Gundham Tanaka

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Tanaka Gundham (田中 眼蛇夢)
Biographical information

The Underworld (not really)


December 14




Owner/operator of (former) Count D's Pet Shop


Tanaka, The Forbidden One, Super High School Level Animal Breeder

Physical description

Son of an angel and a devil (not really)



Hair color

Black and white

Eye color





Black magic


Occult and black magic knowledge, animal taming


Future Foundation, Big Pet Supply


Gundham Tanaka was a former member of Class 77-B, Hope's Peak Academy, before apparently dropping out (the entire story of this event still classified, and has to do with Junko Enoshima).

He was recruited to Hope's Peak as the Super High School Level Animal Breeder, for his rapport with both wild and domesticated animals. He has several pets, including the four hamsters that he has dubbed The Four Dark Devas of Destruction (San-D, Jum-P, Mag-Z, and Cham-P) which camp out in his voluminous dark red scarf, which he claims was woven from infernal silk.

He is the owner and operator of Big Pet Supply, a pet supply store and adoption center next to Big Grocery. The pet store used to sell exotic breeds and was owned by an androgynous looking Chinese citizen calling themselves Count D before they mysteriously vanished. Now, it's partnered with a local animal welfare group to offer puppies, kittens, and other small animals for adoption. The shop offers food for all stages of life, toys, habitats and treats for cats, dogs, birds, fish, rodents and small reptiles, and Gundham hopes to one day operate a veterinary practice there as well.


Gundham wears a dangling yellow orb earring from one ear, which he calls the Hellhound Earring, and his left arm is usually swathed in bandages due to injuries from animal handling. He also has one red eye and one gray eye, but the red eye is thanks to a contact lens (he calls it a filter to protect himself from emitting dangerous poison auras).

Eating Habits

Gundham avoids eating animal flesh unless it matters for his survival; he's OK eating eggs and milk but makes his purchases based on brands with strict animal welfare guidelines.


Gundham considers Solarchos's kitsune children to be "abominations of nature."

According to many members of the box, he's got the worst case of chunibyou ever seen in someone over the age of 20.