Infinite Crisis of Suburban Senshi

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The infinite crisis of Suburban Senshi.

Taking place in August, 2006, this was the first hard continuity reset that occurred in #suburbansenshi2. Its major purpose was to tie up the quartet of continuities created by the Sailor Moon anime, manga, and live action, as well as Suburban Senshi.

Most Notable Conclusions

Sailor Moon Stars manga continuity was completely erased in favor of the anime, with only the following exceptions:

  • The notion of their being a galaxy cauldron.
  • Phobos and Deimos being able to transform.
  • Artemis and Luna coming from Mau.
  • The existence of the other animamates. Crow-tachi are the senshi of their planets. They did not kill the original ones to take their powers, only their names changed.
  • Sailor Senshi have sailor crystals, not starseeds.

Aino Minako had a brain tumor thanks to chemical exposure due to the warehouse explosion on her last day as Sailor V. In episode 42 of the anime, Mizuno Ami successfully removed it during SuperS while the inners were fighting Nephelenia. Haruka and Michiru had gone to africa to participate in a motorsports rally. Nepherenia had dispatched Zircon to create an illusory slice of Tokyo, a dreamland, in Africa and brought the inner senshi there with the hopes of killing them and the outers. In one stroke, the inners had been fooled into thinking they had infiltrated the circus and then had been caught, Minako so deep in the illusion she was even unable to transform. Due to the dream-nature of the Dead Moon invasion, Hotaru—who was still a baby—fought alongside everyone as a teenager. After the illusion was shattered, the inners resumed their fight in Tokyo, remembering nothing, and by the time Haruka and Michiru made it back to Tokyo, Usagi had sealed Nepherenia away in the new moon, reconciling the manga, anime, and ss versions of the conflict—the manga version is trumped by the anime. The happenings of the manga that conflict are officially a result of Neherenia's dream machinations.

Recall that subsen establishes the SuperS season happened worldwide over the course of the eclipse, taking no more that one real time day.

The “Mini-Crisis” of Suburban Senshi

Taking place in September, 2007, was the second hard continuity reset, and was explained to the impetus for the infinite crisis. Suddenly, after hours of dodging each other's most ferocious attacks, and rei-bot's fists met squarely, massive right-hand punches meeting with a force so tremendous the shock waves blasted a dead zone billions of miles wide halfway across the universe. The titanic forces press and breach the super-massive black hole, rupturing it, causing the singularity at its core to waver and crack, shattering the time-space continuum. All across the multiverse, the shockwaves blur and distort the face of creation, tearing, ripping, reshaping. A tidal wave of temporal force that rewrites everything in its path, past, present and future. There is no sanctuary from its ravages. The massive earthquake through time caused by the meeting of the two most powerful beings in creation trembled even the face of the gods. Aftershocks were felt backwards in time as the crisis of 2006, the temporal splits of 2005, the crisis on infinite earths and beyond. In a moment, everything changed, and yet it was as if nothing changed for those who could not feel the ebb and flow of time. After the maelstrom of that one punch, the two powers stood there regarding each other, electric blue eyes peering into electric yellow. They both knew the other could not be defeated. Not here, not like this. Not with mere force. With a snicker, rei-bot vanished to plot and plan. She would survive and to do that. Her counterpart—and all her friends—would fall.

Clearing up a Loose End

A certain box left under the floor.

16:14 crwn_frut_gamer tears up the floorboards. “Someone took it. My box. With my ring that I had got from Reika. And my other stuff thatII had buried here. Aww crapsbleebt.”
/quit nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
crwn_frut_gamer has quit irc (a turtle's shell is hard, but its heart is soft)

16:17 Just patching up a potential loose end re: the crisis
16:18 wolf basically dug up the contents of what is now Motoki's (not Brad's box)
16:19 Because Brad never existed and all.

Crisis! 2k9

DATELINE July 31st, 2009: "There are tales told, of times long ago, when the Universe blinked and shuddered, and all was changed. Rumours of time-portals in Crystal Palaces whose destructions split history in twain; of artificial gods whose collision rent the universe asunder, of the insane delusions of one young girl barely holding the firmament intact until one day they could not. Each tale a grand sweep of suffering and sacrifice, leading to a birth anew. And this time would be no different... for this day, Professor Souichi Tomoe, heedless of the dangers and egged on by the renegade Time Lord calling himself "Mr. Saxon" did the unthinkable and committed the cardinal sin-- forcing his will upon his son daughter Hotaru, compelling her... to pour Pepsi into a vintage Coca-Cola glass. And the Universe was rent asunder once more..."