Kaioh Michiru

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Kaioh Michiru
Biographical information


Birth March 6 1978

February 14th, 2016

Family Ten'ou Haruka (spouse), Tomoe Hotaru (adopted daughter), Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino (aunt), Sumire Kanzaki (grandmother), Arisu Kaioh (mother), Ichiro Oogami (grandfather), Kaioh Katori (called Ken; younger brother)

Violinist and Artist


Sailor Neptune

Physical description




Hair color

sea green

Eye color





Aqua Mirror


ocean/water powers

First Appearance

Kaioh Michiru is Sailor Neptune. A world famous violinist and artist, she is well traveled. Her stradivarius is named Marine Cathedral. She is the adopted mother of Tomoe Hotaru and married to Ten'ou Haruka, after much conniving and bitching. If she offers you food run the other way. Michiru's mother is associated with the yakuza.


Michiru is a woman of dichotomies.

She comes from an elite background and often sees those around her as in need of her superior guidance. She is snobby and thinks of her self as elegant and refined. She prizes her good breeding, and doesn't take well to criticism. She is, however, polite to most people and even nice at times but can also be extremely blunt at times, rendering her opinion coldly without regard for the potential affects they have on others.

Despite the trouble she and Haruka have, she cares for her spouse very much, as they are still married and Michiru puts up with paying for her toys and other expenses. She does, however, have a sharp and dreadful temper when provoked. When truly enraged, she can actually flip over to being completely reserved, bottling in her emotions save for ice-cold glares and stares, which can lead to her resentment simmering far longer than is healthy.

She is capable of ruthless determination and fanatical zeal, expressed usually in the form of intense competitiveness (as against Ami in their swimming competition for example), or in her quest for the Talismans whose radicalism scared even Haruka to a point. She has always craved the spotlight, angered when people like Aino Minako got more attention than her, to the point of paying for the Suburban Senshi webpage to be hacked to put her in control, or trying to form her own super-villain group just to act as a foil for her super heroics so she could get more attention.

This competitiveness actually drives people away from her at times and makes it hard for her to make new friends. It also makes it very hard for her to let anything go, to the point where she can start to act immaturely as a result.

She also tends to encourage anyone who has any interest in her, to an almost unhealthy degree, such as Masanori. Even though she was not serious about it on her end, the need to boost her ego sometimes leads her to act in ways that could cause problems for others.

Despite her relative youth, Michiru considers herself a very old soul and acts it, to the point of driving others off with her aloofness and more "mature" vibe.

She also seems to be completely obsessed with Haruka, even before they became a couple, which may or may not be an offshoot of their relationship from their past lives, but it sometimes expresses itself unhealthily.

An insane Usagi zapped Michiru with the Silver Crystal to make her more of a hipster who expressed disdain for anything new, and to some degree this remains with Michiru to this day, but in actually it just emphasized a part of her personality that was always there.

Sailor Neptune

"My guardian is a planet with the sea of sand. Soldier of embrace; Sailor Neptune!"
—Michiru as Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune is arguably the first of the Sol senshi to awaken, which she and Sailor Venus often debate. Her dreams woke her, and eventually made her seek out Haruka and awaken her as Sailor Uranus.

Her fuku has an aqua collar and skirt, and navy bows. Her shoes are aqua with very small heels and ballet ties. She carries the Deep Aqua Mirror, in which she can see things about people and possibly scry.

Powers and Abilities

Sailor Neptune's powers and abilities are with water. Unlike Sailor Mercury, she only commands the liquid form of the element, most notably sea water. She has a great affinity for water, and is a great swimmer.


Shortly after a 55 billion USD judgement was had against Ten'ou Haruka for the 2002 Nuclear cloud of Manure incident that blanketed Tokyo in shit, Haruka vanished and Michiru was informed by legal counsel that as Haruka's wife, she would be liable for the debt. Shortly thereafter, her private yacht Diamonds are Forever exploded, killing her and everyone else on board. No bodies were ever found, and her bank account was drained just before the incident. Matsumi Kaze inherited her construction company, Kaioh Heavy Industries.


Deeb Submerge: Blasts a ball of energy at her enemy.

Submarine Reflection: Using the Deep Aqua Mirror, Neptune can reveal an enemy's weakness or send out a blast of water at them.

Submarine Violin Tide: Using her violin, Neptune sends an energy blast at her enemy.


  • has the special ability to Leer quite effectively
  • Habitually will look in her mirror