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This is a list of Lupa characters and who plays them, for reference.

ZF's Characters

Also known as zaira, zairafirefly, or firefly1824 in the sidebar. In order of appearance.

Zaira: a Lupa Immortal, she was the first Lupa in box, and went by the handle wolftouched as a bait for Hunters. Her registered Terran identity is Rachel. She has not been seen since Miara returned home.

TheHunterKiller: a Lupa Immortal charged with protecting her people from Hunters. Is a rather inhuman bitch most of the time. Often referred to as HK.

Jaxmin: a Lupa Immortal, mated to Zaira. He has not been seen since Miara returned home.

Eiry Densuo: the red headed florist owner of Floral Heaven and mated to Souldier.

Miara: from the future, she originally came to train with HK and made a life in modern Tokyo. Astralgia. Since her training was completed, she began working on global unity between Lupa and started the Astral Seminar. Mated to Taki, mother of Zalan, and daughter of Zaira and Jaxmin.

Sano Edar: a young Lupa man from Morioka who now lives in Tokyo. Works for Eiry. Mated to Nana.

Kai: Edar's sister, she moved to Tokyo and worked various jobs before traveling to counsel in alien populations. Is now based in Ireland. Mated to Fionn Moran.

Altonno Morel: a carpenter and builder from Canada, he's helped Miara create and expand The Hotel's dorm.

Fionn Moran: An Irish Lupa, mated to Kai.

Zalan: the young son of Miara and Taki. Also half Ultraman. He has not been seen since Miara returned home.

Gaetano Rejane: an old Speaker from France involved with the Astral Seminar.

Nima Tsewang: a very young astralgia from Tibet being trained by several of the others.

Uffago: a Speaker from the land of African Bushmen who will be leading the seminar once Miara leaves the local time period.

Vinxcha: a woman about whom little is known so far except that she is an organizing member of a large organization.

Gretta Rejane: Mate of Gaetano.

Trax: rarely actually seen by other characters, but is around. Usually the man seen with HK and/or other immortals.

Danus: a rather mad Lupa who carried out Eiry's abduction under Urvenis' instructions during December of 2012.

Urvenis: a Lupa immortal, often referred to in myth, legend, or truth, as an evil entity or villain.

Cloaked Woman: this woman sometimes visits Miara's family, but her name and station are unknown. She has not been seen since Miara returned home.

Alta Liana: infant daughter of Eiry and Souldier.

Remev: current head of the Speaker's order on xcheamo.

Valeria: a Speaker from xcheamo with skills in organization and teaching and a member of the Speaker's council.

The Roma Inn

There are many characters from Eiry's home pack, which runs the Roma Inn. All of these characters are played by me. Ones likely to be played or mentioned are listed below.

Sali: Eiry's twin sister, chef at the inn.

Ian: Eiry & Sali's older brother. Mated with 1 child (Grace).

Tiena: Ian's mate.

Jonathan and Kara: Eiry's parents.

Nanette Roma: Close friend/mother figure to Eiry. Tally's mother.

Jake and Nathan: Sali's mate and son, respectively.

Luke Lindsay: Pack Leader.

Henry: is a healer, and was asked to be on call for the birth of Eiry and Guyver's daughter.

Tally: Human. Soulmate of Eiry and Nanette's adopted son. Died in 2007.

Matt's Characters

Vilya Wildelute: brought up by stray parents, Vilya knew little about her own people until she went to Tokyo to avoid problems at home. She's grown quite a bit since then, and is a painter.

Riya: a girl from the future who travelled with one of Thrash's incarnations.

Miroslav Tietz: a troubled musician who attended the first Astral Seminar and met Vilya, who is now his mate.

Anjai Yusanavich: an American scientist who ran into trouble trying to do the impossible. Created Graham Langford as he is today.

Grace Peterson: a girl from Minnesota who attended the second Seminar in 2013.

Rai's Character

Svetlana Vladimirovna Volkova: an older lady from the freezing north, she is astralgia and possibly a force to be reckoned with.

KK's Character

Yakone Keelut: a girl from wild Canada who attended the 2013 seminar.

Souldier's Character

Alta Liana: Eiry and Souldier's infant daughter. Played by both players.

LL's Character

Teriliz "Terry" Sonayla: attended the 2012 seminar.

Bucket's Character

João Rufon Kamitani: attended the 2012 seminar.