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Hachi Inochi
Biographical information


Birth August 24, 2006
Family Haak (Father), Euri (Mother), Nobu (little brother), Silver (Older sister), Matsumi Kaze (Aunt and Godmother), Rali (Aunt), Fruminda (Family Friend), Delilha Gelus (Half Sister)

student, Legendary Sailor Guardian of Academy City


Sailor Europa

Physical description




Hair color

light brown

Eye color

light blue




Ice, snow, steam, freezing fire


Satellite Senshi

First Appearance


Hachi is a serious, yet sometimes silly, 13-year old. She often masks her true feelings and thoughts with a happy aura. She is calculating and thoughtful though quick to lose her temper. She often feels like she needs to support her family; that she doesn't want to be a burden to them so she often works on training by her lonesome.

She loves her family dearly and will do anything for them.

She enjoys biking on the bike trails of Academy City, visiting Nature Preserves in her free time, going to planetariums and science museums, and watching anime.

Her favorite food is panna cotta and she dislikes eggplants.

Academy City

Although Hachi, at age 7, had just started her first year of elementary school at the Americanized Temple Elementary school, which had a large focus on the English language and American and Western cultural norms, her mother decided it was time for a change.

With the discovery that Hachi had some sort of magical ability, and having decided that living in their current home was far too dangerous, due to the constant threats in the neighborhood, Euri decided to enroll Hachi in the Matsuume Elementary school in District 13 of Academy City. Although Hachi is now living on her own in the super secure dorms, her mother still comes by very often to visit, so she can acclimate better to her new surroundings.

Along with a new school curriculum, Euri has enrolled Hachi in the Power Curriculum Program. This is in hopes that Hachi will become an Esper, and not have to deal with some sort of Senshi abilities occurring. Euri feels like the teaching in Academy City will help Hachi better than she ever could on her own.

However, due to the events of the Neo Sailor Team being formed, Hachi found herself as the new Sailor Europa. She began to take her role very seriously as a Sailor Guardian.

At the age of 11, Hachi began studying for the entrance exam to Nagatenjouki Academy. She felt it would be a good cover for her. She started her first year of Middle School in April of 2019 at the age of 12.

Sailor Europa

At the age of 10 on October 9th, 2016, Hachi became the new Sailor Europa, following in the footsteps of her Mother who had ascended to the mantle of Neo Sailor Mercury.

Appearance & Transformation

Hachi raises her right hand into the air and shouts out the transformation phrase "Europa Satellite Power, Make Up!" A trail of icy wind and snow follows her hand before it begins to envelope her in a snow globe-like sphere. The sphere gets smaller and tighter before pressurizing into a large crystal made of Europan ice. It begins to crack from Hachi's expanding energy before shattering in a blinding flash of light. With a snowy breeze whirling around her, Sailor Europa finishes off with her pose in front of the satellite Europa and the planet Jupiter.

Mid-teens Hachi transforming into Sailor Europa. OoplE4Z.png


  • Cryo-Pyrokinesis - Sailor Europa can manipulate a fire of freezing temperatures, which is capable of freezing her opponents with ice burns that are more severe than normal burns.
  • Snow/Ice Manipulation - Sailor Europa is able to create and control ice and snow in many of its forms. She is unable to control water, however.
  • Glacioportation - Sailor Europa is able to teleport short distances by turning into ice, melting away, and reappearing somewhere else. Melting and reforming does take a little amount of time so she often teleports a safe distance away when her opponent is down so she can recover her strength.
  • Steam Manipulation - Through much concentration, Sailor Europa is able to boil her power on the inside, allowing her normal icy attacks to turn into burning, super-heated steam.
  • Fire-Proof - For being a Senshi of Ice, Sailor Europa is surprisingly immune to fire, though she will overheat if she's in a too hot area for too long.


  • Unnamed Attack - Sailor Europa aims her palm towards the enemy and blasts a stream of freezing snow! It varies in strength.
  • Frosty Conflagration - Sailor Europa summons a fire that's as cold as the coldest of ice to her fingertips. As she concentrates, the fires glow brighter, a blue-hotness, and the fire connects between her hands in a stream. As she gathers the power, she points the 2nd and 3rd fingers of her right hand at her opponent, holding her left hand closed tightly against her bosom a ferocious stream.
  • Freezing Gatling Piercer - Sailor Europa wraps her arms around her upper body before expanding her arms outwards in a horizontal slashing motion, sending out a swift blast of fiery-ice bolts in a large area of attack.
  • Steaming Assault - Sailor Europa's rage and passion build up inside of her and she blasts out like an erupting tea pot, aiming her fists in front of her and sending out an immense blast of extremely hot, super-heated steam.

A Certain Legendary Guardian - The Junovian

May 2017 - November 2017

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, while visiting the Golden Week festival with her friends at Nature Park, Hachi was confronted by an ancient enemy named Gren-gar. He claimed he swore to seek revenge on the people of the Ice Moon Empire. Rocky in nature, a large, and terrifying creature, Gren-gar advance on Hachi after she had transformed into Sailor Europa. She tried her best to defend herself and fight the creature, but Sailor Europa was no match for the creature. Thankfully, the police force of Academy City, Anti-Skill, came to her aid. After the monster was chased away, Sailor Europa was asked to help out with the middle and high school members of Judgement, but she declined.

On Sunday, May 7, after they had spent a wonderful fun-filled family day at Disneyland, Hachi and Delilha spent the day together in Academy City. In the evening, they went to Joseph's Coffee and Restaurant to have dinner and desserts. After some prodding, Hachi spilled out her heart and soul to Delilha, Telling her big sister about how terrified she was during the fight. How useless she felt. Delilha agreed to help Hachi investigate the monster known as Gren-gar and to try and figure out what the Ice Moon Empire is.

A Certain Legendary Guardian - Daihasei Festival

September 19, 2020 - September 25, 2020




Kuroko Shirai

Kiya Lightsblade

Yasuko Mie

Riley the Bidoof

Hachi discovered Riley during a week-long field trip. She found the bidoof crying and struggling to free itself from being stuck on a log. Hachi freed the bidoof and saw that it had a chipped tooth. She felt sorry for the whimpering bidoof and sneaked the Pokemon back home with her.

After bringing the bidoof to Kiya to ask her for help, Kiya set about getting Hachi and the bidoof the proper food, materials, and poke-things that Hachi would need to start a life as a Pokemon trainer.

After being groomed and cleaned up, Riley likes to wear a pink and red ribbon that Hachi made for her.

Because of a bidoof's tooth growth, Riley's buckteeth grow at a very fast rate. However, the chip in her tooth continues to spread as her teeth grow, so she is unable to gnaw to keep her teeth down to their proper size. Hachi does her best take care of Riley's teeth on a daily basis.

Riley has become one of Hachi's dearest and closest friends, though Hachi has yet to tell or show Euri that she's a Pokemon trainer.


A Postcard from "Girl's Night Out!" The postcard includes the following: A Luxury pokéball, "The Princess and the Raven" novel, a Loaded Chocolate Milkshake, two Cherry Blossom hair barrettes, a Momo Sakura-chan themed drink, an Academy City's Judgement membership armband, and Super Sailor Europa's REDACTED weapon.

It also shows Hachi's Nagatenjouki Academy's winter uniform, her base sailor fuku, and a casual, Winter outfit.


Hachi, age 7, pre-hairstyle change.


Hachi, age 6, in her elementary school uniform.