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Zephrius is one of the two moons of the planet Quinox. The larger of the two, Zephrius is in such an orbit that it always avoids it's neighbor moon Aeolus.


Much of the moon is covered in stone and rock, it's craggy surface textured by canyons, mountain ranges and deserts. Most of it's water either is in the form of large lakes nestled between deep craters or underground, fed by above ground rivers. Due to it's unusual weather system, it is well known for it's large number of cavern systems, some as high as a skyscraper and as wide as a football field.

It's highest peak is Mt. Zokor at 29,155 ft, while it's lowest point is the Dom Canyon at 234 ft below sea level.

Compared to most other worlds, Zephrius only has two continents (Genja and Torla) with a few minor islands.


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