Marika Reimon

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Marika Reimon
Biographical information


Family unknown

Space police detective


'Jasmine,' DekaYellow

Physical description

Human ESPer



Hair color


Eye color



5' 4"


SP License, SP Shooter -- As DekaYellow: D-Shot (D-Knuckle + D-Rod)


Touch-based post-cognition, weak telepathy and telekinesis, Persona (Cassandra)


Special Police Dekaranger (Tokyo and London branches)

First Appearance

Marika Reimon (礼紋 茉莉花, Reimon Marika) also known as Jasmine is a detective with Special Police Dekaranger's Earth Branches. Originally working at the Tokyo branch, Marika soon transferred to the London Branch, where she now works primarily. She is one of fifteen people on Earth having been given DekaMetal, allowing her to fight evil space crime as DekaYellow.

Life Before S.P.D

Marika was not treated to an easy life. Her ESPer powers quite hard to control when they first emerged. Up until she was in her early teens, Marika would accidentally read people's stray thoughts, and when she would touch something or someone, she'd see a past event without even trying. Because the use of her powers exhausted her, Marika was often ill, and missed quite a bit of school, causing her grades to suffer.

Depression soon set in, and a run in with an alien criminal gave Marika a chance offer - at the cost of her life, the alien would take her powers. Weak and dazed, she nearly made the deal, until Doggie Kruger, the head of the then-newly established Earth Branch of Special Police Dekaranger. Doggie would give her an offer she couldn't refuse. He would get her training to control her ESPer abilities, including martial arts and shooting classes, on the condition that she join S.P.D when she became of age.

Emergency, Dekaranger!

Once in the ranks, Mariko quickly gained a reputation for herself. She was soon promoted to the head detective team, which worked closely with the branch head Kruger, and with CSI head Shiratori Swan. Jasmine, as she was soon called by the staff, found her ESPer skills to be truly useful for once, and she enjoyed helping people and stopping space criminals.

In 2004, the base was given four DekaMetal suits for their lead detective team. Jasmine was assigned the third suit, "DekaYellow," which had a number four on the chest. She soon was trained on how to use a large armored truck, called the PatArmor, use mainly for nighttime and bad-weather operations, with its large floodlights.