Vash Knives

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Vash Knives
Biographical information


Birth July 27
Family Candy Rei (wife), Tani Knives (future child), Laval Knives (future child), Millions Knives (identical twin brother), Tessla (older sister, deceased), Rem Saverem (adoptive mother, deceased)

Baker, hunter of love and peace


Vash the Stampede

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





handgun, mini gun (in arm), angel arm, various plant ablilites


Various plant powers (more to come)


Hideki Kaze, InuYasha, Sailor Senshi

First Appearance


Project Seeds

Vash was born on a ship of Project Seeds, found with his identical twin brother Millions Knives. Found by the Humans running the ship under the plant bulbs, Rem Saverem took it upon herself to raise and care for the twins. Within one year, they grew at least ten Human years with knowledge and learning far above Human capabilities.

During this time, Knives and Vash found the remains of their older sister Tessla. Rem told them how the crew had found her before the boys, and since she had been the first of their kind free from the bulbs, experiments were performed on her, ultimately leading to her death. Vash did not handle this well, nor did Millions, which caused him to snap. This was a contributing factor to Millions killing the rest of the Humans on the ship, which then crashed onto the planet known as Gunsmoke. He had rerouted the Human carrying ships to crash and be destroyed, and the ships full of plant bulbs (Knives' race) to land safely. In a last ditch effort (ultimately causing her death as well) Rem Saverem stayed behind, sending Vash and Knives out in an escape pod and rerouting all the ships to land as safely as she could get it. The lead ship burnt up in the atmosphere (the only ship lost).


On Gunsmoke, Vash spent a lot of time helping the Humans and trying to stop his brother from trying to kill them. He spent about 160 years there after finally stopping his brother in an epic battle. He had returned to the house of his friends Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson with his bandaged brother when the black cat that had always been following him jumped on Vash's lap and glowed, transporting him back in time to Earth.


When he had come to, Vash found himself back on Earth in Tokyo, Japan, which Rem had mentioned to the boys so many times when she had been alive. Upon wondering a bit, he found himself at a temple and ended up taking shelter there for the time being.

While he lived there, he met a young woman by the name of Candy Rei, who seemed to fall instantly in love with him. He was hesitant with the woman for quite a while, but figured being friends with her was fine. Being around the shrine maiden Hino Rei and Candy, he found out about the sailor senshi and a bit about the past of Earth that Rem had never mentioned.

After a long while, he found himself in love with Candy and eventually asked her out and married her.


Vash married fiance Candy Rei on October 11, 2008 in a ceremony at Wolfwood's island, followed by a reception and dancing in the hangar. The matron of honor was Matsumi, and other bridesmaids included Laval (in honor of Vanessa), Miara, and Potamos. The best man was Hideki Kaze, and groomsmen included Wolfwood, David O`Cain, and Taki Kensei.

The Bakery

Deciding that his love for donuts was a sign, Vash went to school to become a baker and now owns a bakery in Yokohama named Doughnut Heaven (much to Candy's frustration). He enjoys his work and his pacifist nature loves seeing the smiles upon his customers' faces. He is probably also the tallest baker there.

The Trip Around the World

Vash and Candy had just returned from traveling around the world after he started thinking about seeing the place Rem had always talked to him about. Candy agreed, and they packed their stuff up in the second floor area of the bakery and left on an adventure. They haven't revealed most of what they did on their trip yet, but that will happen over time.


Upon returning to Tokyo, Vash suggested taking up residence on the second floor of the bakery, and the two will live there after it's renovated.

Powers and Abilities

Vash's powers come from the fact that he's a Plant, a species of called "the ones who live outside of time." Although Vash is over 160 years old, he doesn't really look older then 25. Because of being a plant, he also has various other abilities, which are described below.

Plant Forms and Attacks

Original Form

Vash looks very much Human, and even in his most powerful state is still fairly humanoid. He's able to create blades that come out of his body at will. His even consideres his gun is apart of him--Millions called it a sibling--and uses it in one of his major attacks as the Angel Arm.

Vash angel arm.gif

He is also able to create wings at will which are usable in flying.


The full extent of his power is still unknown since his pacifist nature really doesn't allow him to test it out.


Vash Knives is also known as Vash the Stampede. On Gunsmoke he had a bounty of 60 BILLION double dollars for destroying two whole cities with his Angel Arm (July and Augusta).

Vash loves donuts. He'd eat them all the time (and actually probably does since he owns and operates a bakery). It is unclear why he's so obsessed with the round cakes.