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Exeter Lothar Wakefield
Biographical information


Birth ??
Family ??, Paisley Pythia Peinforte (Wife)


Physical description

Time Lord



Hair color

Greying Brown

Eye color





Karnian Naginata, Nyoi-bō


time active, enhanced strength, strong insight/spirit power, psychic/telekinetic Power

First Appearance

Brief Biography

An Old Man, Reborn


The Old Man of Peinforte Manor, Exeter was a nameless Time Lord at the very end of his lives, having given up on life and everything else. Paisley Pythia Peinforte, who knew him of old, was determined to save his life, and forced him back into the world, where they faced the Great Intelligence and underwent a journey of personal and spiritual transformation. At the end of it, Exeter was fatally wounded, but using her latest power as the Pythia and her own skill as a Sister of the Flame, Paisley revived him, giving him a new lease on life, not as a Time Lord, but as something different--something new. Claiming that he "belonged to her" now, she took him under her wing and began training him in the deeper mysteries of relativity, bringing him deeper into her weird, strange world that the people of the HOTEL knew nothing of.


After mistakenly drinking a regeneration-boosting potion Paisley had been preparing along with Sister Ohila of the Sisterhood for a member of the High Council of Gallifrey, Exeter regenerated into a form described by Paisley as "if Yaijiden and I had had a child and it came out a hunchback."


Reboot - the dawn of X

"I just thought of something X... you got rebooted 10,000 years or so back yeah? So you missed a trick. Your first words should have been 'Finally, after 10,000 years, I'm mee!!' --Paisley Peinforte

After Kaelyn P. Peinforte accidentally de-aged herself, Exeter tried to help her by reversing the polarity of her potion (somehow), but baby Kae kicked the potion into his mouth and it caused him to de-age ten-thousand years to the prime of his youth, taking on an old form sure to confuse everyone.

But it's okay, because he chose the moniker "Mr. X" to totally eliminate any and all confusion that might arise from his resemblance to a certain other Time Lord who may or may not be from his past regeneration cycle!


A bit grumpy, but on the whole a lot more freewheeling and expressive than most Time Lords, Exeter can be quite rude and ribald, traits he blames on Paisley and her Connexion to his soul. But in truth it is his own personality that he is finally allowing himself to express.

Exeter 2 is a bit quieter until you get him talking, then he won't stop.

Exeter 3 is a trainwreck of a misadventure in a cheap suit.


Exeter is quickly learning the esoteric mind- and reality-bending skills of the Sisterhood of Karn under Paisley's tutelage. He has also been shown to have a good command of Haki and some Tetsutamashi Martial arts.



Karnian Naginata


(Exeter 2)


Exeter's normal everyday name was literally pulled out of a map book, as Paisley looked up the name of old British towns. His middle name, "Lothar", he chose himself.

His true name, "Senexnekyiartifex", was given to him by Paisley upon his recreation, means "The Wise Old Man who was purified by the fires of the Underworld and who will be the Alchemist to my Sorceress."