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Biographical information


Birth February 26, 1240s BC
Family Hephaestus (husband), Teknes (son)

Allelia, writer, business owner


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Physical description




Hair color


Eye color







Allelia form


Kai, Maret Wane, Andreas Stephanopolis, Galene's Household

First Appearance

January 2011

A young woman with long brown hair and blue eyes, Kore (Κόρη in ancient Greek, commonly now used as "Cora") is a short, pretty girl with very pale skin. She dresses in flowing clothing of ancient design and usually wears stately jewelry, especially large chandelier earrings. She often seems quiet and meek with others. She nearly always wears silver cuff bracelets with blue, clear, brown, and red stones set in the openings of two curving vines. She is currently 24.

She married Hephaestus on October 14, 2016, and now lives at his home on Mount Olympus. He has since built her a mechanical robot helper called Little Three, who can sometimes be seen with her in the Hotel. Her first child, Teknes, was born on February 8, 2020.

Character and Personality

She spent most of her life in ancient times knowing very few people, namely the priests and priestesses of the temple in which she lived, her nurse Amalthea, personal servant Talitha, and her mother, who was able to visit her a few times. Over time, she had taken up worship of not only Athena and Nike, but the Oneiroi, and the three Muses.

In the local time period, her rooms were initially filled with all kinds of books and notebooks where she has written things that she remembers and feels or discovers. Otherwise, her only possessions are her jewelry collection, which is miraculously still usable, and her wardrobe. While she does have conservative modern clothes (mostly from a shopping trip with Eiry), she prefers to wear pieces made for her in the old style.

Having spent much time alone, Kore is a daydreamer, and loves stories of all sorts. She is often quiet and pensive, rather innocent and naïve, and hasn’t seen hard things. She hasn’t dealt with people much, and may be very shy. She is the type of person who lives in her head.

Kore's talents include writing and singing, and she has since discovered talents useful in managing a household. While intelligent and well educated for her time, most of the knowledge she learned seems useless in the modern age. She speaks Lycian, ancient Greek (Mycenaean and Classical), modern Greek, and English. She can read and write fluently in Linear B (Mycenaean), Coine (classical Greek), and English, while she can understand the basics and some parts of both Cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Having been brought up in the old ways, and having relationships with several of the gods, both major and minor, she has great faith in them and does not take their commands lightly, although she will new stand up for herself when it is reasonable to do so. When seeking favor or contact, as she has done several times since being awoken, she does not only pray, but removes her bracelets, fasts, and does not give up until there has been a response.

Given her upbringing, she most often uses court politeness and etiquette in public, which includes the open areas of the hotel. This can make it difficult to get to know or understand her, and has been quite slow to change, although it has somewhat. Despite appearances, most of her first several years in the modern period were very depressing and unhappy ones for her, and she often wished she had not been reawakened. In retrospect, she's come to the conclusion that it took a much longer time to fully "wake up" than she thought at the time.


She does not like pants, and wears colors like white, brown, blue, pink, and light green. She doesn't wear anything very tight, and most of her shoes are sandals. Her hair is long and straight, usually worn in one of three styles (braided, up, or as in her /look). When worn loose, its length is past her waist. She smells of myrrh, cassia, and paper. She also may smell like various essential oil ointments from skin and hair care treatments.


As punishment for allowing Simon Kerrick enough access to the Bracelets of Life to lay heavy magic on them, Athena had Kore serve Hephaestus, who had been awakened during the quest she, Ake, and Pegasus had completed earlier that year. While they originally had a lot of misconceptions about each other, due to the fact that she could not acquire some things for him without stealing, which made him think she disliked him, they both separately began to see that this may not actually be the case. By the time the end of the punishment year approached, both had come to like the other very much.

While his original proposal to her was not acceptable to Kore's position as a princess of the old ways, they quickly came to the conclusion to marry instead, and were able to come to terms between both traditional and modern notions. From mid-August, Kore and her household were busy with wedding preparations, packing and moving Kora's things to her new home, and transitioning running of the household into Galene's hands.

Using a modified traditional wedding ceremony and feast, Kore was married to Hephaestus on October 14, 2016, followed by a feast on Mount Olympus attended by both those gods who have been reawakened, members of Kore's household, and citizens of the hidden valley. Since being married, she has begun to be seen at the hotel with a bow, which she has taken to practicing with in the danger room, and now a sword. He has also made her her own robot assistant, Little Three.

In late July of 2019, Kore helped Matsuo with translations of a Linear B text found on a current dig, and then participated in a time travel adventure with him and a small group from the Hotel to ancient Thessaly, where they discovered an old temple to the goddess Qeinoss. While that adventure ended in the death of a young girl, the group was later able to revive the goddess in modern day Tokyo, saving the city from the freak storm caused by the unformed goddess and saving Matsumi Kaze from a strange mental state which had overtaken her.

It was shortly after this event that Kore discovered she was pregnant, due sometime in early February of 2020. She then becan slowly setting up a nursery, and lined up both a nurse (Tulia) and chamber servant (Arete) for the coming child. He was born on February 8, and first appeared in the Hotel on March 20 or thereabouts when Kore took him to visit the girls of Galene's household.

Becoming a Writer

On February 15, 2013, a young man by the name of Andreas entered The Hotel looking for the writer of a story in his possession. He was quickly pointed toward Kore, and upon meeting her, showed her a story of hers that he had, although he couldn't remember getting it, and neither of the two could remember meeting. It turned out Andreas was an editor in his family's publishing company, and they were extremely interested in publishing her work.

Shortly thereafter, a contract was arranged, and Andreas stayed in the Hotel for the time being to both arrange her debut novella, The Unicorn War, and guide Kore through the process of editing both this story and a collection of stories to appear after her debut. This collection was released in early 2013. A second story collection was released in November 2013. A third story collection was released in May 2014, and the fourth in May of 2015. Two volumes have been published in 2016. Each collection has a short biographical scene or essay which most people will assume is a running fictional story. Another volume of stories appeared the week of April 17, 2017, in which the most prominent tales feature the goddess Eos. Currently, Kore publishes 1 or 2 collections each year. The collection publishing in late 2019 will contain 2 stories involving Qeinoss.

Her works are published by Stephanopolis Publishing.



In the week of January 9, 2012, she rescued a kitten which was the unfortunate victim of a hit and run. She named him Alkaios, meaning strength, and nursed him back to health. He has a locator chip the EMH can use to locate him if he gets lost. He stayed with the main household when Kore moved to Olympus in 2016.

Simon Kerrick

Simon Kerrick and Kore met at the house, and after a few brief conversations, he gave her a pair of earrings with protective charms. Despite her iterations that he not expend such energies on her, this was later followed with a set of gold bracelets with small diamonds set in a dark blue background, resembling the night sky of her own time period. They are enchanted to show the sky with a specific word for as long as the wearer can maintain concentration.

On November 14, 2011, after she had an upsetting experience meeting several suitors, Simon proposed, something she had not considered. Treating it as any other proposal from her time period, she agreed to marry him when Athena's omens instructed her to do so. At this time she accepted yet another piece of jewelry, a necklace amulet enchanted with mnemetic properties. They were married on November 29, 2011 in a small private ceremony witnessed by Maret. Kore consequently began reviewing the running of his household and taking over the management of it as was her role as his wife. The two, however, maintained their separate suites.

While other members of the house prepared to confront Simon on his plans, they did not speak to her about it, and thus Kore remained mostly unaware of the plot Simon was pursuing. With very little warning, she was understandably terrified when he appeared as a wretched half-lich in front of her and proceeded to violently complete the ritual. With her rooms full of people and everything going on, she quickly retreated and disappeared for several days.

This act, along with what followed at her reappearance, showed that along with most others in the Hotel, Simon barely knew her, nor had he bothered to understand someone he professed to care deeply about (his later claim of ignorance about her devotion and involvement with the goddess Athena showed this even more clearly). Kai seemed to be the only person who knew that Kore had most certainly returned to the underground temple to seek Athena. However, when she reappeared, unconscious in an elevator in her Allelia form, Simon seemed the most surprised.

Although Simon stated he would happily continue their contractual relationship and care for her, Kore's belief was that marriage is for the purpose of creating an heir. Further, the fact of his death invalidated their marriage, making her a widow, and thus their formal relationship was over. Despite Simon's claims of divorce, there is no such paperwork, but instead a death certificate. The entire ordeal also made her realize that she must change some key elements of her old ways of thinking, something which Athena has since stated was the reason for her omens approving the match.

Overall, Kore entered the marriage on the traditional terms of her ancient values, showing the concern and attention expected of her; the idea of love did not enter the equation. After Simeon's death, she did speak with him when they were in the same room, as was proper to her code of conduct, despite any personal feelings she may have about his actions or deeds. However, she also didn't shy away from talking about his character or personality as it was.


Ancient Times

Born a princess in the 1240s BCE, Kore was an acknowledged daughter of Proetus, King of Tyrins, and his Queen, Antea. In private, however, her origins were uncertain, as the Queen found herself pregnant after claiming she had been raped by the hero Bellerophon. However, Antea used this to her advantage, using the situation to build a closer relationship with her husband, who silenced any doubts of Kore's parentage. While this put quite a considerable strain on Antea's relationship with her sister, who later became Bellerophon's wife despite her warnings, Kore was quite unaware of all this until she was about four years old.

While in one of the fortresses temples with her mother, she was visited by the goddess Athena and revealed to be an Allelia. With the large white wings that grew out of her back, her parentage became clear, and she was hidden away in an isolated temple of Athena Nike in order to prevent her aunt from killing her. From the day she arrived, she never set foot outside of the underground cave in which the temple was located.

From 4 years of age until the time she was 16, Kore lived in the temple with her nurse, Amalthea, who served Antea, and body servant and companion, Talitha, a girl of her own age whom she had met on that fateful day at the temple. Learning not only the service of the gods from the priests and priestesses and the reading of omens from the augur, she and Talitha had tutors when possible, and in their isolation both girls learned many things, such as household duties, and learned the arts of declaiming and singing while still quite young, passing the time in storytelling or song.

Antea made yearly visits to the temple on pilgrimages to worship the gods, bringing a few days of her motherly advice and company. She brought clothing and jewelry, and when Kore turned eleven began preparing her for marriage and seeking a husband for her. However, a husband was not found, and Kore accumulated quite a dowry waiting for many years, all the while growing more and more restless and unhappy in her isolated home. She began to pray for a way out--any husband would do, any reason to leave.

Eventually, while praying alone late one night, she was turned to stone when the gorgon head on Athena's statue became real for just an instant. While it did eventually get her out of the temple, little did she know it also served Athena's own plans for the survival of the Olympian gods.

Modern Times

Matsuo Shin found Kore while exploring the temple and awoke her. The world is exceedingly different now, and she had no familiarity with anything in it, or any of the history in between.

After being awoken, she was brought by Mastuo and Sir Reginald Maximus to Japan in late January, 2011, as Matsuo's ward, and she was a member of his household at Greenstone Manor. She spent most of her time alone, either in her rooms at the manor or in the House library, studying, reading, or writing, and literally knew only a handful of people. However, things did not simply get better as things went on; instead it was further impressed upon her how much she had lost, and the fact that she was alone without proper companionship or the ability to move forward as things were.

Sometime in late March, 2011, she disappeared from the manor along with Jabberwocky, although the griffon later returned. She was later found at her original temple home by Matsuo and Thorn seeking guidance from Athena, before being kidnapped by an unknown group. After being used as a hostage and seeing the destruction of Alexander's ancient tomb, she again disappeared. Although few details of where she was and what happened are known by others, she had returned to the temple to continue seeking Athena until the goddess responded.

Kore reappeared in The House on June 28, 2011. She was promptly introduced to Sarah Christensson, another distressed girl misplaced in time. It was also around this time that Kai Sano introduced herself and began counseling the extremely depressed and troubled girl, and in late August, suggested that Kore meet Maret Wane. After meeting Maret's horse, Nasmat, whom she often visits, Kore took an interest in horses and became more social, although she still had many problems. Kore and Maret quickly became good friends, with Maret soon becoming the companion Kore was looking for.

Since Simon's move into Lichdom and her discussions with Athena, she realized that she must, after all, adapt some more modern thinking, and try to come up with a more balanced approach to life between the modern world and her ancient ideals.

She often visits Jimbocho, Tokyo's second-hand book district, and frequents the store of a "Mr. Saito."

Kore and Maret moved to the 11th floor in mid February, 2012.

In April of 2012, two girls from Kore's time period, Eirene and Galene, appeared via Atlantis, and they are currently part of her household. In May, they hired a live-in servant, Renee, who is a seamstress and helps with cleaning, cooking, errands, and chores.

In late January 2015, Kore purchased a small café she frequents when the previous owner was looking to retire.

In early May of 2015, Kore disappeared while taking some flying exercise. While her household and friends at the Hotel were unaware of what was happening, and in the end could only await her return, she had an adventure of her own. Battered by a sudden storm, Kore was blown into a hidden valley of teaming ancient Greek life. There, she met the boy Ake and was given a quest via revelation from its' priest and leader, Aristaeus.

Ake chose to accompany her on the quest, and along with Pegasus, they embarked on a perilous journey to first recover the original box in which the Bracelets of Life were to be kept. They then sought out and awoke their creator, Hephaestus. In return for altering the box for the bracelet's safe keeping, he was offered a role in Athena's new Olympian pantheon. Once the quest was completed, Ake returned to the Hotel with Kore in late July of 2015.

After Simon Kerrick's death in the explosion of a starship, Kore discovered the reason for his interest in her bracelets, which, although she'd done quite a bit of research, she had not been able to figure out. Some days after his destruction, she found that his body had begun regenerating next to the protective box which held the Bracelets of Life. She immediately took action to bring this to the attention of the other Hotel denizens and Athena. Despite the uproar that occurred, Kore's only concern was keeping watch to report to Athena. After the bracelets were returned to the goddess, Athena punished Kore for her role in allowing them to be tampered with, but returned them to her as their keeper once the lich's spells had been removed from them.

Kore Allelia

In her Allelia form, Kore has large feather wings, white when awake and black when asleep. She is even sweeter and more caring in this form, and often sings with an enchanting or hypnotic quality, often leading to an angelic impression.

She has stated that she has had this form since very young, and it has long been a part of who she is, although any other information about it has yet to be revealed. Pneumadendron, the hamadryad of the Bonsai tree has been seen to call upon her, especially in this form, and while she kept company with many of the Greek-oriented spirits in The Enchanted Forest, it was the dryads who kept her busy doing things for them. The Sylphs, on the other hand, often enjoyed her company in flight, and she occasionally took exercise in this manner. However, when she wasn't serving the dryads, the Olympic gods still in place there often used her dream space to communicate with each other, leaving her rather unrested, and she was was exhausted by the time the Hotel was no longer anchored there.

As an Allelia, Kore is a maiden "blessed" or "chosen" so serve the gods, in whatever they should ask her to do. Her wings can appear at will, but always when in the presence of the Greek gods or other spiritual entities/deities.


Kore's list of titles, sometimes still used officially on Olympus and within the modern Greek paradigm Athena has engineered, is becoming quite long. They are listed below in chronological order.

Daughter of Proetus and Antea, Princess of Tyrins;
Allelia (in service to Athena [a more recent qualification on the title]);
Keeper of the Bracelets of Life;
Wife of Hephaestus and Lady of Lemnos