Alternate Versions of Pinako's Friends

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Earth 1337-A

Katrina: The one you see in the Box

Daniel: Not a part of Pinako's circle of friends

Narun: Pinako's childhood friend

Metalia: Destroyed

Barry: Not reincarnated into

Earth 1337-DD

Katrina: Backup Mercury incarnation

Daniel: Backup Mars incarnation

Narun: Not born yet

Metalia: Now resides in 1337-A, 1337-A/1337-? Pinako's friend

Barry: Reincarnated into Barry, formerly Queen Beryl of this universe

Earth 1337-TMLA

Katrina: Instead of only holding items loosely related to Mercury, this version of Katrina is this universe's Sailor Mercury. This Katrina is also bound to a wheelchair for reasons unknown.

Daniel: is named Dana and is this universe's Sailor Mars. His looks, however, seem to have been brought to this universe's version of Hikaru Kindari.

Narun: Not born

Metalia: Not known

Barry: History not known

This is meant to be short.