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Biographical information
Family The Langister family

Familiar, Babysitter


Arasu, Ara

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color





Squeaky mallet, Sledge-O-Matic


Levitation, limited teleportation, comic relief, and astute observation.


Solarchos' family

First Appearance

Aratasujou is a part of the Langister household. Originally given to Solarchos as a gift by Morrigan back in 2010, Aratasujou quickly became a loyal, highly valued, and deeply trusted friend of the family.


Aratasujou is silly, light-hearted, playful, and optimistic. Her outlook on life and the world in general tends to be simple and unsophisticated. Anger seems to be an emotion she's incapable of feeling, and when she does get upset it's a temporary event that is quickly forgotten a few minutes later, often when something else distracts her. Any telepathic scans made upon her will only detect joy and elation combined with a sense that can only be described as "I'm alive."


Her normal duties within the Langister household not only include watching over the Kits (a job she excels at) but also helping with maintenance by assisting others with their work. She'll happily play with the Kits, assist Inu-Kit with her regular day-to-day overseeing of the estate, remind Solarchos that he needs to sleep in order to avoid migraines, help serve meals when the family sits down to eat, and otherwise act as part of the family.

Wait, Don't Eat That!

If Aratasujou has any kind of fault, it's her cooking. While she can be invaluable in the kitchen acting as an assistant, something always goes wrong when she tries to cook on her own. Regardless of the dish, it always appears and smells edible to people with normal Human-type noses, but the flavor is always wrong. Everything tastes too salty or spicy, too bland, too greasy, burnt (when it shows no signs of being burnt) or most often of all, the food just tastes utterly different. Bacon and scrambled eggs might wind up tasting like rhubarb pie and pancakes with chicken gravy poured over it, a salad might taste like beef enchiladas, etc. Even the act of merely pouring milk on cereal can radically alter its taste in completely unpredictable ways (such as making it taste like brown rice seasoned with paprika). Just how Aratasujou manages to accomplish this continues to baffle scientists and theoretical physicists for well over a year now.

Designs and Origins

Aratasujou was designed by the Tanar'ri in 2010 as part of a special request made years prior. Built using a mixture of conventional technology and magic, Aratasujou could be best described as a technomagical cyborg. She is fully sentient with a neural-net processor that enables her to function with the equivalence of Human intelligence, having an IQ of roughly 110. However, most people who see or hear her tend to assume she's far less intelligent due to her peculiar speech, characterized by imperfect grammar and unusual use of syntax. This is deliberate on her part, as it makes people underestimate and disregard her. Those who know her better know that she's capable of surprisingly astute observations.