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FrenchLopRabbitWCR AcS127.jpg

Kiwi-chan is a small French Lop rabbit who can sometimes be seen around the House and its locale. She is white and brown (rather like a Siamese cat in pattern). She can be highly temperamental, and loves attention.

She lives in a rabbit hole in the back yard and, indeed, has some unusual qualities. Like many rabbits, she is skittish and curious. She likes collecting things for her den, like food stuffs and ribbons, often in quantities which might make one wonder. Her most unusual ability is being able to disappear. No one knows how she gained the power of invisibility, but at times it serves her well in both sneakiness and running away.

Being an adult rabbit, it may be assumed that she has a mate and many children, but whether this is fact or fiction has yet to be revealed. Most of the time, she behaves like a typical rabbit, a quick guide for which is here.

In April and March of 2008, Doruman, a digimon belonging to Solarchos, became obsessed with capturing her after she stole a can of 7-Up from him. Most of it ended in misadventure for him, and as Kiwi was invisible much of the time, the others thought he might be going crazy until someone actually saw her.