Brennin Bran

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Brennin Bran
Biographical information



March 15, 1983





Physical description




Hair color

very dark brown

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people skills, tech

Bran is a trader and is most often traveling about in space on his ship, Arabella's Venture. Although he occasionally gets himself into trouble, he's also got a knack for getting out of it again.

Character and Personality

Prefers to go by Bran, which he gives and treats as his given name. He tends to get into interesting situations, meet interesting people (especially pretty girls, though he routinely doesn’t actually score), and find interesting bits of technology and such. He is very spontaneous and callous, and likes to have a good time. Despite appearances, he does genuinely care about other people—when he wants to. He tends to go somewhere, stays until he gets bored (though he doesn’t always put much effort into relationships and people too keep himself interested) and moves on. He loves a new experience, and ignores things like politics when possible. Occasionally forgets that other people aren’t like him when back on Earth. He is, however, very intelligent, and can be quite creative when he wants to be. He likes beauty and design, and the laughter of women. When he is depressed, he is very depressed. A night owl, he tents to stay up until it's nearly morning and then sleep as long as possible.


Although not himself from Wales, his mother was, and she named him such because “she thought it sounded pretty.” She was an elite performer (like Cirque du Soleil) and his father could be one of several men from a few weeks in Stockholm. She returned to performing after having him, and he saw many shows and cities with her. Although he’s rather agile, he’s not gifted in such ways himself, and he’s met several aliens and bartered his way off the planet in his mid teens. He’s crafty enough to talk his way in and out of things, and has since acquired a small vessel and fortune to drift around the solar system/galaxy as he pleases—or at least until he’s reclaimed his fortune. He has seen mermaids and other such alluring creatures on different planets, etc.

In the later part of 2007 he met Miara when they quarreled over fabric at a kilt stall, and then kept running into her at various places. They went on some space travels together in January 2008.


Bran normally makes his money in trade transport, and also in some gambling. He also sometimes sells small patents for gadgets or other tech-related things. But he is a general drifter, taking on things in each place and rises fast. As such, he's made many contacts.


Bran is tall and lean, with very dark brown hair (almost black) and green eyes. His style ranges from "edgy Earth guy" to eclectic with non-Terran styles. He often has fun with different hair styles.


Skills and Abilities

Talking, impressing people, getting along in new places, etc. Modifying found technology to do things he needs (like translation, money, etc.).