Hana Sagusa

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Hana Sagusa
Biographical information



March 1, 1994


Miyuki Sagusa (mother), Jiro Sagusa (father), Isamu Sagusa (older brother), Matsumi Kaze (cousin)


Student, Member of the Rising Valkyrie Unit



Physical description




Hair color





Her fists


Martial artist, High sprirtual power


Rising Valkyrie Unit


Born on March 1st, 1994 in the city of Zuma, Japan, she is the second child of Jiro and Miyuki after her older brother, Isamu. Her family, descended from samurai, are the practicinors and teachers of the Gouka-Ryu school of Jujutsu. Because Isamu was the eldest and thus set to inherit to the school, Jiro often lavished attention on his son, seemenly ignoring Hana. Thus, Hana grew up feeling great resentment against her father and indifference to her brother.

When her brother decided to open up a branch of the school in Tokyo, it was decided that Hana would accompany him to attend school there. Hana, however, chaffed at the idea of living with her older brother and took out her frustrations through fights at her middle school. Hoping to curtail this, Isamu got enough money to enroll her at Mugen Gakuen, thinking the school would be able to discipline her. However, her attitude didn't change, and she become a thug and bully in the acadamy halls.

She was eventually noticed by one of her teachers, Matsumi Kaze, and in contacting her brother, not only learned of Hana's earlier problems in school, but that the girl was her cousin (third cousin twice removed). Deciding to look upon the girl as family, Matsumi decided to take Hana under her wing. Remembering her while starting up the Rising Valkyrie Unit, Hana was specially chosen not only for her strength and martial arts skills, but also in the hope of her learning some sort of self-control. Hana would also adopt a dog, who she named Mr. Barkey (though some would say that it adopted her).

During these conflicts, the Sagusa Dojo was destroyed by a mysterious man, resulting in Isamu falling into a coma. Moving in with Harriet, Hana took up training with Rei.bot, learning the ways of the Iron soul. Facing the one who destroyed her family's dojo, Hana defeated him, unlocking her Third Path.


Hana is a practitioner of the Gouka-Ryu school of jujitsu, which emphasizes attacking with palms instead of fists, as well as "eight paths of power," each of which is uniquely achieved by the individual fighter. Currenly, Hana has achieved the third path. Unbeknowst to her, she is actually the most skillful and powerful fighter in her family, but her temperamental problems hold her back from this.


  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Least Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Hana has a morbid fear of spiders