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"There are very few clear examples of prestigious figures in the field of Steller Engineering. Omega was one and young Meladina could yet become the next. That is if she is willing to let go of her irritating habit of integrating with lesser beings" - CIA File 12511149131-AB

"One of the great figures of Steller Engineering, Meladina has proven herself to be a valuable asset to Gallifrey and potentially to the CIA. However, there is the possibility of unwanted interference from radical variables." - CIA File 12511149131-AC

Meladina is young in appearance, a Time Lady who arrived in the Hotel in September 2012 after having been stuck in her TARDIS alone since the Time War.

After three more forced regenerations at the hands of Hazel Ninegate, she finds herself on her sixth regeneration (fourth after being restored her lost lives by Hazel), another young woman, though more strongly built with longer black hair and stunning brown eyes. She appears much gentler, and only time will tell how her time in the Hotel has affected her personality. She wears a wrap around, golden colored and long sleeved shirt with purple accents, along with a royal purple colored skirt.


First Regeneration

The daughter of two prominent scientists in Gallifrey's House Rainscavern, Meladina (full name Meladinaestellaabraxal) was soon accepted to the Patrex Academy, where she excelled, reaching high marks in almost every technical subject. She specialized in Astrophysics and Solar Engineering, and graduated top of her class when she was done.

Meladina is very proud of her culture and her background, attending every social function she could and always proudly displaying her colored academy robes whenever the occasion called for it. It was during this first regeneration that she earned the name "The Practica," because her methods were very matter-of-fact and realistic. Though she was also known to be a bit of a prankster in her youth, Meladina's more practical approach to life and her work made the alias stick, and for the remainder of her time on Gallifrey, she was known by this name. All of her scholarly work also bears this name.

Much of her first life was spent perfecting her skills on Gallifrey, including turning her hobby in Astrophysics into a career in Solar Engineering. She had chin length red hair and blazing black-brown eyes which reflected her spirit despite their dark hue. She lived the entirety of a normal lifespan in this first regeneration, dying a natural death at the end before regenerating into her second form.


Meladina's First Self, fresh from the Academy

Tales of Meladina

Upon her graduation from the academy, much to her dismay, Meladina was placed into the worst possible position for an aspiring scientist: the computation rooms deep within the research facilities of Gallifrey. Here, she was tasked with inputting data from the research team's computations into the actual equations used in the construction of solar engineering equipment. Mel was very much against the idea of being stuck inside the room for a long period of time, even outbursting when her neighbor told her that she'd heard tales of a man who had worked in the room for so long he regenerated at his station and continued working. One of their very own group had already been working at his own station for 80 years, and Meladina was too spirited to allow such a fate for herself.

Luckily for her, her break came in the form of several mistakes in the system. Meladina kept a close watch on the equations moving through their monitors and, for several occasions on her first day on the job, corrected incorrect equations and sent them through to be used instead. As she put it, one equation, if continued to be used incorrectly, would have caused a stellar instability in the reconstruction of a neutron star project the development teams had been working on, which would have in turn been destructive to Gallifrey.

The traces on their monitors led back to Meladina, and she was hauled to the office of the CIA Coordinator, who had been informed of her changes. His drilling sparked a fear in her, as Mel believed she would not only be removed from her post so soon after starting but even possibly executed for her deeds, however noble they had been. She sat in her seat before him in tears before being asked to present proof that the equations in the system were incorrect. Having worked out the proofs of one subtle mistake in one of the equations, Mel presented this sheet to the coordinator in order to show him what had happened. While her life was spared, she was ordered to keep her mouth quiet and return to her post. What she did not know was that her "post" had been changed, and upon returning to the computation room she was turned away. Believing she had indeed been relieved of duty, Mel stood idle in the hall until her former supervisor explained that she had been moved to another department: the research and development team, where she would find she was assigned to the very neutron star project she had just saved.

Second Regeneration

Her second regeneration was that of a middle aged woman with flowing white hair and pale blue eyes, who was shy and very much submissive to her peers. Though she still carried her famous attitude and witty insults, Meladina was more subtle about them while living on her home planet. It was many years into this regeneration that the Time War began.


Meladina's Second Self, just before the Time War began

Tales of Meladina

The Time War was ravaging on their doorstep, and the scientists and technicians aboard the spacestations in the outer orbits of Gallifrey were evacuating their posts with what they could carry. Meladina was one of these technicians, and was working on pulling her supplies into her bag when the station was finally breached. Upon exiting her lab, she ran into her lover, Tobas, who was also being evacuated from his own post. The pair ran together toward Mel's TARDIS, but were soon captured by daleks and tranmatted to their ship just as the space station gave in to the bombardment. With everyone aboard gone and her TARDIS destroyed, Mel began to lose hope even while Tobas tried to comfort her.

While rummaging through the tools Mel had managed to bring with her, Tobas found something to help them escape. Opening the cell door where they were being kept, he led her through the halls of the ship and to the transmat before being caught by the daleks. The two were taken to the command center of the ship, where they were questioned. They were demanded to build a stellar manipulator, wanting to control Gallifrey's sun for their advantage in the War. Tobas refused while Mel remained silent, and was killed after lying to them in stating that he was the solar engineer. Mel fell into a daze after his loss, simply curling up on the floor in tears and staring at her dead love on the floor beside her.

Soon she was rescued by old, but knowing hands and pulled through the decks of the dalek ship. While she did not understand what was happening, nor where she was being led, Mel silently allowed whomever had her to pull her along and settle her into a chair. She became respondent when she realized that she had, in fact, been pulled into a TARDIS. When they landed, Mel was led out into the TARDIS bay on Gallifrey, and she managed to turn to thank her savior just in time to watch the blue box disappear....

It was here that Mel found her research TARDIS, the type 85B she still uses today. She quickly connected with the unit, and was granted permission for entry. Before dematerializing her new TARDIS, Mel said one thing, and one thing only: "If the daleks want a stellar manipulator...they'll GET a stellar manipulator."

Time War and Third Regeneration

Just before reaching her second regeneration, Meladina was dispatched in a research TARDIS (Type 85B) to help with weapons development during the war. She spent a good portion of the war picking up components of dalek weaponry and reassembling them in the attempt to give the Time Lords an edge in the war. Along with this, she began to develop a stellar manipulator, the components of which still remain inside her TARDIS. Despite her knowledge of the machine, and her intelligence and expertise, the initial version of the manipulator failed miserably, destroying the console room of her TARDIS and forcing her to regenerate to her third form. She has spent the years following the war back at square one, redesigning the stellar manipulator. The blueprints for her latest model are currently kept inside her TARDIS, along with the components she's gathering to attempt to rebuild it. Once her regeneration had stabilized and she repaired the severe damage to the TARDIS, Meladina was shocked to find that while she was recovering, the Time War had taken its toll on her home.

Soon after she lost communication with Gallifrey, Meladina began trying to make her way back. However, with the time lock on Gallifrey, she was unable to return, and instead chose to wander the universe building her weapons intelligence. She keeps Dalek weaponry inside her TARDIS, in various states of disrepair and completion. A few of these parts were also used in the stellar manipulator.


Meladina's third self, soon after her regeneration (the fabric over her arm comes from her second regeneration's outfit)

Arrival at the Hotel

In September 2012, Meladina's TARDIS picked up on Gallifreyan technology on Earth. Out of curiosity, she landed inside the Hotel to explore why she's found it. As she exited her TARDIS, she was caught off guard by the presence of several other Time Lords, shattering her belief that she was the only one remaining. After accepting a pile of paperwork describing what had been done to the Hotel, Meladina disappeared back into her giant dollhouse shaped TARDIS out of shock, and did not reappear for several days.

Upon emerging from her TARDIS once more, Meladina had returned to her normal self, Time Lord attitude and all, and began to interact with the other inhabitants of the Hotel. Her most predominant conversations were with Thrash, whom she can tolerate merely because he himself is a Time Lord. She harbors a mistrust of the renegades who left their home, and constantly displays herself as a prideful, well rounded Time Lady even to him. She wears a golden colored dress, indicating her status as a solar engineer. She holds herself elegantly, indicating a deep pride in her heritage. An intimidating atmosphere surrounds her, shown by interactions with Thrash when she emerged from her TARDIS after spending several days in shock after her initial arrival.

Her third regeneration was that of a woman in her early 20's with blond hair and blue eyes. She wears her hair in a bun, and her slender form is greatly accentuated by her dress.

Friend or Foe?

Meladina currently prides herself on having finally completed her modified stellar manipulator, making the final touches in the lobby of the hotel on October 24th and leaving in her TARDIS to use it on a star she'd found in her charts. This star had been chosen by her as an experiment with the manipulator to test its effects. Orbiting the star is an entire planetary system with one of the large worlds holding life.

The only other person to currently know of this star chart extravaganza is Thrash, whom she showed her chosen stars to so that he could partially understand what she was doing. It soon became apparent that she was using the manipulator for the purpose of saving the worlds she knew were around these stars. She explained that the massive gas bodies were nearing the end of their lives, and used the manipulator to suspend time around the stars and allow the residents of the planetary systems to evacuate before they'd be killed in the supernovae explosions. Along with wishing to help them, Meladina had also known that one of the stars was nearby, and would have the Earth in the direct line of fire of the gamma ray release of the supernova. Though she is not a fan of humans or their home world, losing her fellow Time Lords to such a fiery did not sit well with her and she made the choice to save their lives by changing the composition of the star in question to give it another billion years of life.

Fourth Regeneration

Being one of the only Time Lords in the Hotel to retain their peoples' trademark personality traits, Meladina soon fell in with Hazel Ninegate, even showing her the stellar manipulator she'd built. The two were friendly to each other, something very few in the Hotel can claim.

However, Hazel's treachery knows no bounds and on January 27, 2013, one of Hazel's dead man switches within the hotel was triggered. It was a Time Lord message cube containing Hazel's conscious thought, which possessed Meladina when she handled the cube and, though she was completely aware of everything going on, her body was controlled by Hazel.

The threat came when Hazel explained that if her original body was not released by Franziska from custody, she'd begin killing Meladina until she ran out of lives. This resulted in not one, but three forced regenerations, causing Meladina to skip from her third to her sixth regeneration in a single night. The drain and strain of back to back regenerations left her exhausted, and she spent the better part of the next day asleep with Thrash by her side.

This new Meladina, another young woman with shoulder-length black hair and piercing brown eyes, also contains a new personality, which has been shown to be a much softer, caring young woman.

Much to her surprise, the following night, Hazel presented her with another cube. Taking it from Thrash while she tried to calm from a Regeneration Stress disorder attack, Meladina was restore the three lives she lost. Though she still holds the experience of three deaths and their consequences, Meladina no longer has to worry about having lost the three lives she would have lived.

Meladinafourthregen-1 zpsd3047a1f.jpg

Meladina's fourth regeneration

Meladina has evolved drastically since her first appearance in the Hotel, and even went through such lengths as to help with the threat against Thrash's father, who had been trying to destroy all time sensitive beings on Earth. Mel built a special stellar energy-powered barrier generator specifically for this mission, placing it on Mercury and containing the area between Astartes and Earth in its cloak thus blocking all transmissions Norom was sending through. The resulting battle produced a victory for the heroes, though the singularity he'd been controlling soon lost itself and evolved into a black hole. In a desperate attempt to contain it, Mel built a smaller version of the same barrier they'd surrounded Earth's orbit with, this time powered by the Eye of Harmony from Thrash's TARDIS. This kept the black hole from growing, and a time loop injected by Xadium gave it an infinite fuel source, thus rendering the black hole harmless before being moved elsewhere in the galaxy by Noriko.

She is always working on some type of stellar related project, and several are kept under lock and key inside her TARDIS where no one else can get ahold of them. What they are and how they're used are unknown, as is the potential destruction (or lack thereof) that they could cause.

On February 25th, 2014, Meladina revealed her plan after several weeks of sabotage resulting in the loss of the use of any and all time technology tied to the Eye of Harmony. A former colleague, Antos, who was her second regeneration's friend and comrade before the space stations of Gallifrey were captured and destroyed by the daleks, attempted to destroy the Eye and everything attached to it.

Meladina, using a supercapacitor charged from the remaining power of the other TARDISes in the Hotel, flung herself 3.6 billion light years away, and into the past to see the demise of what is now known as GRB 130427A, the most powerful recorded Gamma Ray Burst in history. Using a total of five stellar manipulators (as Mel's 5th incarnation showed up last moment to save them all), Meladina captured the power of the burst and drained the five manipulators into another supercapacitor, which would be used to substitute for the Eye of Harmony until connections could be repaired.

The resulting supernova blast, however, rocketed her back to her last known coordinates, the hotel, knocking her TARDIS wildly through space and time and knocking her unconscious as a result. When she returned, her TARDIS was heavily damaged, white hot, and sideways in the Hotel lobby with her helpless form inside. After a short time recovering in the infirmary, Meladina returned to the lobby to be granted thanks by the high council of Gallifrey, elevating her to Omega's status in the field of stellar engineering.

Fifth Regeneration

Due to unknown circumstances, Meladina's future regeneration is not yet known to SuburbanSenshi, but can be described as a toughened, strict woman who will take no excuse for broken rules. This Meladina is an instructor at the Prydonian Academy on Gallifrey, teaching stellar physics to aspiring stellar engineers. She wears teaching robes with her usual golden Stellar Engineer's layers plus the colors of the Prydonians, but beneath her outfit she wears comfortable, black dress pants, flats, and a gold/yellow colored long sleeved t-shirt beneath a royal purple blazer. She has red-brown hair and (note: look up color again) eyes which harbor the understanding of her previous regeneration yet the stern look she needs to be a successful teacher.

It is this Meladina who is Mac's mother and Thrash's wife. Though having given up the life of adventure she had shared with Thrash before Mac was born, Mel has accepted several missions from higher officials in their time to help with projects gone wrong or rogue technology.


Meladina is incredibly intelligent woman, having spent all of her regenerations in her profession. She always has an outfit which proudly displays her purple academy colors, and the golden hued solar engineer colors she adores so much.

Her passion for astrophysics makes her an incredibly dangerous woman, and her development of the stellar manipulator made her rather suspicious to the others. She can explain the chemical and physical compositions and statistics of any major star from Sirius A to the dimmest black dwarf. Though Sol is not high on her list of priorities, the G2V class star is one she knows well, and she uses the knowledge of all the stars which contain life to look for undiscovered civilizations elsewhere.

Her attitude is very distinctive of a Time Lord, and she belittles anyone who does not meet her standards as a worthy living being. Her third regeneration was especially well noted for this, and she even would make jabs at Thrash for the state of his TARDIS while he would work on fixing it. The Magistra was also a very good target for her, being a half-breed Time Lord/Time Sage. Meladina's belief that one is either a Time Lord or not makes her attitude toward the young woman very negative.

She's also been known to be very subtle and quiet. Her second regeneration was a very passive woman who rarely voiced against anything. Her quiet nature was the reason why she was so highly recommended for the research mission during the Time War.

Her fourth regeneration is much more mellow and understanding, and Meladina appears to have become quite a bit more tolerant of the other occupants of the Hotel.


Meladina's parents, two powerful and very intelligent scientists, were surprisingly caring for their daughter, though were also very expectant of her. At the time she was born, her father was a successful biochemist who worked feverishly on his work day in an day out. He was in his third regeneration at the time, still relatively young but highly dedicated to duty. He had thin blonde hair and gray eyes, but his demeanor was at times far from the quiet and charismatic personality he'd been known for in the past. By the time of the Time War, he'd reached his seventh regeneration, a much more youthful and polite man to his family and peers, and it was this form that served to be his last. Unlike his daughter, who'd been dispatched away from the planet for her work, his research was conducted on Gallifrey, and as such, he was killed before he could make his escape.

Her mother was a proud Time Lady, such as Meladina was for quite a time, and prided herself on biomechanical temporal engineering. Much of her work was highly conceptual, such as being able to alter the inner mechanics of a TARDIS to respond differently to different users. However, there were ideas and developments which she put to good use before and during the Time War, like the heat sensitive, programmed weaponry she'd helped design to specifically target the daleks, along with a biosignature reader that would prevent the weapons from being discharged both for anyone but a Time Lord and to be used to kill a Time Lord. These weapons, while violent, were also programmed to read on the biometrics of anyone within the blast range and would construct a temporal shield around any Time Lord standing too close to a targeted dalek. Her weaponry gave Gallifrey a nice edge in the war. However, just as Meladina's father arrived to evacuate her team and move them away from a location being targeted in specific, their unit was demolished and the parents never knew if their daughter, their only child, was still alive.

Meladina has no siblings, and though she'd had a love interest at the time of the war, he, too, was killed during the War by their dalek captors in their brief capture when their technical station was overrun. Meladina currently mostly resides alone in her TARDIS, reflecting back on the war and what could have gone differently. However, a new interest has appeared for her in the form of a kindling relationship with Thrash.

Recently revealed, it is known that Meladina is Thrash's wife (?) in the future, and they have a son together, an irritatingly arrogant young Time Lord named Mac, who harbors a deep hatred for his sisters Riyana and Kaelyn. Meladina herself, in Mac's time, is a teacher in one of the academies of Gallifrey, having let go of her adventurous life in her research TARDIS to have her family with Thrash after the tragic story revolving around their separation. She even acts as a mother to the girls, and wants for her family to be loving despite their differences.


Her favorite color, appropriately enough, is yellow

Meladina is approximately 300 years old, very young for a Time Lord

Her own TARDIS, a type 84A, was destroyed during the Time War, and so her Type 85B research unit is her new home

Her favorite food is potatoes

The missing regenerations she went through the night she was attacked by Hazel were that of a stout woman with cropped brown hair and black eyes, followed by a very short, almost teenaged girl with dark hair and eyes. What the restored regenerations will look like is unknown.

Meladina's fifth incarnation is Mac's mother and Thrash's wife, and a stern academy instructor to boot.

meladina-gallifreyan.png Meladina's name in Gallifreyan