Ultrawoman Jean

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Ultrawoman Jean is a new Ultraman who has appeared in Tokyo to defend it against monster and alien attacks.


Name: Ultrawoman Jean
Human Form: Unknown
Height: 40 meters
Weight: Variable
Flight Speed: Mach 4
Running Speed: Mach 1
Swimming Speed: 25 knots
Tranformation Item: Jean Faizer
Support Team: None


Arcium Ray: Shot in Plus Style

Crescent Sharp: Crescent shaped energy cutters

Jean Shield: Energy Shield


1. Underground Beetle Monster Kabudon

2. Underground Revived Beetle Monster Kabudon-C

3a. Space Monster Eleking-Plus

3b. Transformation Phantom Pitt-Seijin

4. Skull Monster Red King

5. Skull Revived Monster Red King-C

5. Ultrawoman Elektra

6. Digger Monster Mogurea

7. Reckless Alien Domi-Seijin