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Eiry Saliena Densuo (nee Kortan)
Biographical information

Earth, xcheamo

Birth May 24 1979
Family Guyver (husband), Alta Liana (daughter), Saliena Eiry (twin), Ian (brother), Kara and Jonathan (parents), Tally (soulmate), large extended family


Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Gladiola (falcata), Nettle (curved knife), a few daggers


floral design, general artistic ability


Floral Heaven, the Roma Inn, The Bondgroup

First Appearance

Early 2007

Eiry has light red-blond hair, green eyes that turn slightly blue when she uses her astral gift, and pale, freckled skin with a thin, willowy build. She and Guyver Densuo were married on Monday, April 23, 2012, and she gave birth to daughter Alta on September 5, 2013. She lives mostly in the Quite (room 1111) on the 11th floor of The Hotel, with a secondary home in the apartment above her shop, Floral Heaven.

Character and Personality

She is normally a happy person, and has a strong drive to succeed. She has a strong bond with her fraternal twin, Saliena Eiry, and they stay in close contact with each other. She is rather quiet compared to most of her family, but does have a dynamic range of feeling when she chooses to reveal them. As a florist, she loves flowers, and is fluent in the Victorian Flower Language. Nature and art are a big part of her life in general, and she can't help but sing when she hears music.

Eiry also likes cute animals, but sometimes this bothers her.


Eiry is currently busy working on mostly high-end floral work and acting as CEO of a 2-store chain, trying to balance work with her home life with Guyver and raising daughter Alta. She’s also taken on a somewhat mentoring role to the Mongoosetiger Suzie, who quickly became rather attached to the family just before Alta’s birth and now helps out both with childcare and their home. Life keeps her busy so she doesn't get a chance to hang out in the lobby much these days.

On the evening of June 23, 2019 the world changed again for Eiry, and her family, when Tally reappeared, alive, well, and Changed, in the Hotel. Things are going to be complicated for a while, let alone figuring out what's going on.


In early October 2010, Eiry and Matsuo journeyed to what was supposed to be ruins on the Yucatan peninsula. However, they soon found themselves among an archaeological expedition and captured in a hidden city of native peoples. They helped overthrow a false god and restore the rightful ruler to the throne, although not without some troubles. More details can be found here. She later accompanied him on an adventure in Egypt.

In August 2010, Eiry joined Matsuo in an archaeological trip to the ruins of Mu. Details of the adventure are given on his page here. Although not really looking for anything to take away, she found a necklace which she now wears. More about it is here.

Since breaking up with Matsuo Shin on January 29, 2011, after a 6 month relationship, she found a new romantic interest in Souldier. He has made her a suit of purple flower armor, and besides several official dates, they have been on several hunts together, and usually hang out at the House on Sunday and Monday nights. They have become serious, having discussed the possibilities of bonding and marriage, and Eiry looks forward to where their relationship is headed.

In March 2011, she and her staff went to the Philadelphia Flower Show to gather inspiration for the shop and had a great time. This was completely derailed, however, by the record earthquake and tsunami of March 11. Since then, she has seen her shop run down and helped organize donations from Lupa throughout the world and is housing several volunteer counselors. Although it looks like the shop will survive, it's required some considerable sacrifice by both Eiry and her staff.

On May 31, 2011, a Hunter was discovered among the guests of the Roma Inn, largely due to Eiry's intuitive feelings of danger concerning Sali. The Hunter was successfully dealt with, but Eiry's right wrist was broken in the process.

Eiry and Guyver were engaged on the evening of Sunday, January 29, 2012. He made her a ring of green metal in the shape of twisted vines with yellow princess cut diamonds set into the band. This followed an event in which Guyver was killed, but resurrected a few harrowing days later. They have since accompanied Matsuo on a dangerous adventure, and weathered their first mating season together. They finally bonded in early April, 2012, and were married on April 23 of the same year. In July 2012, Eiry participated in the confrontation with a family of Hunters in Germany. She has a scar hidden under the fur near the end of her tail where Kristoff nearly cut through it. Although concerned about the fate of the 15 year old Chris, she hasn't seen him since that night, and wonders what will happen she does.

On December 10, 2012, Eiry was kidnapped while out jogging, prompting a search by Sali and Miara Mitsuki, who were later joined by Guyver and several other house denizens. After determining that time travel was involved, she was found some time later in a sewer under an old section of the city, beaten over several days, along with a message to the Tokyo Lupa. Once they got her back to the clinic, however, it was also discovered that she's pregnant--via embryo implantation. The EMH has determined that is it a girl. While the message is fairly self explanatory, it's yet unknown why someone did this, or what the point is. Although she and Guyver decided to keep the baby, she felt that the future is, for the most part, uncertain.

With baby Alta due in early September, the growing bond has made both Eiry and Guyver much more comfortable with where their lives are headed, and Eiry finally feels happy about having a baby, despite how it happened, which overshadowed what she'd normally feel for quite some time. She's looking forward to raising Alta, with only a few worries about how things may turn out.

Alta turned for birth on August 31 and September 1. Miara and Zan stayed with Eiry from Saturday until her labor started on the night of September 4. Eiry and Guyver went to his Minegard house to have the baby. Henry Raybill, the Roma Inn's Doctor, was asked to stand by. Alta was born in the morning on Thursday, September 5.


Eiry is from a close family and she grew up surrounded by relatives or people considered "like family." Therefore, she has a strong emphasis on family. She grew up at the Roma Inn in Belvidere, Lamoille County, Vermont. The inn is situated in a valley at the top of the county.

Her parents are first generation immigrants to the US from Ireland. They help operate an inn along with the extended "family," and she is used to being in service industries in which there is much focus on politeness and common courtesy to people.

Eiry and Saliena went to the public schools for all 12 years of their education, and for the most part stuck with their cousins despite being somewhat popular as the only twins. They didn't play any school sports, but enjoyed playing at home when they weren't needed to help with the business.

After high school, Eiry went to the community college and got a BA in business management and spent the next few years working for her family to repay her school bills, which they covered. Meanwhile, she and Tally were making their plans for opening Floral Heaven. Tally chose the name, and Eiry chose Tokyo as a place to specialize in American plants and flowers, and also to cater to the high foreign population there.

About Eiry

She has always enjoyed traveling and exploring new places, and when she was a senior in high school began taking trips to different cities in the world. She saves up money until she has enough for a visit to the next city on her list and does this 2—4 times a year. So far she has been to 30 different cities around the world. Eiry also enjoys music and singing. Although she only has rudimentary skills in reading music or playing an instrument, she has a good voice and sings well. She is a soprano and sounds a bit like OLIVIA. She prefers light and Celtic music, and light alternative bands like vertical horizon. She'll listen to whatever's on wherever she is without changing it. However, when she has her headphones on she's usually listening to some songs that she and Sali recorded before she left home. They each have a copy.

Skills Eiry has learned include handling the finances of a business and getting around in foreign places via maps or picking up simple phrases from language guides. She had learned to use her sword and also occasionally trains her other defense skills. Her goal is to gain proficiency with her other weapons, but she knows it's unlikely she'll become a master with any of them. So long as she can pick something up and inflict damage with it when necessary, this doesn't bother her.

Good colors for Eiry are mint green and orchid purple, and she usually prefers pastel colors. However, she doesn’t really care what colors she wears. She usually wears basic styles of clothing that travel well. She has a lot of the same things for work, as being a florist introduces a lot of stains to them.

Growing up in an inn with traditional home cooking that included eating whatever the hunters brought home makes Eiry a very unpicky eater, and she doesn’t mind eating weird things so long as they taste good. However, she is the kind of person who will go through the day with whatever she’s doing and then when someone else has food realizes she hasn’t eaten since breakfast.

Things she has problems with include cruelty, sitting still for long periods of time, intolerance, and her pager. It's set to emit a sound too high for normal Terrans to hear, so it's like a dog whistle. It's meant to keep her from ignoring it. Since an incident in the house shortly after she moved to Tokyo, she's had problems with claustrophobia. This was brought on by spending a few minutes in Zaira's astral pocket, where she was kept safe from a Hunter.

Eiry usually sleeps from 12AM to 6AM.

Her theme songs have included Solar Halfbreed and Nothing's Gonna take My Love by Olivia Lufkin, Bluebird by Ayumi Hamasaki, and Better Day by Nana Tsuchiya.

Eiry's Apartment

Eiry's apartment is located directly above her shop. While it is small, it has seen many people come and go over the years. Eiry and Tally lived there together from January 2007 until his death in September of the same year. It wasn't until after Tally's death that Eiry got around to painting. The kitchen is an orchid purple, the living room light green, the bedroom is light blue, and the bathroom is a pale yellow. She also made a simple window seat of wood for the living room.

Edar came to Tokyo in November and ended up staying and working for the shop. Some time later, his sister Kai joined them, and the three lived there together for quite some time, although they all spent a lot of time in other places since it's so small. A couch finally appeared in the living room after Kai's arrival, replacing a pile of pillows and blankets that previously served this function. Kai did most of the cooking, and most of the real utensils and cooking appliances accumulated after she graduated high school in 2008.

Edar moved out when Nana asked him to move in with her, and Kai has lived there off and on with Eiry since then. Immediately after the earthquake and tsunami of April 2011, many relief workers overnighted in the apartment on their way to and from disaster areas, most of them Lupa from around the world. Maret lived there for about two months in the summer of 2011 after she was kicked out of her previous apartment. During this time, the bedroom and living room were both rearranged, and many of the plants were doubled.

Most of the furniture in the apartment is simple and understated, able to lend itself to various styles. There are only two or three hung pictures in the entire apartment; the main piece in the living room was painted by Zaira and is a landscape of where Miara traced Eiry's ancestors to on Xcheamo. The few low shelving units contain books, movies, and photo albums. There is a small TV which sits on small a wheeled cart. There are many plants, which can be found in all the rooms. There is a small washer and dryer in the kitchen.


Eiry has already participated in more bonds than most Lupa do in their lifetimes, and knows more about bonds than most Touched. She is quite confident in this area, and knows how to handle bonded relationships well.


The most important relationship in Eiry's life so far has been with her twin Saliena Eiry, called Sali for short. They do look a lot alike, although Sali is shorter, more curvy, and wears glasses (these are like reading glasses, but for a Lupa this makes her rather badly off). Her hair is usually pulled back in a braid to keep it out of the way.

Although both are Gifted but not Touched, the effect of their twinbond makes it as though they were Touched, if only with each other. The two were only physically separated for first time in high school when Eiry went on her first trip, and it was a very different experience for them. They had never really known life, or thought of themselves, without the other.

Eiry is the more outgoing one in public. However, they are both very protective of each other when threatened. Sali is more of a homebody while Eiry is more adventurous and has always known that she would not stay at home. At home, Sali is much more in her element, and much more dominating in her affections and leadership of the inn's kitchen. This and her staying in the pack during their separation have upped her dominance a bit, and at least at home, she is now more dominant than Eiry.

Because of their bond, they are able to feel each other no matter how physically far apart they are. This is usually how the other is feeling, and any intense situations or emotions come through to the other. They can also communicate to each other through this bond, though it's not telepathy. They know each other better than anyone else, and share secrets about themselves no one else knows.

Saliena is the domestic goddess of the family, and can usually be found in the inn's kitchen turning out first-rate food or cleaning one of the rooms. She is mated to Jake, and their son Nathan was born on January 22, 2009 and their daughter Lavinia (Livy) was born in January 2014.


Tally was not born Lupa, but was adapted into the community when his parents were killed in car crash. He quickly formed a friendship with Eiry and Sali, and the three became a trio and had a close friendship. However, he discovered his ability with plants and flower arranging about the same time Eiry was discovering hers. It wasn't long after this that their constant use of the same gift in tandem formed a soulbond between them.

Tally and Eiry moved to Japan and opened Floral Heaven together, and he was the main florist there until his death in September of 2007 (Sept 18). He is the only person Eiry has Changed.

His reappearance in the summer of 2019 completely changed her life again, and they are moving forward with a bit of new understanding.

In Tokyo

Eiry is also now very close with Miara, and while the two would normally have never met, they consider themselves best friends. This will naturally be hard for them both when Miara leaves in a few years, but for now they share most things and exchange all the House news with each other.

She is also rather close to Kai, having taken the younger girl into her home and under her wing when she first moved to Tokyo in 2008. They have a part friend, part mentor relationship.

Places Eiry has Been

Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C., Dallas, San Francisco & Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, London, Edinburgh & Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Lima, Cairo, Alexandria, Casablanca, Tunis, Prague, Athens, Venice, Rome, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rio de Janeiro, Manilla, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Canaima National Park (Monte Roraima/Angel Falls)


Eiry was retconned in April 2010 to erase her mated relationship with Raihosha, since his player had been absent for quite some time. They went out a few times, and mutually decided they'd rather be friends based on the fact that they were only able to get together about 3 times in as many months due to their busy schedules. The original entry on the relationship is below:

Eiry and Rai bonded on December 15, 2007, and due to the overrun of people in her apartment, Eiry subsequently moved to Aescapulus. However, they're both very busy people and don't actually see each other all that much more. She's getting to know all the members of his large household, but is closer to Carlos, Mongoosetiger, Juanita, and Rachael.