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One of the most well-known of all Ultras, Ultraseven has one of the longest service records on Earth.



Name: Ultraseven

Human Form: Dan Moroboshi

Height: 40 Meters

Weight: 35,000 Tons

Transformation Item: Ultra Eye

Support Team: Ultra Garrison

Active on Earth: 1967-1968


Emerium Ray: Blast from beam lamp on forehead. Can be shot in A or B form.

Wide Shot: L-Shaped laser blast from arms.

Eye Slugger: Fin-shaped blade thrown from top of head.

Knuckle Beam: Beam shot from hands.

Wedge Ray: Beam knives shot from hands.

Ultra Will Power: Psychic powers that can confuse enemies.


An Ultra sent to Earth to monitor the dominant species, Ultraseven changed his mind after he saved the life of a young climber named Jiro Satsuma. Inspired by Jiro's selfless move to save his friend, Ultraseven created the human identity of Dan Moroboshi and decided to protect the planet rather then just observe it. Joining the Ultra Garrison after assisting them in an alien blackmailing scheme, Ultraseven would often assist in battles against numerious alien invaders including Bell-Seijin, Icarus-Seijin and Metron-Seijin. However, as many times as Ultraseven fought for mankind, he also questioned it as well.

One such time was due to the bombing of the planet Ghiron, which was thought to be uninhabited. This resulted in an attack by the final living inhabitant, which Seven destroyed, although it distressed him. The other incident involved the death of the species known as Nomen, who claimed to be the indiginous species of Earth. The death of these people would stain Seven's reputation.

Meanwhile, Seven geow closer to one human, a woman named Anne Yuri. These two would start one of the best known romances of all Ultras. The battles, however, would soon take their toll on him, leaving the Ultra tired and nearly broken. Although ordered to return to M78 by his superior officer, Ultraseven disobeyed these orders to rescue his friends from the clutches of the Ghost-Seijin. Afterward, spent and exhausted, Seven returned home.





Ultraseven vs. Icarus-Seijin