Coalition of the Guardian Republic

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The Coalition of the Guardian Republic is a multitude of star systems that exist in the Guardian Universe. The principal capital of the Coalition is Guardia Prime in the Kanorian Star System. Currently there are over 100 different sentient species and their principal homeworlds that are a part of this political group. There are well over 10 trillion citizens that live within the political borders of this powerful alliance.

Principal Star Systems


Home of Guardia Prime, the principal capital of the Coalition, as well as three other planets currently being terraformed for use by the Coalition. The star is a mainsequence yellow star of approximately 4 billion years old, and sits about 90 light years from Sol. Using advanced stealth technology, this star system has successfully remained hidden from the rest of the galaxy just before the Great Fall, an event that allowed the rise of the Rolinian Empire and the fall of the original Guardian Republic.


Home of Earth and Humans, there are many things different with this world. The island of Okinawa successfully secede in the 1970s and became the United States' 51st state in 1974. Puerto Rico would later become the 52nd state in 1982. The United States was subject to a Red Invasion however 6 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union by angry displaced soldiers and generals from Sakhalin Island. Using Mexico and other nations corruptibility and a few nukes for EMPs, the United States was brought to her knees. However Kevin and Aliana Junia would rise alongside other heroes to save their nation. The United States of America has since become the United States of North America. Sakhalin Island is the main area of control of the Guardian Republic. By this point, half the nations on Earth have joined the Coalition including the USNA, Japan, Ireland, Sweden, Israel, the European Union, Australia, unified Republic of Korea, and others.

Notable people: Kevin Junia, Aliana Junia, Carlos Icelean, Kellie Tyger, Shea Talloy, Myuu Takeda, Kenshin Takeda, Natalie Goldman, more to be added...

Alpha Centauri

The Tri-Star system of Alpha Centauri is home to the Lenari (Light Elves) and Denari (Dark Elves). Both factions had fought a long civil war until the arrival of the Guardian Republic. They have since put aside their differences and joined the Coalition. Their homeworld is known as Enari.

Notable people:


The Dog Star is home to the world of Canisia, where the Canisian Dog Warriors reside.

Notable people: Furrus Barkonis, Loo Growlitz,


The bright yellow star of Nekoa is home to the Nekonians, the cats who look human except for their tails and cat ears. Their homeworld is Nekonia, and is considered very fertile.

Notable people: Ai Yuroti, Midori Yuroti, Lori Tersa


The Coku-Lida star system is home to the galaxy's island paradise world of Coku-Lida. Basically Hawaii and Risa rolled into one.


Home of the world of Draconia and the much feared Draconians. Draconians are the Dragons that humans have painted pictures of all through out history. It is believed that there are portals that connect Earth and Draconia from time to time, allow these Dragons to cross the boundaries of space without a starship.


Home of the "Abominable Snowmen," the world of Glaci is stuck in a perpetual ice age. That's okay because the Glaciens prefer the cold to the "harsh" temperate weather on Coku-Lida.

Notable people: Faleen Sy'ina

Starships of note

GRS Kamernari Ryu

Flagship of the Coalition of the Guardian Republic's 8th Fleet, it is also the starship of choice for Shogun Kevin Junia. It is the first of the Kamenari Ryu class super battleships. However, the current ship is the third to hold the distinct name of 'Thunder Dragon'. All three fought during the Rolinian War, but the first two were damaged to badly to be salvageable for reuse. The first one, thought to be destroyed completely, was actually found. Investors helped rebuild the legendary warship, and turned it into a museum high above Guardia Prime's orbit.

GRS Jupiter

This warship has the distinct pleasure of being the first in the most respected line of battleships in the Jupiter class. Unlike the super battleships of the Kamenari Ryu, the Jupiter are a lot more numerous and have helped secured countless victories. The Jupiter herself, was actually the ship that broke the Rolinians' 2nd Defensive Line Fleet's back. Been in countless skirmishes and battles, she has well over 500 enemy vessels sunk to her credit.

The current Commanding Officer is Admiral Mifune Nagamoto, and he tends to be a no nonsense leader. He is honored to be in command of a warship in the famed 8th Fleet, and has done everything he can to add to the ship's and fleet's legacy. However sometimes he can rub his fellow flag officers and subordinates the wrong way. He does however have the full respect and allegiance to those who serve under him, a testament to his leadership abilities.

GRS Zhuge Liang

Named after the famed Shu Kingdom strategist from the Chinese Three Kingdoms era, only one ship has been named in his honor so far. This ship is a Venus class light cruiser, and has stood the test of time so far. The current Commanding Officer of this is Aaron MacKenzie of Earth. He has fought in 25 battles commanding the Zhuge Liang, bringing down over 100 enemy vessels.

GRS Shingen Takeda

Another vessel named after a famed strategist, this time arguably Japan's greatest strategist who lived in the Sengoku period. Just like the name sake, this vessel has proven itself in battles and been a valuable component to the 8th Fleet. It is a Saturn class battlecruiser, that was commissioned just before Shogun Junia's arrival with the 8th Fleet. The Rolinian Fleet commanders respected this vessel, but despised it at the same time. The current Commanding Officer is Captain Chiyo Matan of Nekon.

GRS Furinkazan

The flagship of the Coalition's 5th Fleet, it is only fitting that this ship is commanded by Fleet Admiral Kenshin Takeda, a descendent of the legendary Shingen himself. There have been two ships to carry the name of the Takeda family war banner, the second being a Saturn class battle-cruiser. Kenshin prefers the maneuverability that such a ship offers, compared to the raw power of a battleship or the swarm style of a carrier.

GRS Silence Glaive

This special vessel is a modified Saturn Class Battlecruiser, with the ability to travel through time. It is equipped with a special interplantery drive as well as the normal hypercore that all Kanorian ships generally have. To go along with that, they are equipped with powerful sensors to help them in their mission. That primary mission is to go the past and log history that had once been thought lost, but not to interfere. To further assist in this endeavor is the rare cloaking device that is installed into the ship. It also has formidable advance weaponry, shields, and thrusters. The current Commanding Officer is Captain Lewis Aldone of Enari (Lenari type).