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Mayu Minamoto
Biographical information



March 30


Taka Minamoto (father - deceased), Shurin Minamoto (mother - comatose)


coffee shop owner


Sailor Titan

Physical description




Hair color

light purple

Eye color

light blue




Titan Shield


generation of defensive powers, evasion


All-New, All Different Sailor Team, New Outer Senshi




Early Life

Born to an average family, Mayu was an average schoolgirl. She had average grades and was only a little bit popular in school. However, she was always seen as someone you could trust in, and was fiercely loyal and protective of her friends. After passing her entrance exams to an above-average high school, Mayu's life seemed to be doing well.

Sadly, Mayu's father Taka committed work-related suicide. As in, he committed suicide due to the overwhelming stress of his career. Mayu and her mother Shurin were paid handsomely as recompance so they were able to sustain themselves for years to come. After a while, Mayu couldn't bear staying in school anymore and became a high school drop out. She wasn't a delinquent but merely a bored individual.

Becoming a Senshi

Eventually, she got work as barista at the nearby coffee shop. After two years of working there, Mayu felt comfortable with her measly job. However, out of the blue, a rogue daimon appeared, coming out of the old espresso machine in the storage room. In the resulting chaos, Mayu's coworkers were knocked out. Left alone to face the monster, Mayu stood her ground, standing between her coworkers and the daimon in an effort to protect them. As the daimon attacked with a stream of hot coffee, a purple shield appeared in front of Mayu and she glowed with a purple light. Power filled her and she transformed by shouting out the words "Titan Satellite Power, Make Up!" The shield in front of her latched onto her arm and she rushed forward at the daimon. She bashed it with her shield repeatedly until it died.

Mayu took it upon herself to move from Katano City, Osaka to Tokyo and find the woman she was sworn, born, to protect; Sailor Saturn.

Sailor Titan Era

After moving to Tokyo, Mayu settled herself in the Aoyama section of the Minato ward, bought a failing cafe, refurbished it, changed the name to Charm Coffee and has been making quite a comfortable living for herself. On her few days off from running her coffee shop, and taking care of her apartment situated on the floor above it, she sometimes visits the Hotel to see how Hotaru is doing.


Sailor Titan's fuku colors were deep purple, dark red, and light purple.

Attacks & Abilities

Sailor Titan was the strongest defensive satellite senshi in the solar system. There are others who may have defensive and protective capabilities, but Sailor Titan was the defining protective and defensive sailor senshi. She was incredibly strong for a defensive senshi.

Sailor Titan's one and only weapon was the Indestructible Cronus Shield that she carried on her left arm. She could change its size and shape at will.

  • Titan Shield Bash - Sailor Titan barges at her opponent, crashing the shield into them.
  • Titanic Dome - Sailor Titan raises her shield arm above her head and a large, protective, impenetrable dome appears around her and her comrades. It's like Sailor Saturn's "Silent Wall" but more effective.
  • Titanic Dome Inverse - Sailor Titan creates a dome around the enemy. She causes it to shrink in on itself until the enemy is crushed and killed within it.

Along with having an indestructible, impenetrable shield, both Sailor Titan and Mayu had incredible reflexes and evasive/dodging abilities.

Ascension - Neo Sailor Saturn




  • Indestructible Cronus Shield
  • Supernal Saturn Gladius


  • Death Slice Butterfly - Neo Sailor Saturn raises her sword high. At the tip of her sword, she gathers a ball of nefarious and deadly, deep purple energy. As she swiftly swings the sword down, the ball of large and deadly energy blasts out like a mini-saturn, ala Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto attacks of old.

Past Life

During the Silver Millennium, Sailor Titan had two roles. Her first role was sole guardian and protector of Sailor Saturn's sleeping form. Her second role was leader of the Saturn Satellite Senshi however, because of the importance of her first role, she could hardly act upon her second role. She remained in the solitary confines of the Sleeping Chamber, constantly by Saturn's side, protecting her from any assassination attempts and the like.

Various other Saturn Satellite Senshi, such as Sailor Iapetus and Sailor Narvi would go to visit her from time to time, keep her updated on the goings ons of her fellow satellite senshi, and receive orders from her.

Because of her exclusion from the rest of the Saturn Satellite Senshi, Sailor Titan was unaware of the Satellite Civil Wars. It was only until Sailor Saturn's sleeping body vanished did Titan realize something was terribly, terribly wrong. Exiting her chamber, she saw hundreds of dying and dead bodies, both civilian and warriors alike. As her mind tried to comprehend what had happened, and failed, she, along with everyone else, was hit with Sailor Saturn's Death Reborn Revolution.

Present Day

Charm Coffee