Harusawa E. Raoul

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Harusawa E. Raoul
Biographical information

Coalition Netherworld

Birth Unrecorded (Claims to be 29 years old), now considers August 5th to be her birthday)
Family Nelius Raoul (Adoptive Father), Kanri (technical aunt), Asagi Kurosugi (original creator, deceased)

Demon Cyborg, Overlord's Daughter, Vanternass Emporium Assistant Manager


Haru, The Spanner

Physical description

Demon (Mass-Produced Desco Unit)



Hair color


Eye color



7 feet (counting Usatako mass and tail, 5'9" without)


Entire body, can summon other weapons


Demonic strength and speed, elemental spells, Ki, flight, sensing, net-searching


Nelius Raoul, Lady Hale (ally), Hinako Urashima , Camilla Bathory (training partners/pen pals)

First Appearance

August 5, 2014

Harusawa, a.k.a. Haru, is Nelius' adopted daughter following the events in another world.

Origin story

Asagi Kurosugi, the evil Asagi Asagiri, had been defeated at the Asagi Wars, and her plan to detonate the Netherworld via the Yoshitsuna Warship was also foiled. Given her genuinely unrepentant and flippant attitude, Kurosugi was sentenced to the Underworld, with no chance of being a Prinny, and an eventual soul-execution date set. However, even hell couldn't hold her for long, and soon she made her escape.

With a backup Yoshitsuna, Kurosugi fled elsewhere, needing to re-gather her forces that had been routed by Asagiri. Making a pit stop by Evil Academy, she pilfered one of Overlord Mao's Mass-Produced Descos, and began modifying it to act as a proxy and take on dangerous areas that Kurosugi was unwilling to physically tread.

Roughly around 23 years or so later, Kurosugi had regained her forces, and the modified Desco-Unit, codenamed AKP-104 Epsilon, was all set for the next mission. However, the Yoshitsuna had flown too close to a strange flux in time and space; thus, Kurosugi was warped out of her ship and into a strange world. Here, she would discover a new breed of monster, one that fed upon holy power, and when fed enough could achieve a metamorphosis that gave it new abilities that could make even the gods quake in fear.

Netherscientist Mita, alongside companions Zio and Brutus, found that, somehow, Kurosugi's Yoshitsuna had been warped underground, and so they used it as a base whilst stuck in this world. Epsilon would eventually be reactivated, and served as a powerful ally for the demons and angels that wished to leave the world and return to their homes.

Kurosugi, however, had other plans--with her remote, she was going to force Epsilon to a different location and shut her down, allowing her partner, the resurrected Demon Lord named Revenant, to rip out the Usatako Unit and use it for its own purpose. A partial foil to this was Mita inadvertently messing with Kurosugi's programming and giving the Desco-Unit her free will back--this let Epsilon escape her attempted prison and forced Revenant to give chase, putting them close to the Netherworldians' current base of operations.

Badly beaten by Revenant, Epsilon was about to be consumed by the resurrected Demon Lord, when Nelius shoved her out of the way, taking the bite intended to kill her. With even healing magic cut off by the creatures, Epsilon knew her number was up, and so gave one final spiting to Kurosugi's plan. She performed a radically different Magichange, fusing her battered remains to Nelius' left arm, giving him full use back alongside the Usatako Unit.

During the battle that sent Nelius to Earth 1337-A, Epsilon's soul was jarred loose in the warp.

A new lease on life

Roughly sometime in July, Nelius, having established his home in the Land of Carnage, decided to tie up a loose end by searching for Epsilon's soul--somehow she had floated all the way to Overlord Priere's Netherworld, apparently due to the Netherworld's 5:1 ratio of drawing in females to males.

For about a month, Epsilon, now having named herself Harusawa, began to test out different bodies for herself, trying to find that correct fit. Despite even growing fond of a Gynoid body, she eventually returned to being a Desco-Unit, albeit tuning herself up with several new features, many of which are still being updated to this day.


For someone with such a background, Haru proves to be surprisingly light-hearted on a number of things, contrasting her usually gruff adoptive father. As she is a demon, though, be ready for some snark and a sharp tongue.

Beneath it all, however, lied one emotionally scarred child. Even with her maturity on many matters, Haru still remembered Kurosugi's many atrocities.

One thing that she does get from Nelius is his protective spirit--- cross one of her friends and you'd best have your last will and testament written out, 'cause she will do everything in her power to eliminate you. God, demon, alien or anything else, she doesn't care... you cross her friends and she will find a way to erase you.


As a Desco-Unit, Haru has much of the same strength that the original Desco had, albeit she had to reclaim it due to gaining a new body.

The Usatako Unit, devised by Mao, allows Haru to absorb the released life energies of foes she defeats. While initially not as potent as the one in her original body, which was modified by Kurosugi to also absorb the strength, speed, etc., of defeated foes, she had decided to work alongside Mita to modify the overall parameters.

Haru was also taught elemental manipulation, alongside buff spells such as Braveheart and Speed Boost, healing magic including Espoir, and many other tricks and abilities that she's currently got in development. Don't be too surprised if she detaches her Usatako Mass and turns it into a weapon.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, she has an odd knack for working with circuitry and electronics. Give her some scrap parts and she'll likely make something interesting out of them. In fact, the large headband/visor she wears around her forehead was lifted from a Gynoid unit from Hades, and given multiple custom tune-ups--with it, she can tap into many different networks, send and receive messages, and thanks to some USB devices and micro-cards she programmed, is also capable of much more.

If and when she undergoes Magichange, she transforms into an axe-class weapon.

The chaotic power that affected her father in the other world was revealed to have also settled into her soul, having given rise to her Lusca technique. With her father's help, she's now come to an understanding of this power, and is seeking to further develop familiarity with it. It also appears to be responsible for her sudden growth spurts--- initially standing just under 3 feet tall, she's now grown to shy of six feet, with a proportionate body to match.

As far as personal weapons go, she uses a Carnage Makai Wars for physical combat and a Carnage Heartless Medal for magical combat.

Unique Moves

Mini-Harusawa Deploy: Haru makes use of her Usatako to produce several miniature versions of herself. They attach to the enemy, then detonate. While the tiny units are capable of autonomous movement, even being used as spycams, both Nelius and Haru can use their Usatako Engines to give commands. Beware if one of them says to "make the enemy see-four!" They lack any sort of soul or organic trace, so locking onto them is a difficult matter.

Final Boss Rondo: Haru sends an emergency signal to several other Desco Units. The other units home in on the signal, swarming the enemy and attacking. Don't be surprised if all that remains of the enemy is their bones. Upon learning the Krichevskoy-style multi-form technique, she now makes plenty of copies of herself if no other Desco Units can respond.

Ascent to Obliteration: Haru grabs the floor beneath the enemy's feet, ripping it up and tossing it sky-high. She then splits off three shades of herself, each one firing a massive beam from the eye on their forehead fringes, atomizing the enemy.

Lusca: For her final move, Haru transforms her entire self into an enormous creature with razor-sharp shark like teeth and multiple draconic heads, also transporting the enemy group onto a platform out in the middle of the ocean. After slamming the platform from below with a tentacle and making the enemy sink into the ocean's black depths, the multiple heads go to work, biting and chewing the enemy into bloody chunks. 10% of the damage dealt from this move restores HP/SP. This form is able to piggyback on Cubus Gigant to further increase their power and abilities.

Ultimate Skill-- Trillion's Maw: Lusca changes form even further, becoming something that one cannot gaze upon without feeling the fear of utter elimination. Able to create eyes and mouths from anywhere, she goes many a step further in reducing the enemy numbers to giblets. 15% of the total damage from this move restores HP/SP to all allies, and increases battle stats by 10% for several turns.

Magichange Attack--Line Drive: The enemy is smacked hard into the ground, then sent flying with a golf swing that lands a hole-in-one! This attack moves the enemy's position up to 6 panels away.

Magichange Attack--Unlimited Swarms: The axe floats up from the user's hands, splitting into a myriad number, which begin knocking a group of enemies about--strikes, buzzsaws, the damage racks up considerably. Then, as the finale, the axes change back into copies of Haru, which all fire converging beams onto the enemy group for massive damage!

Alliance Attack--Identify Friend or Foe: Haru magichanges onto Zotia, but gives over her visor, which synchs with the Desco-Unit to ID allies and enemies. This allows Zotia to fire off a very powerful Land Decimator without having to worry about friendly fire. If Zotia has the Basic Rule Evility equipped when this attack is used, then allies in the area are restored 5% HP/SP of the damage inflicted.

Alliance Attack--Heaven Or Hell: Let's Rock! Anyway, Haru and Regal put their powers together, fueled by their mutual love for each other, to lay a lovely smackdown on the enemy. They all say love hurts, but they never say for whom the pain goes towards.


Innate: Usatako Unit v.3.2.18--recover 20% HP/SP and increase stats by 20% per foe defeated.

Innate: All-Gaze--Nullify accuracy bonuses when attacked from the side or behind.

Instant Weapon--Can Magichange from anywhere on the map.

Weakness Exploit--Deal an additional 150% damage when exploiting an elemental or weaponry weakness.

Special Skill Analysis--Decrease damage from special skills by 75%.

Lusca Innate: Awakened Wellspring--All Allies' Revenge Modes last three turns longer. Overloads used have double their effects.

Corpse Counter-- Increase damage by 4% times the number of units defeated.

Perfect Health-- Nullify all ailments and stat drops.

Overload Skill (Revenge Mode Ability)

Terrifying Eyes-- All enemy units within 10 panels suffer status ailments at the end of an even turn (75% chance of affliction), or take damage on an odd turn (ATK+INT-based). Her eyes used to take on a violet-tone with this Overload.

Upon coming to a realization that her unwilling attacks on several populaces was long since forgiven, Haru's heart was finally able to release its burden, evolving her Overload skill.

Unburdened Sights-- All buffs and abilities on enemy units are flat-out ignored, allowing Haru and her allies to strike at foes with maximum efficiency. In addition, enemies take damage (ATK+INT-based) on this Overload's final turn. This Overload allows Haru (innately) and allies to see past enemy feints and illusions and uncover the truth. Activating this Overload turns her eyes silver for its duration.


Haru doesn't really have a scent to follow. At times, however, she does have the smell of burnt out electronics, generally thanks to her hobby.

As Epsilon, Haru's original colors were more red and green, her hair a bizarre pink color. The multiple eyes that dot her body were also red.

After having been gifted a large wardrobe by Yumiko Takanashi's mother, Queen Lorena, she devised her own disguise field which hides her demon features, as shown in the above image-- she also dons this field when heading out into public or when working at Kaelyn's shop.

She's painfully aware that Nelius had some females making eyes at him, and was a bit peeved that he hasn't made a move. She teamed up with Yumiko to try and set Nelius up on a date--needless to say, it was slow-going. However, after having seen many a petty squabble escalate into a full-out battle due to relationship issues, she is beginning to see why Nelius might've sworn off dating.

Much like her father, Haru proves to be surprisingly good with children, despite being a demon--her interaction with the Kits and Nelius' celestial cousins, alongside Hale's pair, are a testament to this. In fact, recent events have proven that the fastest way to make her go from light-hearted to murderous is to threaten or attack any kids in her presence.

Despite her outgoing demeanor, Haru was often wracked with nightmares of the atrocities that Kurosugi forced her to go through--she likens it to being a prisoner within one's own body, painfully aware of what's going on but completely helpless to do anything. During any free time she has off from the shop, she re-uploads the coordinate data from her old memory banks and visits those worlds in disguise, aiding the recovering populace to make amends for her former misdeeds, even if they were done whilst she was forced to do so.

On the note of her former master, she has finally come to terms with what has happened, and has now cast off her former chains. She had already been forgiven for her "crimes", long before she began making her amends. As a further slap in the face to her former master, Haru is using the information of her past atrocities in order to more effectively sniff out enemy plots and throw several wrenches into their works.

With Kaelyn and Ike currently caring for their child, Haru is working Kaelyn's store located in the HOTEL. She has altered her field to give herself a red blouse and black business pants while working in the shop. In May 2015, she had noticed that several pieces of storeroom merchandise had been moved behind her back--determined to figure out what was causing this, she set up a MHD to record things. She found that a Netherworld Fae had been hiding in the back of the shop, having been spooked by the multiple people and losing her lantern in the process. This Fae, named Lyz, now works with Haru at the shop.

If one were to try and check her alignment, they'd find her sitting at Chaotic Good.

Currently she's dating Regal, a Male Healer from Evil Academy whom works for Overlord Zetta. Initially meeting during a trade deal, they began with some small talk, which soon escalated into an definite interest in each other. Nelius gave his full blessing for Regal to date his daughter.

On September 27, 2015, Haru was randomly selected by Time Lord Thrash to assist in taking down a threat to humanity that was using the lunar eclipse to emerge. This ended up becoming a one-year trip through time and space. She finally got to see what her father had mentioned to her once before.

Thanks to one of Catriona's pranks of driving a Warthog vehicle into the Hotel, Haru acquired permission from Solarchos to appropriate the vehicle for her own use. Beware if you start hearing odd music... oh, and her little fae-friend Lyz has one too. Warthog buddies!

Post Reboot

Much like her father, Haru doesn't seem to have changed externally that much. Internally, however, she's thrown off the shackles of mental trauma that Kurosugi inflicted unto her, evolving her Overload Skill much sooner and ridding herself of the unintentional mean streak.

Her Ice-related problems were also solved, and are no longer a weakness.

When Kaelyn had gone silent after obtaining a curious lamp that seemed to draw the attention of those whom gazed at it, Haru at first was willing to keep a vigil over the store on the off-chance that she was just away on business. When it came to her attention that Kaelyn was indeed missing, she launched her own investigation.

She soon found Kaelyn in England battling a being whom was attempting to summon something. Acting quickly, she recovered the sorceress and, at her request, grabbed the instigator of this odd scenario. More info to come as it becomes known.

When the extra-dimensional monster called Gren-Gar began attacking, Haru put forth her assistance in finding a way to kill the creature, traveling to 1337-EE alongside Euri, Hachi and Delilha after getting a lock on its origin world. Alongside her father, his many forces and many others ranging from the Senshi to the other protectors, she worked to help them bring the monster down once and for all.

When the old Silver Millennium traitor, Vyle, began his spree of attacking the Neo-Senshi, Haru started doing some behind the scenes work to pinpoint where the enemy is hiding. Working with her two friends, Hinako and Camilla, she's closing in on finding the coordinates. Sailor Setebos was also brought on to add her skills to the table in this matter.

With the coordinates confirmed and triple-checked, Haru is prepared to lend her full aid in ending the matter once and for all.

Vyle has been eradicated, though he threatens to have others resume where he left off. Haru is prepared to help her Senshi friends not only become stronger, but also to find where these enemies are holed up and erase them.

During the time that Kaelyn was tasked by her mother to enjoy some time off, Haru has since been promoted to Assistant Manager of the store. Unfortunately, as it seems wont to happen, Kaelyn's ship went missing around the Dragon's Sea. As Paisley readied to mount a rescue, Haru made to accompany the investigation members.

The investigation brought them into a strange, curved space, where the rules of reality seemed to be circumvented and outright ignored, alongside time being more than strange. Kaelyn's blood was used to unleash some kind of eldritch being. Kaelyn regenerated from this, though Haru has her suspicions. Knowing that the being might still be out there, she is preparing to eliminate it should it emerge into the real world.

In light of the recent events, Kaelyn has since promoted Haru to Manager of the Hotel Branch. To reflect this change, Haru's work shirt is now blue.