Cake Gun

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A Cake Gun is a gun which turns things into cake! While presumably rare in the universe, Miara Mitsuki secretly picked up one while traveling with the Time Lord Thrash when they met a species who maliciously wanted to turn the universe into cake.

Miara's cake gun is very small, fitting easily into a pocket. While it has a slider adjustment for how much mass it can transmute at one time, its highest settings will not work on things with mass more than the average house cat. It also will not work on any biological creature with a brain still intact, a feature she asked Thrash to install after a mouse ran in front of an orange she was turning into cake. Seeing as she wasn't supposed to have the gun, it was an awkward moment, but Thrash allowed her to keep it with the modification.

The most extensive use of this gun so far has been while Miara was pregnant with Zalan and always hungry; she often made cake out of fruits and vegetables in The House kitchen with most people none the wiser. However, many inhabitants found the results delicious.