, animal like warrior: Sailor Stone Golem.


Senshi Attacks

Wrestling Movies

  • Tower of Pain: Knee drop using the point of her knee to hit the back of her opponent. One of her signature moves.
  • Cold Cut: knee to the gut while performing two karate chops at the same time.