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The former head of the Celestial Intervention Agency, Vaxilan was the power behind the power in the shadowy Time Lord organization. For reasons never made clear, he stole Sakura's TARDIS and took Gemini Sunrise forward in time a year for every decade, to prepare her for her reunion with The Impresario. Mentor of both Sakura and Noriko, he was the father figure she never had.

He returned to The Hotel in August of 2012, testing Noriko past her emotional and physical limits, trying to remake her into the cold, calculating person she had been when they first met.

In retaliation, Noriko and her father, along with Sakura and Paisley, put him on trial for starting the Last Great Time War. He railed against the "moralistic" charges, but was finally convicted. Trying to escape, he was stopped by Thrash and Hazel Ninegate, who ripped out his tongue and then blinded him when he tried to attack her with an energy beam, declaring him "Vaxilan the Silent."

He was imprisoned in The Tower of Rassilon, blind and mute.

Over time, he managed to regrow his eyes through sheer mental effort; on May 12, 2016, his tongue was restored to him by an unknown mental entity who taught him the rudiments of conceptual technology, as well as the means to produce a biodata copy of Demitri Marianna Xadium at the cost of one of his lives and a great deal of blood. (This incident actually occurred January 12, 2020 in the wake of The Devastation but he went back in time to 2016.)

Together they escaped the Tower of Rassilon and are at large.