Accidental Magic Reversal Squad

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The Accidental Magic Reversal Squad (AMRS) functions under the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes of the British Ministry of Magic. There are multiple teams within the squad, one of which is currently lead by Caroline Carr. Peter Pendrew is the youngest member of her team. More information about this squad and the Department can be found on the Harry Potter Wiki.


These teams are responsible for responding to incidents of magical accidents and underage magic, as well as any large-scale events where magical clean-up may be needed. They are also known to aid in investigations run by the magical police, or in other instances where their skills may be handy. It has been said by some Muggles that they function similarly to a magical SWAT team.


There are four main AMRS teams with overlapping schedules and on-call duties for backup. Each team has a leader and both experienced and younger members. The team leaders are responsible for daily training and administration, member evaluations, and coordinating in-depth situational training several times per year. They are members who can be trusted to steady their team, provide guidance, and have superior magical abilities and creativity.


Working on the AMRS requires members with stable magic whose spells most often work properly. They must be creative problem solvers and capable of finding unusual ways to clean up or reverse magic. Although not as strict in their requirements as the auror office, none of the AMRS are ordinary in either power or creativity. They must be flexible and available for emergencies. Members are required to carry 2 wands whenever they're on duty, although this isn't known by anyone outside the department and higher ministry officials.

Team 3

Caroline Carr, Tafadzwe Tiffany, and their friend Dermott were all assigned to this team when they joined the AMRS after graduating from Hogwarts in 1999.

In July of 2010, the team was called to work an incident scene in which there was a lot of experimental magic in an old home where the experimenter had already been incapacitated. While working the scene, there was another catastrophic explosion, which injured nearly everyone and ultimately killed 3 team members: Barry Balins (widow Beatrice), Dandelion Drake, and Tafadzwe Tiffany. It was the most horrific accident suffered by an AMRS team in nearly a century, and the team took some time to recover.

Caroline was promoted to leader of the team when Ericson Guppe left for the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committe in 2015. Peter Pendrew was moved in to fill Caroline's previous position. They work the third shift each day (4 PM to 1 AM), and every third weekend. Her team members include (in ABD orcer): Lawrence Carter (m, G), Delouise Broma (f, R), Julian Dermott (m, H), Mary Mulligan (f, R), and Peter Pendrew (m, H).