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This character has been retired (November 1, 2015).

Biographical information

Earth, The Land of Light, xcheamo


April 4, 2011


Miara Mitsuki and Taki Kensei (parents), Zaira and Jaxmin (grandparents), Natsumi Kensei (aunt), Ken Kensei (uncle)


cute toddler



Physical description




Hair color

light brown

Eye color



tooth and claw


astral, some telepathy, super senses


Mongoosetiger, Alta Liana

Zalan is the young son of Taki Kensei and Miara. He was born at about 16:20 on April 4, 2011 at their home in Minato-ku. While Taki delivered Zan himself, Taki's sister, Natsumi, and Oria, the astral healer local to Miara's home time, were asked to be on call during his birth. He was 5 lbs, 8 oz and 15 inches long at birth.

He has light brown hair and blue eyes, indicating his astral abilities, and his fur is brown. He also has a red Ultra stripe across his chest and shoulders, front and back, in both forms. He has not yet attained his Ultra form, which will come when he is an adolescent.

He returned to Miara's local time period with both her and Taki on November 1, 2015.


From the beginning, Zalan showed the high intelligence of the Ultra species, and began moving and sensing the world very similarly to most Lupa children, developing both movement and intelligence before any large growth spurts.

He spoke his first word, 'dia,' (father or dad/daddy in Lupa) on November 17, 2011, and learned to walk between Christmas 2011 and New Years 2012.

Although His Ultra form will not manifest until adolescence, he does have extremely high senses like any other Ultra, some telepathic ability. This was demonstrated in early March 2012 when Miara was taken by a time scoop for a few days. He quickly wore out both Taki and Kenshiro, who brought him to the Hotel, where he seemed quite lost and unable to focus until Yumiko attempted to contact him telepathically--and was hit with a barrage of sensory information that took some effort to control and streamline into something more coherent. Miara usually helped him to manage this Ultra level of sensory information until he was developed enough to begin doing it himself.

Zan started his first year growth spurt on April 18, 2012, and was soon the size of an average Human child of the same age. He could speak full, if not long, sentences, although some of his grammar wasn't clear (possibly a result of learning several languages with very different grammar), and could also communicate in words with a combination of his astral and telepathic abilities.

By the age of two, he could speak rather fluent and very understandable English, as well as larger portions of both the Lupa and Ultra languages. He could count, do some very rudimentary math, reasoning, and recognize many letters, characters, and symbols that he saw in daily life. He also learned to use many of his astral and telepathic abilities much better by that point, and was able to physically copy others if he saw them do something--although he didn't always succeed. While he couldn't yet read, he was actively learning English, Lupa, and Ultra letters and could memorize things and recount stories he'd heard a few times, including rediting the stories in picture books, putting the right sentences with the right pictures. His repertoire of smells and memory was quite extensive, even compared to most Lupa his age.

At the age of four, he could read and write reasonably well so long as it wasn't very complicated, and he had a large vocabulary. He was able to practice with a bokken, and very rarely a real short sword. By this time, however, he was a quieter little person, although not at all shy or too wary of others.

Being Unique

His birth is an unprecedented first in both Lupa and Ultra history, as neither have been capable of breeding with other species before. In fact, Zalan's name is a combination of "za" from Lupa, a word meaning "we'll see" or "you don't know what you're going to get" and "lan" from the Ultra language, meaning "miracle."

While he was originally due in August of 2011, the pregnancy developed at an accelerated pace due to his Ultra nature, causing him to take in massive amounts of both chi and astral energy from his mother to grow to full term in only 5 months. Rushing through an entire pregnancy in such a short time was extremely hard on Miara, and she experienced both extreme tiredness and hormone changes, a huge spike in caloric intake, and found her astral abilities effectively stunted as her son was increasingly siphoning her power.

Ultimately, he will have three forms, skin, fur, and Ultra, which Miara is very excited about. The pairing of his telepathic and astral abilities already make him quite responsive and somewhat more aware of others' feelings outside of Miara's understanding, and his mind and body are both very active. His Ultra intelligence paired with Lupa sensibilities might make him a formidable opponent when he grows up, and even now usually requires constant vigilance to stay out of trouble.


Being rather young, Zan tends to enjoy trying and tasting new things, and seems to like most of it. He's especially fond of fruits, fish, and birds at this stage in life. Some of his favorite foods are Lupa-style citrus dressing, lemon-apple sorbet, and salmon with soy and honey. Like most children (and his mother), he often adores sweets.

His favorite colors include red.


Miara maee use of a host of babysitters, as well as play dates and places she can take her son where others will watch him. These include Eiry and/or Guyver Densuo, Nana and Edar Sano, Yumiko Naritsu, Cora's household, Nana Okita, Floral Heaven, the Roma Inn, Aescapulus, Mai and Mariko who live across the hall from them, and of course, The Hotel. Kai Moran will also babysit when she's in Tokyo/The Hotel.