Futari (Allison Blitz Album)

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Futari is the second original album by Allison Blitz as part of her tenure in Hello! Project. The album was released after her extended hiatus, taking a year off to find herself and rejuvenate her creativity with her band mates from DISCOTHEQUE. It collects the singles released before Allison's hiatus, with the exception of "Fool No More", which was part of her pop cover album.

Four editions were released: Regular, Limited A, Limited B and Vinyl Rare.

The Look


Track List

  1. The World is a Disco
  2. The Detective and the School Girl
  3. Alice
  4. Poor Dear
  5. migikata の chou
  6. Silver Von Plastik
  7. Heartbeatz
  8. Happy New Year
  9. 嫌い (Kirai)
  10. Sayonara