Harriet S. Weinberg, Esq.

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Harriet Sagitta Weinberg
Biographical information



December 25th, 1975




Attorney, Paranormal Investigator


'The Indictor'

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Brass Knuckles, Chain whip, .45


Spiritual sensitivity and power


Dinsdale Investigations, Weinberg, Mason and Wright Law Firm

Harriet S. Weinberg is a Senior partner at the Weinberg, Mason and Wright Law Firm, and serves as a defense attorney in the Alien Zone courts.


The Granddaughter of famed New York attorney and stage actress Sagitta Weinberg, Harriet spent her youth in a fancy Long Island Private School. But one day, while lost in Harlem, she was attacked by a gang of thugs. Having been beaten severely, she spent the next few years training her body and martial arts skills, returning to Harlem to bring order to the Chaos, while studying law at night.

In her guise as "The Black Mask" she fought crime and corruption, but on a very small scale, usually by breaking into places and discovering evidence that would later find its way to court.

She eventually took over one gang, renaming it the Centaurs in honor of the old gang her Grandmother had led, trying to turn the kids into a modern day peacekeeping vigilante squad. Unfortunately, her lieutenant betrayed her, and convinced the gang to attempt a high-profile bank robbery which failed, framing Harriet for the crime.

Barely managing to clear her name, Harriet withdrew into her law practice, forsaking Harlem and her heritage, until she was forced to hunt down and prosecute her Grandfather's killer, stopping a serial killer who had terrorized the city for months.

During their final confrontation, she had had to stop herself from killing the man, facing the darkness inside herself and her own capability for violence. She instead chose to follow the better angels of her nature and let the system deal with him. Even though he was released on a technicality, sometimes later, Harriet decided to follow the course of the law and forsake a violent solution. She still looks for her grandfather's killer to this day.

After seeing a world where no one dared to try and right the wrongs caused by the letter of the law, Harriet rededicated herself to fighting for the cause of justice.

Thanks to her high-profile clients from the upper crust of New York Society, and her contacts with the lowlifes of its criminal underworld. Harriet is uniquely placed to find information and items ordinary people would be hard-pressed to locate, and she has access to corridors of power that some could scarcely imagine.

Ironically, Harriet has come to learn that her deceased Grandfather was not her real grandfather, and that Shinjiro Taiga is.

Dinsdale Investigations

As part of her job working as legal counsel for Dinsdale Investigations, Harriet gets papers and credentials for aliens and other beings who would not be able to have them on Earth normally.

Torchwood Seven

After the destruction of Dinsdale Investigations and her law firm by the minions of Caligostro II, Harriet worked for Torchwood Seven as a researcher while rebuilding her practice.

Stage Actor

Harriet has acted onstage along The New Grand Imperial Theatre's Cosmos Revue as "The Ghost of Christmas Present" in their 2010 production of Scrooge.

Project: PHOENIX

As a part of Michael Sunnyside's Project: PHOENIX, Harriet has gained the ability to use her spirit power to form an energized set of brass knuckles for use in combat, as well as generally fortifying her own body to withstand and deliver greater punishment.

Legal Actions

Successfully negotiated a plea bargain for Karasuma Akane and Aya Reiko with Neva D'yan in response to Economic Crimes they committed against the Mycidian Empire years ago as the "Dirty Pair" (not paying sales tax on a bag of chips)

In May 2012, she co-authored UN General Assembly Emergency Special Session Resolution A/66/352 with Franziska von Karma, in the hopes of using the law to stop Tony Suthers' project: Prometheus. The Resolution failed to achieve the required 2/3rds vote, even though it gained a simple majority of votes.



  • Harriet has a lockpick set hidden in her hair bun.
  • Harriet is bar certified in New York, California, Texas, Boston, Florida, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Japan.
  • She shares her grandmother's absolute hate of tap water, calling it "A recipe for disease and diarrhea, pure unadulterated filth." She prefers mineral water.
  • Harriet is very good at making improvised weapons out of whatever she can find, much to her discomfort at times, as she dislikes fighting, and hates how efficient she is at it.
  • Harriet lost an arm and suffered severe kidney damage as a result of The Nonary Game. Her new arm was very powerful and almost indestructible, but she has elected to have it be replaced with a flesh and blood cloned version, because it would make fighting and violence too easy for her, something she does not want due to the role violence has played in her family's past.
  • Harriet has an X-shaped scar on her back from burning shrpanel that hit her as she shielded Hana Sagusa's dog with her body during the bombing of the Dinsdale Building.
  • Her Blood Type is B.
  • She smells like silk and books and motorcycle grease.
  • Her Mother's name was Betty Weinberg (nee Brown), and her father was Robert Justice Weinberg (Sagitta's Son)