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Inu-Kitsune Amestris-Langister
Biographical information


Family Solarchos (husband), AnTilZha and Sylvester (sons), Alexianna, Catriona, and Natalia (daughters)

Countess of the Amestris Estate (Unmei), Territorial People's Representative of the Planet Unmei for the Humankind Empire Abh

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color







magic, swordsmanship


Van Saar Federation, Humankind Empire Abh

First Appearance

Inu-Kitsune is Kitsunejin and usually goes by the name Inu-Kit. She is the wife of Solarchos and the mother of AnTilZha, Alexianna, Sylvester, Catriona, and Natalia. It is known that Inu-Kit's fox form is black, and she wants to have a large family. She came to the house seeking refuge from a long life of fighting, growing weary of the emptiness within her heart.


By nature, Kitsune are playful creatures, and Inu-Kit is no exception. She is incredibly child-like when she wishes to toy with her husband, and matches her children's personalities perfectly when she plays with them. The sleek, beautiful black satin-like fur of her fox form carries her more gracefully than her humanoid form, and it allows her more agility when she's pranking Solarchos at home.

Despite her frollicking about in the gardens on Unmei or the ocean of Papaya Beach, Inu-Kit is fiercely protective of her children. Any threat perceived to endanger her children is met, in short, with snarling and baring of formidable fangs, no matter which form she sports at the time.


Inu-Kitsune was born to the Comte and Comtesse d'Amestris on Unmei almost 30 years ago, although she appears to be only in her early twenties. Her mother died as a result of childbirth and her father grieved heavily for his wife, drowning his sorrows in liquor. Growing up being taken care of by servants, she grew bored and soon took up learning the skills of sorcery and swordsmanship after joining in the Unmein military under the highest officer, who would eventually become queen.

As she fought, she grew eager to kill, finding it easier to lose herself in battle than to try to figure out how to fill the hole in her heart. After several years, the queen finally decided it time to save Inu-kitsune from her life of fighting and sealed away three of her tails to quell the bloodlust.

Shortly after this, Inu-Kitsune was sent off to serve as a humble cleaning lady to Morrigan, where she would eventually meet and fall in love with the man that would become her husband.

Meeting Solarchos

When she first met Solarchos, he'd suffered a terrible loss and been seriously injured both physically and emotionally. Inu-Kit immediately took it upon herself to help the grievously-scarred warrior recover. At first things were slow between the two of them, as Solarchos was painfully cautious of being hurt again. Meanwhile, Inu-Kitsune slowly realized she'd fallen in love with him, but felt as if her own feelings were being rejected and she fled, not wanting to be the cause of yet more pain for him.

Kurisutaru later found Inu-Kitsune as she hid elsewhere in the city and told her something unexpected: Solarchos had been searching for Inu-Kit for hours, genuinely concerned for her safety despite his own injuries. Realizing the mistake she'd made, Inu-Kit happily returned to his side, knowing that what she was feeling toward him was indeed mutual.

Inu-Kit and Solarchos were married on August 31, 2006 in the main arboretum onboard the starship Tenacious, attended by the ship's crew and the Jolly Rogers Platoon of the Moon Kingdom Army. The ceremony itself was a quiet and relaxed affair that was much needed and appreciated by everyone at the time.

AnTilZha and Alexiana

AnTilZha (AnTil) and Alexianna (Alex), the first of the Langister-Amestris twins, were born onboard the Lashkau, the flagship of Admiral Spoor of the Humankind Empire Abh at the very end of the massive battle that ended the Egae Crusade. The twins had been conceived several months earlier after Solarchos had been physically rejuvenated by divinely-catalyzed healing magic that completely repaired all of the radiation damage he'd suffered during his childhood, making the first two Kits a miracle indeed for both he and Inu-Kit. Despite being born almost a month prematurely, both Kits were healthy and grew without any difficulties.

For Inu-Kit, her firstborn children were the beginning of the realization of her dream to have a large and loving family.

Sylvester and Catriona

Sylvester and Catriona were both born a little over a year later during a time of relative peace and consolidation. The newest pair of twins were a bit of a handful for Inu-Kit right from the start. Sylvester was always the inquisitive one and Catriona bonded quickly with her older sister in order to make messes and mischief. Inu-Kit didn't entirely disapprove of any of this since it made their home a lively place bustling with energy.

However, mealtimes usually required her children to receive baths afterwards given the messes they tended to make. Such unbridled energy...

Zealot Wars

The Zealot Wars were awful for Inu-Kit.

During the Tyranids attack on Egae, Solarchos was seriously injured while protecting her and their children. At that point he gave the order for the activation of the Avalon Contingency - the evacuation of his family to an unassailable secret haven until the threat had passed.

Leaving her husband alone to fight a new war was the last thing Inu-Kit wanted to do, but the Kits' lives were in far greater danger: the children were utterly defenseless against the likes of the Tyranids. Their safety was an undeniable priority.

During their stay in Avalon (which lasted nearly a full year) Inu-Kitsune was determined to find a way to both repay the people who'd arranged for their safe haven but also contribute to the retaliation against the Zealots and Alliance when it became clear that they'd been the ones who'd unleashed the Tyranids. While the children were able to play in complete safety (even though they dearly missed Daddy) Inu-Kit eventually came upon an idea through which she could accomplish both.

To that end she began researching combining magic and technology together in certain ways to amplify the benefits of both while minimizing the drawbacks of either. She became one of the initial researchers of arcanotech and her first breakthrough was the creation of the highly successful Enhanced Bandages which ultimately saved tens of millions of lives (including Franziska von Karma when she was attacked by an assassin in the service of Hazel Ninegate).

Return to the Hotel

After years on the run and developing ways to help with the cause, Inu-Kit was happy to finally return home with her family. Setting foot back at the Manse after many years of absence was a godsend to her, and she quickly returned to old habits; tending to gardens, practicing her spellwork, and even hearing the stories her children told her of their visits to the Hotel. Hearing just how different the house had become piqued her interest, and Inu-Kit soon grew curious about what her husband and children were doing there.

Finally, in the winter of 2013, she returned, at last, to the hotel. Her reception was slightly mixed, her past rocky at best with a few others. She didn't let it get her down, however, and she spent a relaxing night with Solarchos in the lobby before returning home with him.

Her return to the Hotel sparked the playful nature she'd enjoyed before the wars, and soon Inu-Kit was prancing and frolicking around happily in fox form through the grounds when no one was around to stretch her paws. On occasion, she even decided to pounce upon her husband as he visited with his friends in the lobby of the Hotel. This playful nature soon resulted in a surprise for both herself in her husband, one that would change their lives once again and excited their children: A new life in the new world. In late February 2013, Inu-Kit announced to her family that she was pregnant, though happily this time with only a single child.


Inu-Kit is expecting her new bundle of joy to arrive in November 2013, and has named her "Natalia." This was followed, in summer 2013, by the arrival of her unborn daughter aged 16 years from the future, come to change her own past so she could make amends with her family. Like her other children, Inu-Kit has met teenage Natalia and is fond of the fact that her youngest daughter has her father's hair and eyes. The tiny, copper-haired Kitsune was born on November 10th, and is already known to be a fast learner. Young Natalia has already shifted to fox form once, months ahead of schedule, while her mother was in fox form herself.

The Fourth Wall

Though the character is the same, Inu-Kit has undergone a metamorphosis during her time away. With a new player comes new ideas, and 2013's return of Inu-Kit to Suburban Senshi is iconic of the methods by which she's now played. No two players play completely alike, and Inu-Kit's future is up for grabs.


The happy mother in fox form.