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Kanri Felinius
Biographical information


Birth October 31st
Family Adopted by Momma Freya, Niji Hikari (Birth father), Sari (birth mother, deceased), Daini (younger sister), Keiko, Umeko, Mako (adopted children), Kisuke-Taisho (Husband), Freyanna, Agarion (birth-children),

Culinary Student

Physical description

Neko/Silver Tail



Hair color


Eye color

Rainbow Hues




Cat Claws


Being Adorable, Guilt-tripping, Begging, Healing Magic



First Appearance

March 2014


Kanri is a young cat-girl about 19 years of age. She first entered the HOTEL around the middle of March 2014. Spirited and energetic she quickly appointed Matsumi Kaze as her older sister. Kanri has made a few friends in the HOTEL including, but not limited to: Nelius Raoul (also seemingly taken as a brother), Yumiko Takanashi, Solartiger, The Magistra (Miss Red), and Freya (momma). After being seemingly oblivious to crushes and all that jazz, Kanri developed a crush on the ever confusing George Glass.

After a most traumatic break up, Kanri moved on to finish her schooling and open a restaurant/shelter, during which time she met Kisuske Taisho. After a big misunderstanding, the two agreed to try again and get to know one another. After some time the two became closer than ever and Kanri agreed to Kisuske's courting proposal.

Kanri has the ability to shift her form into a small silver kitten.

Kanri now does culinary schooling. she's placed within the 90th percentile. A great feat for a common street cat.

On June 3, 2014, Kanri was officially adopted by her mother figure Freya Felinius.


Prior to arriving at the HOTEL Kanri reportedly lived on the streets after her mother abandoned her. Her father is unknown. Having being raised on the streets by other random street cats, Kanri has the periodic mentality of a 6 year old. Kanri has been trained in the art of begging and guilt tripping by the streets finest, she does not resist the chance to use her talents when necessary.

Rediscovering her Roots

During an attack on the Hotel the day of August 11, 2014, Kanri was briefly suffocated due to the enemy's plants sucking out all oxygen. While she was revived, she got a vision of another world. Once the enemy was repelled, Kanri had DNA testing done to find out her birth-father.

She found that her birth father, Niji Hikari, lived on a planet far past Nemesis, the Planet Kyattonippu (Catnip). With assistance from Nelius, they traveled there, finding out that Kanri is of a rare breed of Neko-jin--a Silver Tail, and one of the only three in existence so far. Here it was also discovered that Kanri had the gift of healing.

As of recent, strange, mural-esque markings have begun to appear across her back--the language is unknown, and the markings actively change, showing the life and demise of three grey cats, one of whom looks much like Kanri......

A trip back to Kyattonippu revealed that the markings were made from Kanri's own self-doubt as she approached adulthood. Thanks in part to reassurance from Nelius, Haru, Yumiko and the elder of the planet, Kanri has been alleviated of the marks, though warned that within a few years, Daini (see below) may undergo the same event.

A wish for Happiness

While celebrating Freya's birthday August 22nd, a curious event happened--somehow a temporal clone of Kanri's past self appeared, right around the time she first learned to shift forms. Renamed Daini, she was brought here according to several talismans Kanri made a wish upon. In order for the wish to work, six elements of family had to be united-- brother (Nelius), sister (Matsumi), aunt (Haru), mother (Freya), father (Orion), and love (Kanri).

Daini has grown rather quickly within the past months, already able to speak and walk on her own. She now attends Mugen Gakuen.

Recent Events

Kanri has gotten an official permit to open up her own homeless shelter-slash-restaurant, known as At Home.

On January 4, 2015, Kanri now carries the soul of Ginta Hirana, a miko whom was carrying the Shikon Jewel. The jewel was shattered, and only a keeper has the ability to sense the shards. Kanri met the requirements to be a keeper, although Nelius was less than happy about this event.

Sometime near the end of January, Kanri was kidnapped for her ability to sense the jewels and beaten to the point she had amnesia--- however, what had really happened was that Kanri was switched for a doppelganger meant to infiltrate the HOTEL and get in everyone's good graces whilst the real Kanri was held prisoner by a youkai wanting to exploit her shard-sensory ability. Said doppelganger ended up leading a number of the HOTEL residents right to the youkai, a bat-demon.

The bat-demon was killed, and the doppelganger eventually was revealed to be a young girl about 13 years of age. Kanri has taken her in, naming her "Keiko."

In May 2015, she married Kisuke Taisho.

Becoming the Silver Phoenix

Around July or so, Kanri underwent the decision to purify her soul--- this meant having to confront all of her negative emotions.

She made this choice to help save the soul of a misguided being whom was attacking innocents, having been lead astray by malicious influences after attaining a strange new power. The multi-coloration in her eyes has left, leaving only gray within.


Mako, Kanri's recently adopted dragon-kin, accidentally sneezed one day in the kitchen, causing the Taisho residence to go up in flames. While Kisuke got everyone else out, Kanri perished in the fire.

However, as the Phoenix, she would eventually return. Nelius came to the realization that the amulets were the key to reviving her quicker--- with Yumiko's assistance, the amulet holders succeeded in bringing Kanri back--however, due to Daini's quiet wish, she was revived as a toddler, perhaps to receive the childhood she never had growing up initially.

Due to misinformation regarding a Phoenix's resurrection, her ashes were never doused with water--- they formed into a Kanri made of nothing but malice and hatred. This Anti-Kanri would go on a spree of killing until Kanri confronted her and, with words of wisdom from her brother, re-merged her other side back into herself and regained her memories of her former life. This time, the ashes were properly disposed of.