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3. Etna on Top=
3. Etna on Top=
At Etna's request, the groups travels to the Netherworld, where dramatics and adventure ensues and Etna comes out on top yet again.
At Etna's request, the group travels to the Netherworld, where dramatics and adventure ensues and Etna comes out on top yet again.
4. The Light in the Dark=
4. The Light in the Dark=

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The following is a list of the adventures Thrash has had over the years

First Regeneration

Season 0

Second Regeneration

Season 1

Following their mysterious fellow student, Daisuke Kyoma and Miyuki Seiruna are stunned to discover that he's an alien and a time traveler as well! Wisked off to the desert planet Yo, the group is soon embroiled in a tyranical government and a fight for their lives!

Attempting to return Daisuke and Miyuki to their own time, the trio find themselves in Renaissance Spain. Befriending royal clockmaker Juanelo Turriano, Thrash convinces his reluctant companions to enjoy the sights. However, the city of Toledo carries many secrets. As Daisuke and Miyuki find themselves stalked through the streets by mysterious dark figures, Thrash soon learns Turriano has an unusual benficator and his latest project may prove the end for them all!

Landing on a dark world, the three time travelers discover a word covered in webbing and forests. Here the arachinoid inhabitants live in fear of a shadowy power growing stronger at the center of an all encompassing fortress. As Daisuke slowly begins to fall under it's influence and their way back to the TARDIS blocked, Thrash and Miyuki find themselves force to face the evil before it is far too late!

Once more trying to get back to Earth, Thrash and his companions land in the small english village of Stonebridge on Coast in 1941, the three soon find themselves in a heap of trouble. With the overzealous Home Guard preparing for all out invasion, Daisuke and Miyuki looked upon with suspicion and blamed for sabotage and an escaped Nazi spy eyeing the TARDIS as a prize, can the three make it back to the TARDIS or will their actions cause more damage then they suspect?

The TARDIS brings Thrash, Daisuke and Miyuki to the earth colony VX-3, where they are almost immeidatly arrested by the SSS. Tensions are running high on the planet and the colony is on the brink of social collapse. As the three try to navigate the newly installed military rule, they are ill-prepared as the greatest evil in the universe descends upon the planet, forcing them to confront the question: will they make it out of there alive?

Arriving back in Tokyo almost the day they left, Thrash bids his two companions farewell. However the three soon learn that they are being tracked and that they may not be as safe as they seem. Who are the strange men in bowler hats? What secret has Thrash been keeping from them? Soon Daisuke and Miyuki find their return home is not as welcoming as they belived and that higher powers may be at work but are they friend or foe and what do they have to do with Thrash?

Season 2

In a showy attempt to answer Miyuki's astronomy question about a Quasar, Thrash pilots the TARDIS eons into the past, and high above the galactic plane of PKS 1127-145. As they approach and prepare to safely observe the powerful stream of energy emission, Thrash detects an object moving at an astounding velocity towards them. At first suspecting a weapon, the Time Lord realizes he is observing an incredibly swift and durable starship with a massive energy sail to allow it to "Para-sail" upon the stream of energy and particle emissions! Impressed by this engineering accomplishment, Thrash makes contact with the vessel; he quickly learns that the vessel bears an important passenger, and has all-too-good a reason to be leaving its home galaxy at such a great speed...

Still determined to illustrate the wonder of the universe to his two new companions, Thrash ushers them 114 years into the future to see an amazing sight. The TARDIS joins several sight-seeing spacships above the jungle planet of Ramlichios-Gamma, in order to witness a the blossoming of the Archeafloripanith--a member of an interplanetary flower species the size of city block, and which only blooms once every 1800 years. Daisuke marvels at how such an ecologically vulnerable species could survive without protection. As if in response, a massive armada of heavily armed warships even Thrash does not recognize materialize around the planet, disable every sightseeing ship except the incredibly resilient TARDIS, and leave it up to the Time Lord to save the day!

Thrash's TARDIS unexpectedly stops near the expanding borders of the aggressive and warlike Talragonian Star Empire, and the TARDIS computer suddenly horrifies Thrash's companions by warning that it detects over 12,700 independent scans and weapon lock-ons coming from a nearby, ice-bound moon. Landing to investigate, the group brave sub-zero temperatures and discover a massive Talragonian Military Complex, only to be stranded on-world when a huge avalanche buries the TARDIS!

With no choice but to continue their explorations, the trio learn that they are not the only ones who are stranded. Thrash marvels at how the majority of the weapons systems have been re-purposed to allow survival in the deadly weather. Thrash and his companions move to the infirmary, and observe normally-merciless officers treating their subordinates for frostbite, and observe Plasma Lances being used to keep patches ice open in order to fish. By the time Thrash's companions steal a weapon which could melt the ice around the TARDIS, Thrash is too overcome with emotion to not get involved.

As the moon prepares to go behind the gas giant and plunge temperatures even colder, Thrash attempts to reach the Talragonian commander in order to offer his help, only to be captured by her security patrol, who inform him how lucky he is their commander has suspended the Talragonians' customary "shoot on sight" order. Thrash realizes that such an order is an amazing indicator of leniency. Taken at Devastator-point to the aliens' leader, he is even more shocked to realize that the surprisingly moderate but marooned commander is the heir to the Talragon throne! In the moment of truth, can he convince the warlike Talragonians to trust an outsider with their lives?

Thrash pilots the TARDIS 3017 years into the past in order to attend the historic and worldwide celebration and party celebrating Queen's Ascent upon the Twin Moons of Thandia. The trio have a wonderful time, but as the TARDIS is flying in deep space after they leave the festivities, its computer alerts THRASH that a device has made hull contact. Thrash's lingering highs spirits quickly depart as he learns that the device is of Dalek origin--a lethal deep-space interstellar explosive used at the outset of the Time War. Readings soon confirm Thrash's suspicions: the maniacal weapon is triggered by gravity fields, powerful enough to destroy an entire planet, and still armed. Miyuki is horrified to hear about creatures as insidious as the Daleks, and Daisuke panics upon hearing that such a deadly creation exists, but Thrash calms his companions down. He assures both of them that the TARDIS itself does not possess a gravity signature to trigger the bomb but he explains that it "absolutely must" be defused in order to safely venture within a light year of any solar system. When Daisuke asks that would be possible, Thrash shows him two space suits, and directs Miyuki to the TARDIS comm controls. Can they overcome the Dalek's diabolical device?

Leaving the Talragonian Territory, Thrash discovers a heavily-industrialized planet in a supposedly-abandoned area of space. Landing to investigate, all three travellers are disgusted and furious to learn that they are in continent-sized factory with workers who are controlled through propaganda that targets their carefully inculcated and intentionally-caused phobias, especially that of death. The program at preying upon fear is so successful that there is only a single antiquated prison on the planet to hold the trio once they are arrested for dissension, allowing for an easy escape. Instead, the Time Lord quickly explains to his companions about Regeneration,frees the two of them while staying behind himself, and dramatically stops the show at his own execution by saying something nobody on the planet is emotionally prepared for or has ever heard: that HE is unafraid to die for his beliefs.

Investigating some of the strangest readings the TARDIS has ever picked up, Thrash, Daisuke, and Miyuki find themselves upon a remarkably earth-like planet where it seems time itself has gone haywire. Mountains rise by several inches a second, the tide never goes in or out beneath the unchanging moon, trees are knocked down by brief winds of hurricane intensity, but their seedlings grown to full size to replace them within hours. His companions are amazed, but when Thrash goes off to take more readings he realizes with horror that he has landed on the planetary equivalent of a "target range," and these effects are the result of the reactivation of a long-dormant weapon--An incredibly ancient weapon which could easily destroy a TARDIS, weaken a time lock, and functions by distorting and warping time itself. Thrash reasons that given the strength of the chronologic distortions, it is only a matter of time before *other* beings either discover this device, or worse, return to check up on it. The Time Lord rushes back to the TARDIS only to find that Miyuki and Daisuke, who are lying outside the ship, are showing symptoms of dehydration, starvation, and exhaustion, and are profoundly unconscious.

By carefully removing his vulnerable companions from the erratic time field, Thrash narrowly manages to revive his friends. The Time Lord explains to them the incredible danger that hey are in, but the warped field of time produced by the weapon as it warms up is distorting every reading on the TARDIS' instruments, making escape attempts futile. With no other choice, Daisuke, Miyuki, and Thrash go on a dangerous and desperate journey to reach the device's controls, and barely manage to destroy the weapon before it fully comes online. As soon as they do, the quaking in the mountains subsides, the tide slowly comes in, and the trio are washed by a gentle, normal rain, followed by a rainbow. Miyuki and Daisuke are moved to tears, and tell Thrash that after all of the spectacular things they have seen alongside him, they never imagined the relief upon seeing a normal, beautiful world, with Time and life happily and wonderfully ordinary. With a vast new appreciation for the quiet marvels of their old home, they ask the Time Lord to take them back to Earth, and Thrash obliges them, smiling.

Season 3

Miara and Etna joined Thrash in these adventures.

Happy to have companions, Thrash decides to take them to one of his favorite planets. However, something is very wrong, as the planet has disappeared! He tries to find out what happened, while at the same time trying to get Miara and Etna, two very different people with very different ethics, to work together.

While Miara and Etna have come to a sort of truce, their first few days on the market world Pierlia is uneventful...until Thrash is captured by unknown assailants, and the two girls must learn to truly overcome their differences when it matters.

At Etna's request, the group travels to the Netherworld, where dramatics and adventure ensues and Etna comes out on top yet again.

While Thrash is avoiding Miara's request to visit Qo'noS, the TARDIS is inexplicably pulled to a seemingly quiet, empty section of space. He's busy berating the TARDIS when the girls see a mysterious bright light out in space, and the investigation yields a rather unexpected surprise.

Upon finding out there's a world where all the food is candy, Thrash's companions threaten mutiny unless he takes them there, like, yesterday! While the two enjoy tasting sweets together, Miara is soon lured away to try ever new and unusual candies, and by the time Thrash convinces Etna something's amiss, the trail is nearly cold. (part 1 of 2)

Etna has finally found a lead on Miara's whereabouts, and she and Thrash are drawn into an underground world of cosmetic medicine, which keeps the people of that world beautiful despite their diet. They soon find she's been hell for her captors, but can they rescue her before the tests and being caged drive her crazy? (part 2 of 2)

Season 4

Landing in the Kasterboralus system, Thrash finds the moon of Polarfry Beta in turmoil. As he tries to solve the economic problem at the core of this conflict, Miara finds herself sought after by an overeager young man, while Etna's greed may doom them all!

Thrash lands his TARDIS on an uninhabited planet, only to discover it's been overrun by Daleks, who are using it to construct an army. Despite very real and imminent danger, Thrash and Miara set out to defeat them and save Etna--with nothing but his sonic and an old DDR machine.

Not an adventure per se, but the group makes a trip to Miara's homeworld, where it's currently winter. They spend most of their time indoors staying warm, telling stories, and for Thrash and Etna, learning Lupa culture.

Landing on a far away planet, they find themselves in the middle of a war...except that the planet's attackers are using the strangest weapons they've ever seen. It's a race to save the universe from being turned into cake!

Attempting to take Miara and Etna to the Party That Never Ends, the group instead crash lands in 1900s Italy. While Thrash and Miara befriend a young insurance clerk named Franz, Etna finds herself thrust into a possible spy ring. However, not everything is what it seems and the group may be the ones in for a surprise!

Stopping by Maintenance Station 43 in the 26th century, the group is bewildered to discover that Etna has lost their ship to a gambling game. Desperate, the three find themselves thrust into the world of intergalactic racing circuit, where you win or lose...your life!

Season 5

Egypt 1798: Napoleon's forces enter Egypt. Thrash and company land in the midst of this, and while Etna goes out to see the sights and Miara to see an "old friend" at the Egyptian Museum, Thrash becomes trapped in the local politics of the area. What none know is there is another force at work, one which is awakening after many years asleep...

Attempting to find the ingredients the universe's greatest drink, the TARDIS is soon rocketed by a strange spacial disturbance. The three soon find themselves confronted with incredibly powerful beings, ones which do not travel through Time and Space but rather Space and Time...

Seeking to relax for awhile, Thrash arrives in Paris in the 1890s to partake in the local flavor. Due to a misunderstanding on Etna's part, however, the group is soon forced into a competition among thieves, one which may prove to be their only way to get back the TARDIS!

The planet Harras was once the center of a vast empire which vanished in a single day. Landing on the world, the three travelers soon make the acquaintance of a group of archaeologists who hope to excavate a large pyramid, the only remaining sign of the Harrian Empire. However, they soon discover there is more to the civilization's disappearance then was once thought.

Traveling to the planet Gano to see the mysterious famed Night Singers, the group is unexpectedly contacted by one of them--the group is in great danger and needs the Time Lord and his companions' help. They discover the identity of the Night Singers--dragons!--just before all hell breaks loose.

Arriving on an unknown planet, the group is pleased to find a seeming utopia, one which they take every advantage of. However, there is a dark secret to this world, a strange faith which worships all too familiar gods...

The Time War Series 1

Transmatted out of the Party that Never Ends along with his TARDIS, Thrash finds himself forced into a conflict between the Time Lords and Daleks. Partnered with three other young Time Lords, Thrash's first stop is Germany in 1940, where a weapon which may turn the tide of war is hidden, as well as a threat to the timeline itself!

The planet Ostrac seems to be an odd place to send Thrash and his team to, as the peaceful planet has little stake in the temporal war. However, as Thrash soon discovers, there is more to the world then meets the eye. Charged to steal a certain object from the High Royal Vaults, can they make good on their mission or will these would be thieves find themselves in far more trouble then they can imagine.

Coming Soon

Third Regeneration

Season 6

Having newly regenerated, Thrash finds himself once more in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Picked up as a vagrant by the police, Thrash soon learns he's not the only one who has arrived. Strange disappearances are occurring while a new popular cult is growing in power. Preparations are being made and soon Thrash finds himself forced to face a new and deadly foe but can he when he isn't even sure of who he is or will the metropolis fall to a terrible fate?

Landing on a forested planet, Thrash discovers a crashed human spaceship, one seemingly menaced by the native wildlife but is that truly what is occurring? Who is the mysterious girl who watches from the trees? What secret are the humans keeping in the bowels of the vassal? Slowly the truth comes out and Thrash finds that nothing is what it seems!

Joined reluctantly by stowaway Riya, the TARDIS brings them to the planet Aphra A, a world seemingly under attack by it's twin, Aphra B. Separated by accident, the two travelers soon learn that there is more to the conflict then would appear. As they separately try to unravel the conspiracy at the heart of the matter, Thrash and Riya learn that there are some who will do anything to stop them, even if it means death!

The TARDIS brings Thrash and Riya to Mexico in the early 20th century, just in time for the day of the dead. While Riya befriends one of the locals, Thrash finds himself investigating a series of murders plaguing the local town. The mysterious figure of death seems to stalk the dark of night and his followers are growing in strength but as Thrash and Riya soon learn, this threat might be far more real then they realize and not everyone may come out of this alive!


Season 7

Season 8

Fourth Regeneration

Season 9

Thrash and Riya attend the opening night of Carmen in Paris only to discover a murder behind the curtains which seems to repeat over and over again...

With new friend Paisley, Thrash and Riya arrive in 16th century Russia, where the kingdom is being torn apart by a doppelganger of Ivan the Terrible.

Tracking the Time Traveler to 1964 Tokyo, Paisley, Thrash and Riya get caught up in the Olympics and a sinister alien plot!

Landing on Planet 8, Thrash and Riya become embroiled in the activities of alien Dominators and their vicious Quarks. However, Tharsh's activities in trying to stop them may have made things worse then ever before.

Finally catching up with the mysterious Time Traveler, Thrash must deal at the same time with the sinister Mr. Kinkall and his Impossibility Machine.

Attempting to track down Riya's kidnapper, Thrash arrives in a mining town in the old west, a town where the dead seem to walk at night.

Tracking down the Time Machine, Thrash and Nivek arrive in 19th century London and become wrapped in the mysterious murder of an old man.

Finally tracking down the Time Traveler to their lair, Thrash and Nivek must free Riya from a jail literally created from time itself!

Season 10

Landing on a mysterious world with new friend Matsumi Kaze, Thrash discovers a utopian city with a dark dark secret.

Following a temporal disturbance, Thrash and Matsumi journey to a seemingly dead planet where strange shadows and ghosts seem to haunt it's every length.

Awakening from a strange dream of traveling through time and being a superhero, Matsumi tries to return to her normal life at a call center...but is this reality or some cruel trap?

Arriving in Rome in 126 AD, Matsumi becomes separated from Thrash and forced into the armed services of to be Emperor Florian.

Stopping by a derelict space station while Thrash attempts to find the Time Traveler again, he and Matsumi discover an old enemy has planned a trap.

Trapped in Iceland in 1783, Matsumi and Thrash discover that their lives are in more danger then they thought.

Asking the Time Lord to take her to the moon, Matsumi and Thrash instead end up in Venice in the 15th century and discover the startling secret of the man in the moon!

Landing on a dead planet to affect repairs to his TARDIS, Thrash and Matsumi encounter a group of Daleks and discover the true plans of the mysterious Time Traveler.

Taking a break for a chance, Thrash allows Matsumi the chance to visit 1929 New York City, while he tracks down a mysterious bartender who can see the future.

Facing down his former assistant, Thrash tries to stop her twisted plans to end all time and unleash chaos upon the universe.

Season 11

Tracking down a temporal disturbance, Thrash and Riya discover a new Cyber army being assembled in the corners of time and a disturbing secret about their leader!

With the TARDIS suffering from the effects of the Cyber-Virus, Thrash and Riya are forced to journey into the depths of the ship to solve this issue or die trying.

There are mysterious murders occurring in old London. Something is stalking the edges of the Thames River, and it's up to the mysterious detective Thrash and his assistant Riya to discover who or what is causing it.

"Lab 14 has been breached" Thrash and Riya land on the world of Atosia. "Lab 14 has been breached" where a mysterious experiment being run into order to save the world "Lab 14 has been breached" has gone horribly horribly wrong.

The peaceful world of Kis is one of the cornerstones of the culturally rich Empire of A. Thrash and Riya travel to this happy world to rest from their recent troubles. Then the Quarks come...

The planet Galphius. Once home to two great armies. Both now gone. Until recently. Now that Thrash and Riya have arrived, the war can begin again...

Landing in South America in 539 AD, Thrash and Riya find themselves worshiped as beings from beyond the stars by the local tribes. However, they are not the only "gods" who have arrived...

Trailing the cyber-ship from South America, Thrash and Riya discover the Cybermen's true plan on a scale they could scarcely believe...

Thrash and Riya trail the final Cyber-Ship to Xchemno in the far future, where Riya finds her destiny...

Specials 2

Thrash is sent to reverse the damage done by Hazel Ninegate, his first stop: The Burning Empire.

Tracking down the next port of call of the demented Time Lady, Thrash finds himself force to save the existence of a terrible enemy...

His task nearly complete, Thrash comes face to face with an ancient Time Lord legend and a temptation too terrible to contemplate.

Season 12

Giving new companion Eitak her first trip in the TARDIS, Thrash lands at St. Augustine in 1568, where they find the fort under attack not only by French soldiers, but outsiders of a different kind...

Planet Sorunus, where an ancient museum lies forgotten by the rest of the universe. Thrash wishes to see it, but he and Eitak learn the hard way that some things are best left forgotten...

Landing in 19th century Australia, Thrash soon discovers a rancher whose daughter has been beset by a mysterious illness. When Eitak is afflicted by the same illness, the Time Lord must find the answers using the only clue he has: the image of a rainbow serpent.

Earthsphere 3: once a promising test of artificial planets, now a den of corruption and decay. Thrash and Eitak have no intention of staying in this world of hopelessness, but that was before the TARDIS was stolen.

Landing on Earth once more in the past, Thrash and Eitak find themselves in the middle of the Haitian war for independence. Soon loyalties are tested and the dead begin to rise once more...

Arriving in France in the year 1916, Thrash and Eitak make the acquaintance of the sculptor Rodin and are surprised to discover he already knows them. Soon the two time travelers are sent on a journey through the sculptor's personal lifetime in an effort to prevent to unleashing of a terrible power on Earth.

The plant Alfrana, home to the technological Alfranians and the animal-like Pawanians. Two species already on tense relations. Then a murder is committed and Thrash and Eitak's friendship may finally break in the end.

Agreeing to Eitak's demands, Thrash takes the girl back to present day Earth. However, they are soon caught up in terrible events, events which lead to the destruction of Tokyo and their deaths. Then they arrive once again...and again..and again.

Season 13

The world of Dargu seems like the ideal place for Thrash and Eitak to rest. However, the medieval world hides a dark secret. For there are dragons under the ground and soon they will be released...

Stopping off in 70s Edinburgh, Thrash becomes fascinated by a new object found by an archeologist, a skull made of pure silver. However, he and Eitak soon realize that the skull itself may bring doom to the world.

Landing rather harshly in the hold of a sailing ship, Thrash and Eitak are forced into a dangerous voyage into the Sargasso Sea and perhaps beyond it.

Arriving at the 59th annual Galactic Technology Fair, Thrash becomes fascinated by a new form of robot being unveiled. However, things are not all that they seem and Eitak soon learns that all their lives might be in danger...

Keeping his word to take Eitak to ancient Quinox, the pair discreetly arrive in time for a festival. However, court intrigue is abound and the young princess has gone missing and a question must be answered: what is the mask of Quinox?

Landing in Spain in 1493, Thrash and Eitak soon fall under the machinations of the Spanish Inquisition. While Eitak fights for her life in the tribunal, Thrash becomes aware that they are not the only time travelers present.

On the war torn planet of Uyusli, Thrash and Eitak discover a deep conspiracy that may not only result in the death of every living thing on the world but a worse crime still.

Still stinging from their near failures, Thrash attempts to return Eitak to Earth. However, history has other ideas and he is forced to face the worse decision he ever made.

Season 14

Discovering stowaway Aoi Muratake onboard his TARDIS, Thrash attempts to return her home, but instead lands in 18th century Edo, where a terrible conspiracy is about to take place.

Landing on the planet Viga Tyrranis, Thrash and Aoi find themselves pursued for a crime they didn't commit but then who did?

1922: The first 3D film, The Power of Love, is about to premire. Thrash and Aoi decide to attend the showing, only to find themselves learning why the film was never seen again.

Tracking strange time emissions in Tokyo's Alien Zone, Thrash soon discovers present and future mixing together and the Daleks at the center of it all...

The four incarnations of Thrash find themselves trapped on an unknown planet alongside several friends, where an unseen foe plans their destruction...

The timeline of Sarah Christensson is rapidly unraveling and it all dates back to her parents. Thrash plans to stop this but can he unite two unknowing future lovers?

Season 15

Landing on an unknown world after new companion MGT launches the TARDIS, Thrash and his new furry friend discover survivors of a crashed spaceship. Deciding to help them in escaping the planet, they are unaware of the traveler's dark secrets..

Traveling to Mycidia 4 in order to aquire a replacement for one of the TARDIS's circuits, Thrash and MGT become embroiled in a secret plot which may shatter the Galactic Trade Federation to it's core!

Thrash and MGT arrive at failing movie studio American Cinema Partners during the making of a low budget science fiction film. While the overal friendly Mongoosetiger becomes a instant star, his Time Lord friend learns that the invasion in the film may not be totally imaginary after all...

Somewhere beyond time and space on a small planetoid lays the Janus Gate, a huge set of doors which legend states hides behind it a great power for the taking. Landing due to a mistake, Thrash and MGT meet a cult which worships the gateway and that the day of it's opening may be sooner then anyone thought!

Arriving at a quaint European village, Thrash and MGT find themselves facing several important questions. Why do the medieval knights carry laser guns? Who is the evil Baron Spachspichen? And can they entertain the baron while keeping their heads in place?

India 1861: Mysterious deaths have struck several villages at night. The local British government claims them to be tiger attacks, but there are whispers of the Rakshasa stalking the dark. Now Lt. Clarence Smithson and mysterious agent Thrash must hunt down the apparent cause of all this: Mongoosetiger!

Captured by a war party of Quarks, MGT and Thrash find themselves confined in a cell with a short scruffy man, a young Scottish warrior and a rather talkative girl. Can the group escape from their imprisonment before they are executed by the vicious machines?

Regaining control of the TARDIS after parting ways with their fellow escapees, Thrash and MGT find themselves on the edge of the void and a mysterious dark planet. Something has been watching them and wishes their assistance. Something very old and very much insane...

Season 16

Arriving on the planet Tyfranis in the future, MGT soon befriends a new genetic construct named OctopusLion. However, Thrash soon learns that the Mongoosetiger's new friend may not be as innocent as it seems but can he reveal to him the truth without hurting his feelings?

Hoping to help MGT recover from the trauma on Tyfranis, Thrash steers the TARDIS for Earth, only to land in 1850s California, where the two soon find themselves swept in a desperate hunt for gold, a murder and a fight to help a young orphan find her long lost parents!

Landing in the hull of an immense ship, Thrash and MGT soon discover several tribes which have forgotten their origins and now worship the vessel as their whole universe. Can the two survive in this hostile environment and save it at the same time?

Deciding to go to the Planet Ista 2 via the scenic route, Thrash and MGT take the legendary Galactic Express spaceship. However, this blissful trip is soon hampered by a breakdown and a murder and only the two intrepid travelers can solve it in time!

A distress call from Riya brings Thrash and MGT to Xcheamo, where they find a strange plague has been sending the Lupa into a catatonic state. Can Thrash find the answer to this strange disease and it's cause before it becomes even more deadly?

Stopping off in the United States in the 1970s, Thrash and MGT bear witness as an alien ship arrives, carrying on it the Mysnia, who promise to bring a new golden age to mankind. However, the time lord belives this to be too good to be true. What is the secret of the Mysnia and can their mission be as benevolent as it seems?

The planet of Yamato is a world of samurai and spacecraft. At the core is the Emperor of the colony, a man so mysterious that none know his true name. On landing on this feudal world, Thrash and MGT are soon caught up in the politics of court as well as the hunt for an ancient sword sought by all...

Thrash has finally fully repaired the TARDIS and makes a final stopover to the planet Dygna. Along with a colony of humans, Thrash and MGT discover the remains of an old spaceship and a terrible foe hibernating within..

Season 17

Visiting Xcheamo to see former companion Riya, Thrash soon gets caught up in exploring the girl's past, and in doing so, discovers a dark chapter in the history of the Lupa...

Living in Self-Exile in his TARDIS, Thrash is suddenly called in to rescue the ship Aescapulus which has become lost in the time vortex. As Thrash struggles with his inner demons, he soon finds his rescue may become more urgent then anyone would know...

Discovering a string of kidnappings off the planet Karn by the forces of the Daleks, Thrash goes to old companion Paisley for assistance. Hoping to stop the Daleks from discovering the location of the worshipful law of Gallifry, neither are fully prepared for what they will discover...

Testing out a new piece of equipment for the TARDIS, Thrash and Eitak find themselves flung outside normal time and space to a mysterious world dominated by a cruel monarch. While Eitak finds herself powerless and desired by the wicked king, Thrash falls in with a local rebellion, but is everything as it seems??

Landing in Renaissance Italy with old companion Matsumi Kaze, Matsumi soon meets up with her old friend Raphael. As the three explore the city, they soon find themselves confronted with an age old conspiracy and not all of them will make it out alive...

Exiled to Earth, Thrash attempts to collect his thoughts by walking through Tokyo. Discovering an old apartment building, he soon finds it's watched by a mysterious man who claims to be guarding someone. As Thrash investigates, however, he discovers things are more strange then they seem...

Perusing through the electronics district of Tokyo, Thrash is attacked by a seemingly insane vagrant. Discovering that this is not the first attack in the city, the time lord soon teams up with an amateur group of investigators to hunt down the cause of the madness, before it is too late!

Assigned Kaede Higarashi as an assistant, Thrash investigates Dytron International, a brand new company that has opened in the city. However, there is more to the Mysterious Mr. Haeda then meets the eye and Thrash soon discovers the return of an old foe.

Season 18

Depressed over the apparent destruction of his friends, Thrash accepts a job for SUIT, one which is also being handled by UNIT. Taking a trip to a supposedly haunted Japanese village, Thrash is soon reunited with two old friends and discovers a danger from beyond time and space!

Discovering a way to bypass the Time Lord's lock on his TARDIS, Thrash finds himself in the snow covered alps in 218 BC. Stumbling upon the forces of Hannibal, Thrash finds himself held hostage by the man and forced to march towards Rome and a terrible destiny...

When a young man at Toshira Private School is found dead of unknown causes, SUIT is called in to investigate. Bringing Meladina with, Thrash and Kaede soon discovers the school may hide a dark and terrible secret...

Thrash travels to the diminutive planet of Lthelos Prime so Meladina can study a recent meteor impact near Mt. Excelsior, an ancient and extinct volcano larger than Olympus Mons. As Meladina diagrams the impact, Thrash wanders the massive volcano, and soon realizes the strange lava flow patterns are not incidental--they are a map!

Investigating an electromagnetic disturbance in the city, Meladina and Thrash soon discover a group of Daleks from the 22nd century. Taking care of them with ease, the two discover there is more to this then meets the eye and that they and their friends may be in more danger then they could realize!

Landing in 19th century London, Thrash and Meladina are soon plagued with several problems: why are people disappearing off the street? Who are the mysterious hooded figures lurking in the fog? What caused a man to die horribly? The two soon find all the answers to these questions may tie with someone very familiar...

Thrash and Meladina land on a planet neither of them has visited before, called Nyuon. The TARDIS coordinates state that it is a world very similar to Terra, yet upon stepping foot onto the landscape, the glaciation catches them by surprise. Meladina runs calculations to determine why the planet is frozen over, while Thrash sets to work trying to fix his (so he thinks) malfunctioning TARDIS. Was it a coordinate failure? Or is someone trying to delve these planets into icy abyss?

Meladina pilots Thrash's TARDIS to the Crab Pulsar as one of the most well-known pulsars in order to determine its molecular composition and consequences to surrounding nebulae. Her calculations predict a molecular collapse....and the TARDIS is stuck in an electromagnetic trap right in the middle of it.


New Thrash Specials

These take place in between episodes of Season 18, but are not apart of it.

Hoping to take Meladina on a short hop to the Moon and back, Thrash finds the TARDIS has taken them to the far away planet of Cangor, where a crashed spaceship soon turn into a chilling discovery...

Taking Meladina to the city of Istanbul, Thrash hopes for a relaxing vacation from his troubles. However, there are mysteries in every corner and the two Time Lords soon discover they are not the only travelers there!

Landing on the eternally dark planet of Nycisa in an effort to get their bearings, Thrash and Meladina soon find themselves thrust into a political showdown between two factions and a third unknown factor which seems to be preying on them both!

Arriving on the high class space cruise vessel Imperial, Thrash and Meladina quickly blend and socialize with the high class rich. Interest is also running high for the new computer program Nirvana, which promises total bliss to all who take part in it. Then the bodies start to pile up and unless the two Time Lords want to be suspected of murder, they must find the real killer and quickly!

Landing in the cargo bay of an abandoned warship, Thrash and Meladina are soon captured by a group of supposed rebels lead by the cowardly Belophos. Their mission: to capture and destroy the legendary attack ship Kimera. Pressed into assisting them, the two Time Lords soon discover no one is who they appear and that the Kimera has secrets of it's own...

Landing in the city of Oxford, Thrash decides to take Meladina on a tour of the famous college, only to discover several academics have lost their knowledge and sanity, silver spheres haunting the book shelves of the library and a new teacher who seems to know more then he is letting on. As the two race to discover the truth, they are ill prepared for the enemy which lies in wait for them!

Season 19

Tamili joined Thrash on these adventures.

Searching the Alien Zone for parts to repair his TARDIS, Thrash soon stumbles upon a series of unsettling disappearances. Joining forces with a young woman, the Time Lord finds himself caught in a deadly conspiracy, one of a most heinous nature…

Landing on the planet Aurius, Thrash and new friend Tamili find a world dripping with wealth and most importantly gold. However, not everything is as it seems and a terrible secret hides behind the hollow smiles of the populace and someone wants to keep it that way!

The TARDIS crash lands on a planet where everything is blue. They quickly learn, however, that everyone loves fashion--and blue is the "color of the year." However, they're soon arrested--for wearing colors other than blue. Thrash and Tamili are disturbed to find out that anything not blue is illegal, and Thrash quickly determines to get to the bottom of it!

The TARDIS keeps getting phone calls with a very mysterious, eerie sound before the line goes dead. Tracing the call proves difficult, but they finally make it to what appears to be a desolated planet covered in only dead trees. They're about to leave when unexplained events peak Thrash's interest, and despite Tamili's misgivings they eventually discover the less than comforting source of the phenomena.

Landing in Japan 1975, Thrash and Tamili soon discover an unusual radioactive energy source emanating from the now uninhabited island of Hashima. Forced to join forces with the Japanese branch of UNIT, the two travelers soon discover a forgotten yet haunting experiment and the terrible threat it may pose to the planet itself!

Thrash and Tamili land in what appears to be the hold of a massive space freighter. After some exploring, the two discover it to be of Denobulan origin. However, dark secrets are being hidden from them. What is hidden behind door 546? Why does the captain of the freighter seem to know about Time Lords? All these answers point to a dark event in Denobulan history and soon Tamili will be forced to choose sides...

Disturbed by the weapons and technology he has found through their travels, Thrash and Tamili follow the trail back to a space station. There, they discover an auction of exotic items, lead by the robotic Vess, one where the buyers have an interest in more then simply good prices...

Tamili finds herself alone, locked on a space station in decaying orbit around a dying planet. Thrash is dead. Whole systems are falling to ruin. As a new Dalek empire rises in strength, the former companion finds herself left with two choices: either try to destroy this deadly enemy or die alone in this new darkness...

Season 20

During a routine repair of the TARDIS, Thrash is suddenly pulled across time and space to a far flung galaxy. Landing, he soon finds himself on a world where the people live in fear, subject to a strange cult the worships an unknown figure. Can Thrash learn what it was that brought him to this place or is this simply the beginning a far greater quest?

Trying to make his way back to Earth, Thrash soon becomes trapped in a strange locaton, where spaceships of all forms have been trapped and unknown creatures haunt their hulls. In this strange domain, he soon befriends a lost young girl, but is she everything she claims or is he in far greater danger then he thought?

Stopping off at an orbiting Earth Empire space station for parts, Thrash is surprised to find himself in the middle of a hostage situation as the structure is invaded by a group of sinister space pirates! Their leader, Alfar, is seeking an object known as the Deep Box and will leave if given it. However, can Thrash trust this man and what is the terrible secret of this artifact? His decisions will not only affect himself but also the lives of everyone on board!

Finally landing on Earth, Thrash finds himself in a small village in Norway in the 1970s. A mysterious cloud is seeping down from the mountains and strange figures are lurking in the shadows. As people begin to disappear, the time lord must decide who he can trust and who is the enemy. Something is awakening on the mountains and it's hungry...

Now searching for answers to the mysterious message given to him by the Trolls, Thrash finds himself in a far away galaxy on a ruined planet. There the people cower in fear of the robots of the vicious Tskizaks. However, something about the situation is strange. Why do the robots seem to spare certain people but attack others? Why are the Tskizaks never seen? What is the secret of Code 45? All these questions soon lead to a tragic truth, one which may shake the Time Lord to his core!

Mertake Mahala is the premier world for the burial and memory storage of the intellectual and artistic. There, Thrash hopes to consult the memories of the philosopher Yoto Ragan on the meaning of the strange message. However, the halls are haunted by mysterious words and the caretakers seem to be acting not like themselves. An ancient evil is being unleashed her and Thrash may not escape this fate with his mind intact!

The planet Obsion is a unique location in the universe, trapped between two equally powerful black holes. On this world lies a mysterious tomb, said to contain the remains of a disciple of light. An archaeology team hopes to discover if this is true, as is Thrash who has joined with them. However, neither can guess to the dark secret hidden within and the power that will soon be unleashed...

After some time searching, Thrash has finally found the one person in the universe who can decipher the message that has dragged him across eons. On a small mountain on a small planetoid lives the Hermit of Ages, who knows the terrible horror that may be unleashed. However, Thrash may first prove himself and if the message does not kill him...then this test will!

New Thrash Adventures Series 1

Sent to map the universe and it's unique qualities, Thrash finds himself stuck with a young Matsumi who had snuck on board the TARDIS! Their first stop is a massive ship graveyard, where a legendary map is supposedly held. However, there are others who are interested in the objects and treasures found there and the two travelers may find themselves in more trouble then they bargained for!

Landing on the planet Magnumis, Thrash has decided to visit Professor Gentalk IV, one of the patented geniuses of the Universe. However, he finds a student project has gone wrong and may not only endanger everyone on the campus but also perhaps the entire framework of the universe!

Deciding to take a chance, Thrash and Matsumi lands on the Dominator controlled planet of Artrus, hoping to steal their maps of the Ten Galaxies. However, the two soon discover a war in the process, one involving the Dominators fighting against their former servants: the Quarks! They are soon given a choice: either help the vicious race of space conquerors or be destroyed instead!

Deciding to take a break from their quest, Thrash decides to fulfill a promise to Matsumi and take her to a theater in 1890s London. However, ghosts walk the foggy streets and sinister goings on are a foot. Can they solve this malevolent mystery themselves or do they require the assistance of a pair of investigators of infernal incidents!

Thrash quickly decides to return to Tokyo with Matsumi, having apparently decided to give up on the quest. However, not all is as it seems and the two suddenly find themselves in far greater danger then they can ever imagine. An old enemy has caught up with them and whatever happens, something terrible may come from it.

New Thrash Adventures Series 2

Seeking out a greater source of knowledge, Thrash and Matsumi land at the gleaming cities of Cyrenius. However, they find an empty world, with no sign of life. What has happened to the once advanced civilization? What is hiding amid the darkened and shadowed halls? There are answers but there may be a cost to it!

Rumored to hold a being of great power, the TARDIS lands on an unknown world, filled with peace and prosperity, a world of utter paradise. However, violence and discontentment soon begins to spread among the populace. Is it the fault of this unknown creature or is the cause much more personal.

Thrash has grown desperate and has taken the TARDIS into a pocket dimension. There, Thrash makes a deal with it's keeper: He will do what he wishes in return of a map of every pocket dimension known. However, first, he and Matsumi have to play a few games...

The Great Crimson Plains is a location known only to a few but to those it is rumored to hold a secret beyond all knowing. Thrash hopes that it may help in their quest but Matsumi is unsure. Strange nightmares have been plaguing her and now they seem to be coming true. Can she stop what they seem to foretell: the death of Thrash!?

Their quest has almost come to an end after nearly a year and Matsumi has grown more and more worried about Thrash's personality. His sudden insistence of taking the TARDIS to a barren planet makes her even more worried. Thrash has made a deal and it's time for them to collect...

New Thrash Adventures Series 3

Thrash has been less then happy as of late, so as an answer, the young Time Lady Vermellia is sent to become his new companion, a move which stunned the time lord. Their first trip takes them back to Jomon era Japan, where Vermellia finds herself believed to be a god and Thrash is forced to help the people fight off a seemly mysterious foe. However, a question haunts the time traveler: should he help these people and why? This adventure will not simply test the two traveler's ability to work together but also their own morality.

Omusa has been at war and it has been at war for a long long time! Thrash and Vermellia are stunned to find a populace not only in the midst of battle but happy to be so! As yet another conflict is prepared, Vermellia finds herself fast being drafted into the forces newest wonder soldier! However, not is all is as it seems and Thrash soon learns that the war may be coming to a swifter end then he thought, in more ways then one!

Industry has blossomed in post war Japan and in 1974, no company is more prosperous then Tanaka Chemicals. However, there are whispers of strange occurrences and UNIT is soon called in. Who are the mysterious masked figures seen walking around the complex at night? Why have several local workers been stricken by a mysterious disease? There may be little time left, but this organization is in luck: Thrash and Vermellia are in town!

Landing on the colony world of Esties III, Thrash and Vermellia discover it under the grips of a familiar enemy. However, trouble does not seem to only come from the robotic villains as a greedy and self-centered governor soon takes hostage the TARDIS. The only way they can get it back? Destroy the Quarks!

The frozen planet of Hosria is the center of a small scientific base for the Earth empire. However, when two strangers appear at their doorstep, odd things begin to occur. What is the howling sound that can be heard on the icy winds? What has happened to their fellow technicians? Thrash and Vermellia better be careful, or whatever is awakening within the frozen landscape may engulf them too!

1977: The priory near the village of Fetchborough is mysterious destroyed, taking with it most of the scientific staff there. Many do not remember the incident, but Adam Colby does. Now the old town cult seems to be reviving and strange lights are seen in the ruins of the forgotten building. When two strangers appear in the old forest, seemly drawn by an unknown power, Colby realizes the truth: the Fendahl is returning and this time, there may be no way to stop it!

Christmas Special 1

  • Ghost Story

Deciding to find a place to rest, Thrash and Vermellia land in the small village of Compton On the Thames in 1923 and just in time for Christmas too! However, they soon find strange shapes in the swirling snow and an apparently ancient curse linked to the old church coming true! Is it really the supernatural or is something else at work during the holiday?

New Thrash Adventures Series 4

Landing without warning on a small island, Thrash is horrified to discover that the TARDIS has landed on one of the Bikini Atoll islands in 1946! Fleeing, the two travelers discover the TARDIS has brought them a year ahead in time, to a radioactive wasteland surprisingly populated by healthy humans! Strange crystals abound the landscape and something is growing in the center, something old and something even more powerful then they can imagine!

The year is 2450 and the Daleks have vanished from the face of the universe. It would seem to be a time to rejoice, but Thrash isn't sure. What is the empire of the Kolijks? Why does Thrash and Vermellia not remember events which seem to be occurring before their eyes. As they investigate, they discover that perhaps the age old foe of the Time Lords may not be as absent as they thought...

Landing in the small village of Stockbridge, Thrash and Vermellia decide to take a break from their travels to enjoy the quiet of the local. Making the acquaintance of the local alien theorist, the two travelers soon discover an ancient curse long forgotten, a secret buried in an old church and strange lights in the darkness of the night. Thrash and Vermellia better be careful, or this vacation may become their last!

Drawn by a mysterious distress call, Thrash and Vermellia land on a massive structure in space, one which seems completely bereft of life. However, as they explore, they discover that they may not be as alone as they thought. Why has Vermellia disappeared? What is the secret of the code locked inside the station computer? As Thrash struggles with these mysteries, he learns he may have already arrived far far too late to help!

Landing on Earth in the early part of the 20th century, Thrash and Vermellia find themselves embroiled in the politics and dangers of the October Revolution! However, as they attempt to escape without changing history, they discover something far stranger is occurring. As a strange glowing mist descends upon the city at night, the two Time Lords find that what is happening might be far closer to home then they realize...

Forced back to the planet Gallifrey, Vermellia soon becomes concerned over certain personality changes coming over Thrash. Little does she know this heralds a new danger to come, one from a dark moment in their people's history. As both sides prepare for the worse, Vermellia finds herself having to turn to old allies and foes alike...and Thrash might have to pay the price in the end!

Christmas Special 2

  • All is Calm

Thare's no secret, eh, like a christmas secret, mista Burns

1918, London: The hospital of St. Giles is filled with the broken, the dispossessed and the sorrowful of the Great War. Into this dark realm enters Adam Burn, a mysterious man interested in healing the shattered minds of the patients. As Christmas approaches, phantisms haunt the darken halls, figures which seem to gather at the approach of midnight. As Burn explores deeper into the memory of the men contained, he discovers a hidden truth, one which may threaten everyone at the hospital!

New Thrash Adventures Series 5: Memoirs of a Time-Lord

My name is Professor Adam Burn...that is all you need to know
The year: 1923. The place: the village of Hillfield. Street thief Catherine "Cat" Hoskins has returned home to the only place she knows, the church where she was abandoned by her father as a child. She soon learns of children disappearing from their homes at night, events which leave the populace in terror. What secrets are hidden in the shadows of the village and who is the mysterious Adam burns, the inventor who lives in the house on the hill?

I saw him! I know I did! I saw my father!!
Deciding to show Cat a bit of mainland Europe, Thrash agrees to meet a colleague in Belgium to discuss a new invention of his. However, sinister shadows are moving through the silent fields. As a mysterious fog rises and the dead are seen wandering the flanders fields, Cat is forced to face a terrible secret from her past, one which may force her to choose sides...

We do this for queen and country, Professor Burn!
When Cat and Thrash bump into a strange little man in the street, they are unaware of the political web that they have stumbled upon. From the halls of London to the stage of a small theater in Paris, the two discover a conspiracy which may strike at the heart of the government itself. Times are changing and The Forge is hoping to shape it...

One of these guests, Cat, is a murderer.
On an evening drive, Cat and Thrash's car breaks down outside the estate of chess master Horace Carter, who at the moment is entertaining guests. As the night continues however, the deaths begin and the adventurers realize that they have stumbled into a great amount of danger. What dark secret is hidden within the halls of the house? Thrash might discover more questions then answers, if he can survive it that is!

Look! I wasn't imagining it! Scarecrows...walking!!
Tracking the steps of his mysterious foe and the location of Cat, Thrash finds himself in the farmlands of the west country. Mysterious figures have been seen wandering the fields at night and as the adventurer digs deeper, he finds signs of a greater threat rising. However, he may not be able to act on it: the Time Lords have found him....and they want him back!

The hour is upon us...are you prepared for it, Professor Burn?
December 31st, 1923: Everyone prepares for the turning of a new year. However, a dark shadow is gathering over the countryside. Dr. Quentin Black's plan is coming to fruition and soon he may have powers beyond anyone in the universe had dreamt of. If the Time Lords can't stop him, can Thrash have any hope in doing so?

Christmas Special 3

  • Fires of the Hearth

Something is coming through...something that can only be seen in the light of a fire

Promising Cat a trip in his time machine, Thrash and his companion find themselves in the village of HyllFeld in the late 18th century. It's Christmas but there is nothing festive this time. The locals seem frightened of outsiders and the local squire has forbad the use of the smallest flame in the town. What is the secret of the glowing light ontop of the hill and can Thrash save them before they freeze in the winter?

New Thrash Adventures Series 6

Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you...in my case, it always comes back somehow
Trying to land back on Earth, Thrash discovers that the TARDIS refuses to return. Instead, he and Cat find themselves flung to the Earth colony of Alpha Sigmora. There, they discover a group of scientists exploring the possibilities of retrieving images from time. While Cat befriends a local thief, Thrash discovers the inventors may have been far more successful then they realized. They have brought back something out of the time vortex and Thrash is right within their cross-hairs.

Cities of bronze and steam...people disappearing...how can I resist?
Landing on a rocky world, Thrash and Cat come in contact with a group of human like aliens living a simple live in a small village. However, not all is as peaceful as it seems. People are vanishing in the night and the villagers seem to live in perpetual fear of the beings living in a great city of bronze. When Cat is kidnapped, Thrash must hurry to confront those behind this operation or die trying!

We're on the one piece of land on this whole planet...we make our stand here!
Still unable to get back to Earth, Thrash's TARDIS picks up a distress call, forcing it to land on the far flung world of Oceanaria. Covered almost completely by water, Thrash and Cat discover one lone island where a group of human scientists have crash landed. With steel cephalopod and metallic Aqua-men a deadly danger, Thrash soon discovers one of the survivors holds a dangerous secret, one which may endanger them all!

Secure the captive! If he is found, destroy him!!
On a lone planet, a battle rages. On one side, the 7th Heavy Battelon of the Sontaran Empire and on the other, the hive unit of the Rutan collective. Into the midst of this war lands Thrash and Cat, still trying to find their way home. Both sides want the advantage and the time travelers may have inadvertently given them the key to victory!

We have a mission, the question is, should we go through it?
Rising up from the city of Stellertropolis IV, the tower of Domnicorp is the center of commerce and political power on the planet. Today is a very special day though, as they welcome two new employees to their midst: the mysterious Thrash and his personal secretary Cat. They've come at just the right moment as well, as the Lord Mayor of the city is due to make his inspection. It's the perfect moment for a little investigation...

You've been waiting for me here for a very long time...
Attempting a tricky maneuver, Thrash manages to get the TARDIS to finally land back in Hillfield in the year 2014. A strange atmosphere seems to hold itself over the village, one which seems to even affect Cat! A old power is gathering underneath the House on the Hill and a grand conspiracy is playing itself out. The past always comes back to haunt Thrash and this time there may be no escape!

Christmas Special 4

  • The Railway Man

Are you telling me, Raoul, that you saw a ghost?

Having rescued Raoul from the clutches of the Celestial Toymaker, the TARDIS takes Thrash and his new companion to a fog covered, seemly deserted railway. However, they aren't as alone as they think. A former engineer lives in seclusion, watching for an unknown foe which hides in the dark tunnels. Is this simply the ramblings of a mad man, or is there a much more sinister force at work here?

New Thrash Adventures Series 7

Raoul, I don't want to kill you but if I must...I will!
Arriving on the colony planet X66, Thrash and Raoul soon find the humans there embroiled in a burgeoning war. As they investigate, they soon find themselves dragged into the conflict, quickly taking sides and planning major offenses against each other. Has the friendship between the demon and Time Lord finally shattered, or is there a darker source behind all this?

I will reinvent the Daleks in my own image! They will be unstoppable!
Landing in the hold of a spaceship, Thrash and Raoul are soon separated from the TARDIS as it comes under attack by the Daleks! However, they aren't the same genocidal murderers the Time Lord remembers. Soon Thrash finds himself facing an old enemy and learns he may be forced into a terrible position: he must save the Daleks!

In two days, this city will be attacked and there is nothing we can do about it.
After a rocky landing, Thrash and his friend find themselves in the capitol city of the Byzantine Empire! While Raoul tries to keep himself from being suspected of being the demon that he is and befriends a group of children, Thrash soon discovers just when they have arrived. As the clock counts down toward an attack by bloodthirsty crusaders, the two time travelers are confronted with a question: what can they possibly do while keeping history intact?


New Thrash Adventures Series 8

Thrash stumbles upon a ringed but otherwise seemingly-featureless planet tidally locked in orbit around a tiny red dwarf star. Intrigued to the point of investigation by the uncannily precise orientation of the planet's rotation axis to the ecliptic plane of its star, Thrash realizes to his horror that the planet's ring system contains a floating graveyard. Scattered within the planet's rings are the twisted hulks, spent ordinance, and the forever-silent crews of two massive fleets of warships that savaged each other to mutual destruction in a terrible orbital battle eons ago...

Searching for clues about the terrible conflict, Thrash pilots his TARDIS away from the terminator that divides the planet into unending day and the other into everlasting night when he realizes the powerful magnetic field on his sensors is *not* being generated by the planet at all, but by a jet black, half-buried object at the bottom of the planet's only crater. In the exact center of the airless, sun-scorched plain, with the blazing star directly and perpetually overhead, there lies a prison with but a single prisoner--one with every reason to fear the light more than any other force.


New Thrash Adventures Series 9

Allison Blitz joined Thrash on these adventures.

I think this is a situation where music may not be the best course.
Attempting to get Allison to her destination of choice, Thrash lands on the planet Mars in the long forgotten past. Already dying, the travelers soon find themselves embroiled in a growing war between Ice Warrior factions, while Allison befriends a lone Martian princess who seeks peace. However, Thrash knows the course history is to take. Can he convince his companion of it, or will she take drastic steps to change it?

They say music soothes the savage beast. Maybe it's time to test that.
The year is 3600 and the 50th intergalactic song contest is about to start. Thrash and Allison arrive just in time to witness a song writer murdered. As Allison goes under cover in the newest idol group sensation, Thrash soon discovers a conspiracy to use the contest for more then just simple entertainment. Someone has discovered how to weaponize music and it's about to destroy the entire galaxy!

We have to make it to the valley. Our lives depend on it!
Landing in the year 1848 in Independence, Missouri, Thrash and Allison witness the TARDIS take off without them, due to materialize in the Wilimate Valley in the Oregon valley. Hitching a lift with the Hutchins family, the two travelers hope to make their way back to their ship in safety. However, there are many obstacles in their way, from starvation to snowstorms, and someone in the train seems desperate to make sure the Hutchins don't make it. Will Thrash, Allison, and the Hutchins make it, or will they fall afoul of their enemy's plans?

My name is Allison Blitz and I'm going to save you all!
Skyrise Six is the premier city on the gas planet Ortena. As Thrash and Allison arrive, a series of raids are being performed by a group of pirates, desperate to get their hands on an unknown shipment of materials. Separated from the Time Lord, Allison finds herself taking on the role of hero to the besieged populace. However, the pirates may be far more clever then she counted on and victory is certainly not assured!

Every new ruler must brave the crucible. To refuse means death. To do so means death.
Prince Arturis' father, the king, has died and as such Arturis is to take the throne. Some do not want to see it happen, as to do so means a loss of their own power. Their chance may come, however, as the young ruler must take the ancient rite of passage and descend into the mysterious ruins underneath the city known as the Crucible. With its traps and secrets, it may mean certain death for him. His only chance at success may come in the form of two strangers who have arrived, but can Thrash and Allison help the young man in his quest, and better yet, should they?

I have always been here, princess. Waiting, sleeping, and nothing you can do can stop me now.
Arriving back on Earth a week after they left, Thrash and Allison are stunned to find the planet a dead, burning ruin, completely bereft of life. Traveling back in time, they soon discover a strange power awakening on the surface of the sun, one thought long defeated. As the two coordinate with authorities, Allison soon discovers a horrible truth and may find that in order to save the world, she may have to destroy the one thing she cares for most!

New Thrash Adventures Series 10 (Sol part 1)

Three people die from cell phone texts. That's a new one.
Called in to assist on a case by SUIT, Thrash once again teams up with his assistant, Kaede Higarashi, to investigate. Discovering a rash of mysterious deaths tied with cell phones in the Ginza area, the Time Lord soon uncovers a conspiracy growing in the shadows. A dark presence has come to Earth and if not stopped, may decimate not only the planet but the entire solar system!

A closet containing a corpse, a robot clown, and one of us is a spy. Same old thing really.
Landing in a small base on Mercury in the 27th Century, Thrash and Kaede soon become wrapped up in the investigation of the murder of a prominent scientist. Taking on Robotic Entertainer A-31, Thrash begins to unravel a plot involving some long buried government secrets, but someone wants this information hidden and will go to any lengths to do so!

This is the planet of love! What's the worst that could happen?
The planet Venus is famed for being the world of peace and love. However, when Thrash, Kaede, and A-31 arrive in the 23rd century, they find a hell blasted landscape occupied by a lone group of researchers. They soon discover they're not alone, as something stalks the halls of the small facility and ancient horrors rise around them. Can they discover the source of these attacks or are they all doomed to share in a terrible fate?

War is coming and I'm afraid we're powerless to stop it!
Arriving on the planet Mars during the third great epoch of the Ice Warrior empire, Thrash and his companions soon discover the entire world is plunged into a state of civil war, as clan vs. clan in a bid for supreme power. However, the Time Lord learns that the Martians, in their bid for dominance, have unearthed terrible weapons from the far past, as well as, it seems, the weapon's creators...

We are not alone...
Stopping off in the asteroid belt for repairs, Thrash, Kaede, and A-31 are surprised to discover the remains of a spacecraft embedded inside one of the large stones. As they explore, Thrash begins to realize that this is not a mere coincidence. A trap has been laid out for them all, one which may destroy the entire solar system and its history!

New Thrash Adventures Series 11 (Sol part 2)

  • The Storm of Jupiter

If we don't do something soon, we're all going to be destroyed!!

On the planet Jupiter in the 25th century, a lone weather station monitors the effects of the giant red spot, a massive storm which seems to continue without end. On this day, the mission is officially to disband.


The Fourth Thrash Adventues Series 1

You are wrong, Sean Collins. You're on my ship now and you will go by my rules
Called by Matsumi to stop a rage filled Sean, the Time Lord manages to materializes his vessel around himself and his lover Rhea. However, in a rage, Sean damages the ship, causing a massive system failure. As Thrash struggles to prevent a total collapse of the time space vessel, the travelers are forced to face dark truths and a question of trust.

We have just been accused of treason and sabotage. I suggest we keep our sarcasm to a minimum.
Forced to make an emergency landing, the travelers find themselves on the coast of France in the year 911 AD. An important meeting is about to occur between the king, Charles and the viking chieftain Rollo. However, there are some who would rather not see such a meeting go through and soon the three find themselves caught in a dangerous political game!

They're coming aboard and there's nothing we can do to stop them
Landing on the planet Antillum in the far future, Thrash, Sean and Rhea discover an team in charge of building a new form of energy collection base in the middle of a vast alien ocean. However, their digging soon uncovers a series of strange pods, ones which soon unleash a terror all too familer to Thrash. Forced to try and defend themselves against an ancient foe, the travelers soon learn that things may not be as they seem and that a darker secret is hidden on the planet!

Is giving them hope worth all this?
The TARDIS crew finds itself once more in Earth's past and landing not far from a city which seems to be under siege. While the ship is captured by the attacking roman forces, Thrash, Sean and Rhea find themselves instead captured by the starving and desperate Gauls under the command of Vercingetorix. Mistaken for a goddess by the populace, Rhea is asked to try and find a way to save city from disaster but even Thrash knows this to be a hopeless cause. With time running out, can the three make their way back to their ship or will they become a part of the history unfolding before them?

We're trapped over 200 miles under the surface, with no light and no hope of escape. I'm afraid this is the end.
Deciding to try and find a place to get replacement parts for the still damaged vessel, Thrash instead finds his ship drawn out of the time space vortex by a call for help. Following the signal, Thrash, Sean and Rhea find themselves within the heart of a gigantic artificial planet and is soon after separated from the TARDIS. Trapped in a world of darkness and machinery, within a narrow maze of metal, things begin to get desperate and tensions begin to rise once more. However, that is not the worse of it, for they soon learn something was left behind in this strange place, something just as desperate as themselves to escape!

I'm afraid, Sean, that i'm going to have to kill you now.
Managing to get the TARDIS under control, Thrash decided to try and pilot the vessel back to Earth. Instead, much to his horror and dismay, the ship lands on the planet Venus, during an important diplomatic meeting, an event all too well known to the crew of the time-space vessel. However, they aren't the only travelers who have arrived. An old enemy has decided to take advantage of the moment and much to Thrash and Rhea's horror, the temptation they offer may be too much for Sean to turn down. A final choice must be made and soon and history itself may never be the same again!

Fifth Regeneration

Fifth Regeneration Adventures Series 1

I am not a hero. Heroes don't exist.
Troubled by strange visions, Sirius Collins, the young prince of the planet Quinox soon learns an old friend of the family has come to visit. However, he is a changed man, bitter and cold and haunted by events which he refuses to speak of. At the same time, odd occurrences are a foot as a series of dissapperences plague the planet and a memory which should not exist seems to trouble the inhabitants of the world. Soon it becomes clear that only one man can stop these events, but can Sirius convince Thrash to intervene on their behalf?

Wherever there's paradise, something is bound to be hidden in the shadows
Begrudgly agreeing to take Sirius on a trip in the TARDIS, Thrash takes the young boy to the far distant planet of Arcia, a world of golden trees and free flowing streams. Here an unearthly paradise and utter relaxation seems to be the motto of the day. However, the young prince soon discovers there are dark shadows hiding amoung the smiling faces of the populace. A long forgotten secret is slowly rising and soon it may engulf everyone on the planet!

We're not here as their guests. We're here as their sacrifice.
Arriving in Iceland in 870 AD, Thrash and Sirius discover a small settlement on the verge of extinction. Befriending a young bard, they soon learn of a terrible curse upon the land and a monster which seems to pray upon all those at night. With the village chieftain desperate and a politically ambitious warrior aiming his sights at the strangers, Thrash finds himself forced to try and save the villagers or else become their next sacirifce to the terrible force preying upon them!

Whatever you do, don't listen. Listen and you're lost forever!
Wanting to treat the young Sirius to something special, Thrash takes the prince to the planet Ponda, a world surrounded by so much sound that the blind can "see". While enjoying the planet around him, however, Sirius discovers a man seemenly driven mad by an unknown song. Thrash soon learns that not everything is as peaceful as he thought it was and if he does not get Sirius off the planet soon, the child may become infected by the same horrible fate!

You don't understand, there is a blind little boy trapped in a cell with the most evil creature in the entire universe!
Crashing into an unknown space relic in the middle of the time space continumn, Thrash has no choice but to try and make a risky move to land within the structure, the process seperating the time lord from his young companion. Forced to face a group of renegade former-time agents, Thrash is desperate to try and find the blind prince. Meanwhile, Sirius finds himself trapped within a labyrinth of cells and soon discovers that he's not the only one there. There is something still living within the lost spaceship. Something very alone and very dangerous.

I have failed you. I am sorry.
Thrash has found himself alone, seperated from the young companion who had been put in his charge and trapped on a frozen world. Sirius is lost in the ruins of a golden palace on an alien world, haunted by stone angels. Both are a thousand light years away and a billion years apart. A strange game is being played on them by a sinister force and without the TARDIS, neither of them are returning. Is there any hope left for them or is this their last tale?

Sixth Regeneration

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Seventh Regeneration

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Eighth Regeneration

Eighth Regeneration Adventures Series 1 part 1

Don't watch the program! Otherwise it may be the end of us all!
Fascinated by the TV obsessed Daniel Kakaku, Thrash offers to take the young man on a trip in the TARDIS. Arriving in 1950s New York, Thrash takes Daniel to a small local studio to watch the filming of the famous lost game show "One in a Million!". However, there's something strange about the host and soon Daniel is pegged as the next contestant and as Thrash soon learns, some things are best left lost!

What do you do when you're a predator without a proper hunting ground? you make one!
Trying to make up for a missed visit, Thrash and Daniel travel to the Orinai Science Station, orbiting a dead world. However, soon after, the gravitation systems malfunction, sending the inhabitants floating through the structure. Even worse, something has gotten loose, a beast which thrives in zero gravity. Can Thrash save everyone on board or will she become a victim of this threat!?

I think I have made a slight error coming here.
Thanks to an error by Daniel, the TARDIS lands in 4th century France. While Daniel finds himself mistaken for a knight of the court, Thrash discovers a plot involving the wife of the king of Neustria. However, there is more to the conspiracy then meets the eye and as the two time travelers attempt to survive their respective conflicts, the kingdoms of France may be in far greater danger then they can imagine!

This is just a TV show!? Nothing can actually hurt us...can it?
Arriving back in present day Earth, Thrash and Daniel find themselves having unwittingly landed in the middle of the shooting of a popular science fiction program in Britain. While Daniel enjoys the shoot, Thrash finds herself uneasy about the whole program. Why do extras keep disappearing from the location shoot? Why is the director obsessed with keeping on absolute schedule? Why do the actors never seem to remember how long the shoot has gone? Thrash soon discovers she may have landed them in the middle of a dangerous situation and if they're not careful, they may not be able to prevent it from spiraling out of control!