Justice Senshi: Seven Strongest Monsters

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Justice Senshi: Seven Strongest Monsters
Logo for the Program
Seigi Senshi Saikyou Youma Shichininshu
Justice Warriors: Seven Stongest Monsters
Also Known As
Justice Guardian - Seven Great Monsters
Genre Action, Adventure, Tokusatsu
Tokusatsu Series
Directed by Doc Vision
Produced by Carisle Animation
Toei Company (As Consultant)
Written by {{{Writer}}}
Music by Akihiko Yoshida (Using Kyoryu Sentai ZyuRanger Music)
Various (Using Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Music)
Studio TFS Studios
Licensed to Fezi TV (JP)
Licensed from CartoonGameShow Network
Network CartoonGameShow Network
(+ Affiliates)
English Network Not Licensed
Japanese Network Fezi TV
Picture Format HD 720p
Country of Origin Kanto Region
Original Language(s) Japanese Mix
Number of Seasons 18 (of Monster Senshi)
Number of Episodes 50 (Planned)
Original Run March 22, 2017 (Beginning)
Theme Song(s)
Running Time
(Per episode)
24 Minutes
Production Company(ies) CartoonGameShow Network
Carisle Animation
Distributor CartoonGameShow Network
Related Shows Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
(2003 Live Action Series)

List of Episodes

Episode Number Japanese and Translated Title Air Date
01 ゲーセーン誕生!
Gesen's Birth
March 22, 2017
02 謎の少年!浦和良
The Mysterious Boy! Ryo Urawa
March 29, 2017
03 牧師禿鷹がボクシー!
Priest Hagetaka is Boxy!
April 5, 2017
04 黒月の巨大魔!大ゴロッス
Krozki's Giant Monster! Dai-Gorosse
April 12, 2017
05 ジュエルルビーの大怪獣
Jewel Ruby's Great Kaiju
April 19, 2017
06 アイシクルパニック!
Icicle Panic!
April 26, 2017
07 ビーナの美術!
Bihna's Art!
May 3, 2017
08 ニャニャグラブ!?
NyaNya Grab!?
May 10, 2017
09 妖魔たちわ狙ばれた?
Youma Targeted?
May 17, 2017
10 ジュエルルビの最終賭け!
Jewel Ruby's Last Bet!
May 24, 2017
11 魔年マルキと悪夢ランド!
Magical Boy Marki and the Nightmare Land!
May 31, 2017
12 魔法ボット!ユメリーパー
MahoBot! YumeReaper
June 7, 2017
13 6の妖魔リコウケイダー
The Sixth Youma, Rikoukeidar
June 14, 2017
14 ジュエルエメラルドの企画
Jewel Emerald's Plan
June 21, 2017
15 危険? 幽霊兄弟
Danger? The Spectre Brothers
June 28, 2017
16 ミラーブラザーズ!
Mirror Brothers!
July 11, 2017
17 UCEの暗黒未来
The Dark Future of the U.C.E.
July 18, 2017
18 最後の妖魔は明らかだ! ジジ
7th Monster Revealed! Jiji
July 25, 2017
19 黒月のターゲット?虹水晶!?
The Kurozuki's Target? The Rainbow Crystals!?
August 1, 2017
20 キングエイスリオスは消えた!
King Aethlios Disappears!
August 9, 2017
21 暗黒の東京‼
Tokyo of Darkness!
August 16, 2017
22 スマーツマンの野望⁉ UCEの破壊する!
Smartsman's Ambition?! Destruction of the U.C.E.
August 23, 2017
23 過去に戻れ! スーパー妖魔アップ
Returning to the Past! Super Monster Upgrade
August 30, 2017
24 危険のジジ! 破壊の大怪獣!!
The Dangerous Jiji! Great Kaiju of Destruction!!
September 6, 2017
25 夜の竜! ドラゴナイダス
Nighttime Dragon! Dragonidas
September 13, 2017
26 7つの虹水晶
The Seventh Rainbow Crystal
September 20, 2017
27 エイスリオス対ハナフダン
Aethlios Vs. Hanafudan
September 27, 2017
28 合体!大妖王
Combine! DaiYou-Oh!
October 4, 2017
29 ミラーブラザーズの復活!
Revival of the Mirror Brothers!
October 11, 2017
30 死の幽霊が来る!
The Ghost of Death Appears!
October 18, 2017

List of Differences

  • *Stated in Press release
  • **Although stated in Press release, later turned out to be false
Differences between the Sailor Moon Anime, PGSM,
and Justice Senshi: Seven Strongest Monsters
Sailor Moon Anime PGSM JS:SSM
Adapted both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon Arcs Adapted the Dark Kingdom Arc, with a few changes and additions Plans to loosely adapt the Black Moon Arc
The Target was the Ginzuishou during both arcs
Chibiusa was also targeted by the Black Moon Clan
The Ginzuishou was the target, though as soon as it was found, both its power and Metalia's grew with eachother, both were destroyed at the end of the series The Target is the Rainbow Crystals (Which in this series, is completely unrelated to the Ginzuishou), and the United Continents of Earth's princes and princesses (Who are yet to be named.)
The Black Moon Clan consists of Prince Demande, Esmeraude, Saphir, Rubeus and Wiseman/Death Phantom... also Droids X The Krozki/ Kurozuki Clan consists of SmartsMan, and Jewels Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond, with the monsters being MahoBots
The Rainbow Crystal carriers were found and extracted in the following order:
*Crane Game Joe/Gesen (Episode 25)
*Unnamed Priest/Boxy (Episode 26)
*Ryo Urawa/Bunbo (Episode 27)
*Yumemi Yumeno/Bihna (Episode 28)
*Reika Nishimura/Rikoukeidar (Episode 29)
*Rei's Grandfather/Jiji (Episode 30)
*Rhett Butler/Bakene (Episode 31)
X The Rainbow Crystal carriers are found one by one, however, they are given the crystal that represents their monster, currently in the following order:
*Gesen/Joe Romano (Episode 1)
*Bunbo/Ryo Urawa (Episode 2)
*Boxy/Priest Kensuke Hagetaka (Episode 3)
*Bihna/Yumemi Yumeno (Episode 7)
*Rhett-Chan/Bakene (Episode 8-9)
Kyuzuki Totodai/Rikoukeidar (Episode 15)


Kurozuki Clan

  • Smartsman - Rethania Kirltarian
    • Jewel Ruby - Kyuhao Tanaka
    • Jewel Emerald - Shizuka Shimada
    • Jewel Sapphire - Daisuke Hakuma
    • Jewel Diamond - Yutaro Shizaki

Seven Strongest Monsters and Allies

  • Gesen/Joe Romano - Kenta Mizuki
  • Bunbo/Ryo Urawa - Kazuo Nantamanuki
  • Boxy/Kensuke Hagetaka - Kujouki Masaki
  • Bakene/Rhett-Chan - Yukio-Chan (a Calico cat)
  • Bihna/Yumemi Yumeno - Kimiko Masako
  • Rikoukeidar/Kyuzuki Totodai - Hikaru Himada
  • King Aethlios - Johji Nakao