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Merrill Blacklight
Biographical information


Birth May 26
Family Kurisutaru & Leudast Blacklight and Solarchos & Inu-Kitsune (grandparents), Remi Blacklight (father), Natalia Amestris (mother), Adair Blacklight (aunt), Hideki (brother), Aveline (twin sister), younger brother

Princess, left hand of the Unmei throne


Dread Wolf, DreadWolf

Physical description

Unmein Demon



Hair color


Eye color





Fen'Harel (staff), daggers, throwing knives, katana, longbow


magic, dual-wield daggers, swordsmanship, archery


Unmei Royal Family

First Appearance

Granddaughter to Queen Kurisutaru and King Leudast, Merrill is the inheritor of the title of "Left Hand". She is unafraid to get her hands dirty for the sake of protecting her older brother Hideki's reputation from being tarnished. She has no care for the blood on her hands, and has studied many schools of magic and fighting. She is also the inheritor of her grandmother's position as commander of the military, and has many agents throughout the noble houses of Unmei and Egae.


Growing up, Merrill was born as one of the royal twins of the Blacklight line. Descended from the royal families of Unmei and Egae, she has inherited the golden eyes and black hair of the Blacklight line, as well as the wolf blood while having a combination of magic from both royal houses. She was spoiled yet disciplined, educated strictly by her grandparents and parents from an early age to keep her magic controlled. She has been taught the mannerisms that are expected of a princess while also being allowed to play and run about as any normal child.


Once Merrill reached 14 she was allowed to begin training in archery, dual-wielding, and swordsmanship. She was also taught stealth and interrogation, and was trained by her maternal grandmother in being a spymaster.

At the age of 16, Merrill was introduced to society proper as being eligible for marriage, during a ball that had Merrill on her toes and using every ounce of her training to appear interested in the majority of the higher noblemen that danced with her and sought to gain her favor to raise their own standing within the royal court. After the ball was finished, Merrill used the names from her dance card to investigate each noble house, using visits to other noblewomen to gain gossip about the men, and to spread her own share of gossip about them. Having proven herself too smart to be fooled by charming smiles and polite words, Merrill soon found the offers for her hand dwindling; much to her pleasure.