Yumiko Takanashi

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Yumiko Takanashi
Biographical information



April 1


Kerissa Takanashi (sister, deceased), King Deryck and Queen Lorena (Father and Mother), Tjanra Jorgen (wife), Sofie Jorgen-Takanashi (daughter)


Commander of the Eslancian armies, Princess of Eslancia


Sailor Blackstar

Physical description




Hair color

Jet black, purple tips, swept up

Eye color





Long bow, Katana, Shurikens, hand-to-hand,


Elemental magic attacks, phenomenal defensive magic

First Appearance

March 2014

Yumiko Takanashi, alias Sailor Blackstar, has recently made a house of The Hotel and is living the life of visiting I-just-disovered-I'm-nobility. She has an eventually-to-be-wed fiancé in Tjanra Jorgen, big-brother figures in Nelius Raoul and Aescapulus, a King and a Queen for an absent mother and father, and a twelve-year-old's sense of humor that both compels her to terrible jokes and compels her to feel terrible about them afterwards. In most cases.

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Yumiko first came to the Hotel in March 2014, escaping a nasty elder sister and said sister's fiancé. She formed a quick friendship in Nelius and the many residents of the Hotel, soon finding love in Tjanra Jorgen.

Her discovery of nobility came as an utter shock during the later days of April, where she woke up clad in a dress that seemed to repel any and all intended slights against her person. It was during this time that she had to take many a crash course in being a noble. As it would be later revealed, her living on Earth was to give her an idea of what the common people must live with.

As Sailor Blackstar, her powers were that of protection-- she could place incredibly defensive barriers around others, with the restriction that she could not use such a barrier on herself. Thanks to magical training with Nelius, she has been taught the use of elemental magics, expanding her options. She also had use of a Senshi Pen capable of transforming into many weapons, though she has passed this to Amaya Ikari.

When her course in nobility was almost completed, she had to face one last trial: the voices of failed Sailor Blackstars echoed throughout her head, taunting and trying to drag her down. These prior Blackstars had failed due to looking out only for themselves instead of others- it was her formed friendships with several of the Hotel members and willingness to help others that helped pass her through.

On May 7, 2014 she was crowned Princess of Eslancia. Two days later, she was officially wed to Tjanra Jorgen.

She would later craft a bow capable of turning into a pair of short swords, and learn many new tricks with her barriers.

Unfortunately, her past came back to the forefront in a most violent way-- having suffered abuse at her elder sister's hand for 11 years, then suffering under the pressures of being royalty, she broke from the pressure that had been bottled up, decapitating Yaijinden and then getting into a fistfight with Persephone Celeste Kizen. Immediately afterwards, she signed out of the Hotel and now resides with her Uncle as she battled her fragmented mind.

While Nelius and Kanri went to help piece her mind back together, it was the words of Tjanra Jorgen and Simon Kerrick who got through to her. After accepting her mental instability she returned to Esclancia to get things put back together and lead her people.

She has taken up the role of Guard Captain, and is working to actively get her people out of their peaceful mindset, alongside getting the Esclancian breed of tigers as a protected species, the large felines having been used in battle and hunted to near-extinction.

Tjanra and she now have a daughter: Sofie Jorgen-Takanashi.