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Biographical information



September 16


Scarlet (Wife), No others living


Competitive sharpshooter, inventor, masseuse, artist


Gunarm Dyne

Physical description




Hair color

Milk chocolate brown

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Martial arts

Life Before #ss2

Dyne (real name uknown) is a living example of "that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." Before his arrival in #ss2, he had become the victim of an attack that left the left half of his body burned beyond repair. He was able to work around that problem by using what was left of his family's fortune, which he had inherited after the death of his parents, in order to replace his left half with a cybernetic unit, complete with life support and weapons system.

The cause of the attack was due to a case of mistaken identity, in which his then-girlfriend, nicknamed "V," was killed in the same attack. V looked a great deal like Aino Minako, and was cosplaying as Sailor Venus that day. While Dyne and V made their way to a convention, they were attacked by Eudial, who thought that V was the real Minako. She shielded Dyne with her body, and while he survived the assault, with the burns, she did not.

Life in #ss2

When Dyne first appeared, he had one matter of business on his mind: revenge. He had spent the past several years seeking out the person who had destroyed his left half while obtaining a few magical artifacts and training in preparation to defeat that person. However, over those years, he had forgotten exactly how the attack had taken place and his memories of V had become repressed. Due to his lack of real focus, he tended to get in trouble with other characters.

He remained like this for a good while, until he came face to face with Sakura Xadium Aino, whose similar appearance and attitude to V's triggered his memories and allowed him to remember more of that day. By working together with Sakura, he was able to learn that Eudial was the one he was searching for and that he and Sakura now had a common enemy. After Sakura defeated Eudial herself, she gave Dyne his chance to defeat her, but not before he'd finished preparations and collected the Dragonballs. By this time, he had actually fallen for Sakura, and come to realize that pursuing revenge on its own was pointless.

Dyne did fight and defeat Eudial, but didn't kill her. Rather, he used one of his two wishes to erase her memory and allow her to start a new life, free from her own past conflicts. He then used his second wish to start over himself, restoring his humanity and erasing peoples' memories of him. He stopped coming by as often as before in an attempt to avoid the risk of those memories returning and took on jobs that would require quite a bit of traveling.

Current Events

Due to being away for good lengths of time, Dyne hasn't been involved in a lot of #ss2 events lately. Because of this, he tends to feel guilty for not being there when he's needed, especially when it comes to Scarlet.


Dyne had been dating Scarlet for over a year when he proposed to her on February 14. They got married on July 11.

Dyne is fairly quiet, and will usually only enter into a conversation if the other party speaks to him first. He won't say much, but is willing to listen. He will fight for his friends and tends to be hard on himself when he thinks he wasn't giving it his all. Otherwise, he believes in doing all he can and letting things beyond his control fall into place, thus making it look like he can be a little too relaxed at times.


Dyne is an expert in hand to hand combat, and can even use ki abilities to an extent. He's also an expert marksman and his main source of income is participating in sharpshooting competitions around the world, but he plans to find something closer to home so he won't be separated from Scarlet.

Random Trivia

Only Dyne knows his real name, but has left it behind since his life has completely changed from when he used it. The name Dyne is adopted from the Final Fantasy VII character of the same name as their situations involving artificial attachments to their bodies is nearly identical.