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The Pop Group

Apple Musume。 (アプル娘。) is an American-based, J-Pop idol-styled pop group. Formed in the summer of 2009 after a series of auditions in New York City, the group made an informal debut at Anime Expo on July 5th, appearing alongside sister group, Morning Musume。, and performing an English language cover of "Summer Night Town."

In mid-December of 2009, the group ended an East Coast tour with a concert in Madison Square Garden. At the end of the concert, Allison Blitz graduated from the group and handed leadership to eldest member, Jean Minakaze.


Generation 1

  • Georgia Frazier, 19 (Leader) (Represents Brooklyn) — Color: blue
  • Clover Koenig, 18 (Represents Queens) — Color: yellow
  • Marcy Delgado, 17 (Represents the Bronx) — Color: lavender

Generation 2

  • Portia Edwards, 18 (Sub-leader) (Represents Philadelphia) — Color: red
  • Roxy King, 17 (Represents Brooklyn) — Color: orange
  • Monica Dixon, 17 (Represents Queens) — Color: ivy

Generation 3

  • Sita Patel, 16 (Represents Staten Island) — Color: amber

Generation 4

  • Cait Torrisi, 18 (Represents Staten Island) — Color: white
  • Rosa Hernandes, 17 (Represents Brooklyn) — Color: cocoa
  • Josephina "Josie" Hernandes, 16 (Represents Brooklyn) — Color: chai
  • Maria Dae, 16 (Represents Manhattan) — Color: silver

Generation 5

  • Toni Wen, 17 (Represents Manhattan) — Color: scarlet
  • Honey Hendriks, 17 (Represents Queens) — seafoam
  • Greta Lund, 16 (Represents the Bronx) — pastel pink
  • Abby Maddox, 14 (Represents New Jersey) — purple

Graduated Members

  • Allison Blitz (Represented New Jersey) — Color: green (unofficial)
  • Jean Minakaze, 20 (Represents Manhattan) — Color: pink


  • Central Perk
    • Sub-unit focused on dancing skill.
  • Final Bow
    • Sub-unit focused on vocal skill.
  • Senior Class
    • Sub unit focusing on mature themes.
  • Prom Committee
    • Sub-unit focused on youth.
  • Daughters of Liberty
    • Sub-unit made up of the original 5 members (rumored)



  • Put Your Face On/Summer Night Town
    • Lead Vocals: Allison, Jean (both songs)
    • The first single released by the group. "Put Your Face On" is about a girl setting up a party, fretting over what to wear and how to wear it. Though derided by critics as being too focused on promoting a overly cosmetic image to girls, the single charted well, helped by an English-language cover of Morning Musume's second single.
  • Social/LOVE Machine
    • Lead Vocals: Jean, Marcy on "Social", Allison, Jean on "LOVE Machine"
    • "Social" is an R&B-inspired song, the girls singing about being at a party just to be seen and be talked about, comparing themselves to "richest witches of the west." The blogs questioned the meaning behind those words, with some guessing it was aimed at various socialites who grew to fame in the recent decade for being rich heiresses. This was later confirmed on an episode of The View by Marcy.
  • Jai Ho! (Japan-only Release)
    • Lead Vocals: Clover
    • This single came with two versions: One in English and one in Japanese. Released to promote the Blu-ray edition of Slumdog Millionaire in Japan, with a video shot in the subways of downtown New York City. A.R. Rahman, who wrote the original song, chose Clover for the lead vocals, saying her voice carried the meaning of the song well in both English and Japanese.
  • Study Break/Do It! Now
    • Lead Vocals: Clover, Georgia on "Study Break", Jean, Allison on "Do It! Now"
    • A mid-tempo ballad, "Study Break" has the girls sing of their crush on a tutor. Although it's never stated whether the tutor is a student or a teacher, the casting of a 20-something model didn't help stop any controversy. Going on record, Allison stated that it was an innocent song, going on to claim that anyone making such assumptions had dirty thoughts to begin with. This was Allison's last single with the group.


  • Point/This is Unmei
    • Lead Vocals: Jean, Clover on "Point", Georgia, Marcy on "This is Unmei"
    • "Point" is a much harsher-sounding song than the previous releases, with a sound closer to alternative rock. For promotion, they performed the single on Saturday Night Live, as well as their English cover of Melon Kinen-bi's "This is Unmei." This is the only single with just the four first-gen members, and the last of the double A-side singles.
  • Bad Romance (c/w Aruiteru)
    • Lead Vocals: Georgia, Clover
    • The first single produced by Lady Gaga, and the debut single for the second-generation members. This took Apple Musume。 in a new direction, both with their visual style and their musical harmonizing. The b-side track, a cover of Morning Musume。's single "Aruiteru", wasn't translated into English. When asked why, Gaga said that, try as she might, she could not retain the original meaning and emotion of the song in any translation, so she just had them record it with the original Japanese lyrics.
  • New York City Girls (underground release)
    • Lead Vocals: Jean, Portia
    • Released as a 'come back' to Katy Perry's "California Gurls", the Apples released this as a digital single (not through iTunes or Napster, but through RapidShare and other similar sites) charging nothing for the file, and actively encouraged people to share it with their friends on a YouTube video. Leader Jean is quoted as saying "We don't need to make you pay for a song about what you already know [...] We're just as hot as girls in Cali, but we're a classier breed."
  • Alejandro (c/w Bombshell)
    • Lead Vocals: Georgia, Roxy
    • This single is used by the group as a social commentary on gang culture and violence and their effect on their city's youth, which is especially evident in the music video. Emulating a telenovela, the girls discuss the rumors going around about their little circle and their families. The coupled with track is a bit of a mood whiplash, however, with light-hearted lyrics about pin-up girls.


  • We R Who We R (c/w Untouched, Neon, Firework)
    • Lead Vocals: Georgia, Roxy
    • A song meant to unite the youth of America, We R Who We R was an anthem for everyone not afraid to be themselves. The coupling tracks see the group split three ways, with two sub-groups (Central Perk and Final Bow) and Jean solo.
  • Judas (c/w Stigma/ta)
    • Lead Vocals: Gaga, Jean, Portia
    • This single was a collaboration with their producer, Lady Gaga. The single is the only release of them together; the future albums for both acts have their own versions of the song. This was the first single to feature third generation member, Sita Patel. Critical reviews were mixed, and a video some thought to be sacrilegious didn't help.
  • Lost In You (c/w Fortune)
    • Lead Vocals: Sita, Monica
    • This R&B-flavored single was the first lead for sole 3rd Generation member Sita, and the critics all said that she proved herself with this song, completely surprising those that said a thirteen-year-old with no prior singing experience could hold a melody on her own. Singing about a single conversation with a crush, the song topped the charts.
  • Edge of Glory (c/w Pick Me Up)
    • Lead Vocals: Georgia, Portia
    • The song, released to promote their upcoming tour, gives an ending to a love story, with the girls talking about having won and, despite everything coming to a close, feeling like it was all worth it. The video depicts the group on a road trip, visiting various sites and pitfalls, before returning to New York City in time for class.


  • Till The World Ends (c/w Why Can't Women Be Showy?)
    • Lead Vocals: Marcy, Monica
    • A fairly simple dance track to start the new year with, the girls sing about just wanting to dance their cares away, no matter the place or time. With a video depicting the end of the world, critics posed the theory that the girls wanted to poke fun at the dooms day predictions for the end of the year.
  • Heavy Metal Lover (c/w Ace)
    • Lead Vocals: None
    • In a song with no heavy metal, the older members introduce the fourth generation of girls to the group. The idea was posed to have the new members dress like "good girls" to be inducted into a girl gang, represented by the older girls. This lead to a number of "family" groups denouncing the Apples, especially after it was revealed one of the new members is a lesbian.
  • Get Outta My Way (c/w How Soon Is Now?)
    • Lead Vocals: Jean, Portia
    • A cover of the Kylie Minogue hit for the joint cover album with DISCOTHEQUE, the Apples decided to go a somewhat serious route. The video, shot before they went on their joint world tour, showed them all leaving their fictional boy/girlfriends, eventually coming to an all-ages dance club to find something better. Feminist blogs were a little mixed in their reactions, but not the fans; the single was their highest selling at the time.
  • Lolita (c/w Cut Off)
    • Lead Vocals: Sita, Georgia, Maria
    • The group takes another unusual dark turn in their music with this track, the girls sing about being the dolls and play things of boys and men. The video draws parallels with conspiracy theories about the music industry, with the three leads playing brainwashed assassins before waking up, thinking everything to be a dream. This is heightened by the album cover, with monarch butterflies and "sex kitten" imagery very prominent.
  • Evacuate The Dance Floor / Here's To Never Growing Up (c/w Shake Your Love [Reg. Ed] / Miles Apart (Jean Solo) [Spec. Ed.])
    • Lead Vocals: Jean, Monica, Josie / Jean, Marcy, Sita
    • The first double A-side in a few years, this single marked the Graduation of Jean Minakaze from the group. The two a-side tracks were meant to contrast in sound, with a dance track leading the single and a mellow, rock-inspired track following. The solo song for Jean was released with a music video, showing her waiting for a plane to take her off to college.


  • Dazzling (c/w Maximum Flora)
    • Lead Vocals: Clover, Rosa
    • A modern disco track, the single boasted brass, strings and synths all in perfect harmony. The music video went so far as to recreate the old Studio 54 night club, with cameos from disco legends and a tribute to Alison Blair.
  • Kiss and Tell / The Stars Shine Bright For You (c/w Love, Love, Love)
    • Lead Vocals: Sita, Roxy, Maria / Cait, Monica, Marcy
    • A double a-side released in the summer, the two tracks showcased different members and different sounds. "Kiss and Tell" is a fun dance track, speaking about gossip culture, while "The Stars Shine Bright For You" is a love letter to a lost romance. This single charted immediately at the top, surpassing all of the group's previous records.
  • The Attack / The Death Of Me / Wolf Boy (c/w Hyper Love Mode)
    • Lead Vocals: Clover, Roxy, Rosa / Portia, Cait / 4th Generation (Few solos, mostly group lines)
  • Five Wishes


  • Venus / G.U.Y. (c/w Golden Chance)
    • Lead Vocals: Roxy, Monica, Cait / Portia, Georgia, Cait
  • Howl / Vogue and Serve / The Beginning
    • Lead Vocals: Maria, Clover / Roxy / Roxy, Clover, Georgia
  • Bang / Christmas Cake (c/w Christmas Wrapping)
    • Marcy, Portia, Rosa / Georgia, Roxy (duet)

The Vigilantes

History coming soon.


Founding Members

  • Sailor Sol - America's Super Sweetheart. Although thought to be more active in Japan after the 'Civil War' started, she came back to the states to found the new vigilante group.
  • Sailor Cybertron - You probably couldn't tell she was one of the rumored Sailor Warriors, seeing as her armor barely resembles a sailor uniform. Aligned with the Autobots, Sailor Cybertron is a true defender of love and justice, with her own sparkling transformation to boot.
  • Steel Lotus - Having become a proficient user of Tai Chi Quan, the non-super martial artist protects her neighborhood from super-powered thugs and gang crime alike, hiding her identity behind a domino mask to protect her family from retaliation.
  • Guardienne - The last of her clan, this young woman can summon the power of the planets, using nearly any element to fend off demonic threats that try to seize the city.
  • Maripomon - After a trip to a side-dimension, a young girl gained the ability to turn into a Digimon! By combining two elemental D-Spirits, she becomes the gothic fairy, Maripomon. She defends her town from stray digital threats, all while looking for her lost friends...

Second Generation

  • Kuroi Madoushi Nekorosha - Once known as a dark witch working alongside the evil Dark Light Agency, this ferocious enchantress now works to redeem herself in the eyes of the super-hero community.
  • Cardigal - Thought to be a fallen angel, this lovely warrior works to help the helpless, with only her faith in God... and a magical collection of spell cards, left with her at the orphanage when she was a baby.
  • Suzy Slayer - Left without a Watcher after a vicious demon attack on her school, this Slayer now has no one to guide her but the books left over. She continues to protect the night from the beings that would do harm to mortals and good demons alike.

Third Generation

  • Core Amp - One of a new generation mysteriously gifted with the X-gene after it was thought to be eradicated, she chose not to heed the call of the X-Men. Instead, the young woman has vowed to work with the girls that wanted her even when they thought she was just homo sapiens without the superior.

Fourth Generation

  • Kamen Rider Joy - The last member of a former trio, Joy uses the technology inspired by arcade fighting games to kick Glytch butt. But after losing her fellow Riders trying to stop GAME OVER, she's lost her way and hopes that fighting alongside a new team will help give her the focus she needs.
  • The White Hat - When her little sister became a slayer, this unpowered teen girl took it to herself to keep the streets safe at night from deadly demonic threats. But now that she has the support of a full team, will she finally let her little sister take up arms?
  • Time Agent Dae - She's from the future, she uses a vortex manipulator, and she's very handy with a sonic pistol. Everything else is classified: Spoilers!