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Asagi Asagiri
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The eternal main character of the the next game

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Chibi Transformation.

First Appearance
"In the name of the wandering protagonist, I hereby challenge the lead character in this new game!"
—Asagi in Soul Nomad
"Asagi (A-Saw-gee): Since her appearance in Nippon Ichi Software's Summer Greetings, she's been prowling inside various titles in hopes of becoming the main character someday. She's the Eternal "Main Character of the Next Title." Her voice and personality change with every appearance."
—Merihem Netherster Dictionary

Asagi is a young woman obsessed with becoming the main character of a video game. She wanders from game to game, and plot line to plot line, attempting a hostile game (or plot) take-over. However she's only ever appeared as a secret character

Origin and Pre-SS History

"How could a talking book freak her out? ....The next game's not another serious drama is it?"

Asagi first appeared as a secret character in "Makai Kingdom" as a preview of the next game. The supposed game "Makai Wars" never surfaced. Since then, she's appeared as a secret character (mostly playable, but always a boss) in almost every NIS game set in their standard shared canon since.

In each of her appearances, she attempts a hostile show takeover and tries to steal the lead role in some way, which normally ends with a fight between her and the current Main Charcter.

She got her big break in "Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!," where she's the main playable character of the "Asagi Wars" mode, albeit in the form of a black prinny, due to her death at the end of Asagi Mode of "Prinny: Can I really be the Hero?" where she's the main villain.

All these appearances are canon, though Soul Nomad's is an alternate universe due to her blowing up the world.

Disgaea 5, however, saw the biggest change for the "Eternal Main Character". She had gone to the Netherworld Double Illusion to take care of a target, but the longer one lingers on this Netherworld, the more shades of that person tend to crop up. A multitude of Asagi shades popped up here, emulating and exaggerating one of three of Asagi's behaviors--- the meek crybaby, the aspiring idol, and a malicious-minded being.

After Killia's group handled a group consisting of 100 Asagi shades, the real deal showed up to finish off one last one, and joined his cause.


Asagi is a young human woman with short black hair and black eyes. A pair of white clips are in her hair. She wears a black shirt with thin straps and a white jacket with black fur lining the edges and a large blue Plus or cross on the back. She also wears two overly large beige belts used to hold her guns, black short shorts (with a normal sized white belt), and thigh high black boots.


"Summer Greetings!"

Asagi's personality changes each time she appears. She's had personalities ranging from a meek girl that cries easily, a violent woman ready to take games by force, to something resembling insanity, complete with the emergence of what appears to be a split personality, where she becomes far more angry and speaks with a Brooklyn accent.

The Asagi shades found on Double Illusion tended to have crybaby, idol, or malicious personalities to them. When the true Asagi joined Killia's group, she was notably much calmer and collected than her past incarnations tended to be.


Semi-Canon Appearance

Asagi first appeared in SS during Filler Arc 2011 and attacked various members of the house (and blew up the world). After having some unfinished plot-lines handed to her by Raihosha and discovering she appeared during filler, she ran off shouting she'll return during a non-filler arc.

Zombie Slayer

During the mission to find information on the missing Time Sages, Asagi appeared demanding the plot line. Rai agreed to give it to her, causing her to run off to kill the zombies. Once gone, Eitak mentioned it didn't take because Asagi went off-screen and refused to give up the real lead. Asagi helped kill the dungeon boss then ran off after returning home.


Humanoid Form

  • Assault Star
  • Magical Bullet

Monster "Chibi" Form

  • Magichange: Gun
    • Magical Armour
    • Metamorphosis


  • After staring in Asagi wars, Asagi became something of an Idol in the netherworld and regained her human form. However as it was a secret mode, she's still not a main character.
  • There are multiple other Asagis including a succubus, a beetle, a large muscle man Asagi Scharwznature, a demon Asai, multiple zombie Asagis, an 8 bit Asagi, A chibi Asagi riding an Asagi robot, Idol Asagi and an evil twin named Asagi Kurosugi.
  • In addition to the game Makai Wars, Asagi was to star in a movie of the same name, but the movie, after having been in development for 100s of years, was ruined by Axel. It was skipped for the sequel Makai Wars II.
  • Asagi particapted in the 39th budokai, however she lost in the first round.