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Weinberg-Xadium Law was a law firm based in the Alien Zone of Akihabara, Tokyo. (Specifically Akihabara Electric town).

After the bombing of the Weinberg-Mason Law Firm by agents of Caligostro II, which left Harriet Weinberg out of work, Xadium was brought into her law practice as a Defense attorney for metahumans, illegal alien immigrants and others she could not represent in order to supplement her income, as he had a valid Interplanetary Legal Doctorate. (IL.D)

With the help of the alien community, Xadium and Harriet found the Weinberg-Xadium law firm.

After the departure of Doctor Xadium, and with Mia Fey's selection of Harriet to head the Japanese branch of Wright and Co. Law Firm, it became the Weinberg, Mason and Wright Law Firm.