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Biographical information

The Netherworld

Family Older Brother

Beauty Queen, Demon Lord, Vassal


Beauty Queen Etna, Majin Etna, Demon Lord Etna, Beauty_Queen, Hanba Tomoe, Etona

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color



148 cm


Elder Spear


Prinny Raid, Sexy Beam, Chaos Impact, Various Spells, Lift And Throw, Demon level strength, Flight


Laharal, Prinny Squad, BlacHaus, Greece

First Appearance
Black Covenant

"Demon Lord Etna, at your service. But you can call me Beauty Queen Etna!"

Etna is a Demon Lord from The Netherworld. Her level was 1000 and she was stronger then a number of overlords, but then the Dimensional Gatekeeper screwed up and sent her here and accidentally dropped her Level back to 1. (or so she claimed. It turned out to be a lie based on differences in systems) She's hanging around so she can raise her level back up. She is constantly followed by a team of Prinnies, known as the "Prinny Squad," who she abuses horribly. She's the worst boss in the world, dood... Or is she? Some believe she treats them so badly so they work more and faster so they can reincarnate sooner. Others just scoff and claim her a sadist. Whatever the reason, you don't want to work for her as a Prinny.



Typical of demons, Etna is lazy, narcissistic, and quite stuck up. She is also quite the sadist at times; her treatment of the Prinnies being the most obvious example. However, she does have a soft spot for her friends, though she tries not to show it, but is more open about it compared to Laharal. She has a noticeable flat chest complex. She also has an insane sweet tooth, and will do anything to get sweets if she desires them and will attempt to hurt or kill anyone who steals them. She is particularly fond of pudding, specifically pudding from the Sea of Gehenna.

Pre-SS History

Etna's History is much the same as shown in Disgaea. Go play it. We'll wait.

She claims she left the Overlord's castle after she and Laharal had (another) fight. The details of this fight are not yet known, though it's probably something petty like him eating her pudding.

SS History

Etna arrived at The House after kicking in the door with plans to raid it. And promptly got her ass handed to her. She blames this on a level drop. She's been hanging around since sharing her knowledge of Demons with the others.

After a run in with a member of Team Rocket called The Stabateur, many of Etna's Prinnies were kidnapped (due to him believing they were a new species of Pokemon) though it was promised they would be returned, alongside a Meowth balloon. The Prinnies were indeed returned the next day, simply because they almost ruined Team Rocket's Snorlax Dirigible. She also got her hot air balloon.

Black Mail

Before or during her time in the House, Etna began being blackmailed by the Mysterious Sailor Neggerra into spying on the Sailor Senshi and other inhabitants of the House. It seems Neggerra captured Laharal and Flonne and is holding them hostage. The two of them had a meeting while the group was on Kaguya island, where Neggerra reminded her of her job here and mentioned that she had other Sailor Senshi working for her, including Moon and Saturn.

Travels with Thrash

Thrash's second incarnation offered Etna and Miara a chance to travel with him while the House was in The Enchanted Forest. They traveled around for about 2 months.

Known Exploits

  • Stopping the planet of pastry people from using their cake gun to turn everything into cake. Etna claims they were quite tasty.
  • A stop in Ancient Egypt around the time the Sphinx's nose went missing.
  • A planet where things where upside down and Esher-esque.
  • A planet where the Daleks were worshiped as gods.

Double Cross

Etna eventually double crossed Sailor Neggerra (which is to be expected) and with a group of others, traveled to rescue Laharal and Flonne, but only succeeded in rescuing the latter. During this trip, her 4 vassals lost their souls.

Hanba Tomoe

"I'm Hanba Tomoe, the new human teacher at Evil Academy, pleased to meet you"
—"Hanba" introducing herself.

After discovering Laharal was being held in Evil Academy, Etna has gone undercover as the human teacher, "Hanba Tomoe," and pretends to be a relative of Hotaru and the Professor.

When disguised as Hanba, Etna wears her hair down, covering her ears and hides her wings and tail using her clothing and her red eyes with colored contacts making them appear purple. She dresses in a large lab coat, a simple dress and a t-shirt with a Prinny on the front. She also wears a pair of glasses that serve no purpose other then disguise.

Four Thrashs

Etna was one of Thrash's companions that was kidnapped Via Modified Time Scoop.



  • Prinny Raid: Prinny Carpet bombing! Etna commands her prinnies to rain from the sky bombing a single opponent.
  • Sexy Beam: It's powerful but.... Is it sexy? Etna leaps into the air and poses, releasing pink lasers in a heart pattern and many hearts. The center of the attack being empty is it's main flaw.
  • Chaos Impact: Would you like your enemies charcoaled?


  • Lightning Rod
  • Twisting Lunge
  • Mega Star
  • Falling Star
  • Turbulence
  • Divine Decent
  • Giga Star
  • Demoncannon Star


  • Etna owns a Hot Air balloon shaped like a Prinny's head.
  • Etna's title should be Demon Lord, however she hacked it to read Beauty Queen instead.
  • Despite being classified as a Demon Lord, her strength has been compared to that of an Overlord.
  • Etna has a huge sweet tooth and once sent a team of 1000 Prinnies to create the Ultimate Dessert.
  • Etna is aware of the fourth wall and has no problems breaking it for the sake of comedy.
  • If Etna is ever serious in her Next Episode skits, something bad is about to happen.
  • Etna owns the Sphinx's missing nose.
  • There are Manikens in Etna's form called "Unsatisfied Beauty."
  • Stats:
    • Weight: 40KG
    • Sizes: B71 W50 H75
    • Likes: Living Freely
    • Dislikes: Anyone who ruins her freedom
    • Respects: Former Overlord, Krichevskoy

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