Ultraman Taro

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The son of The Father of Ultra and The Mother of Ultra, Taro is one of the more powerful of all Ultras.



Name: Ultraman Taro

Human Form: Kohtaro Higashi

Height: 53 Meters

Weight: 55,000 Tons

Transformation Item: Ultra Badge

Support Team: ZAT (Zariba of All Territory)

Active on Earth: 1973-1974


Storium Ray: T-shaped Laser weapon. Has to be charged up before use.

Neo-Storium Ray: Plus-shaped version of the Storium Ray.

Blue Laser: Fired from horns.

Arrow Ray: Energy cutters from hands.

Fire Dash: Fire emitted from body.

Atomic Punch: Punches enemy while growing to full size.

Ultra Dynamite: Taro's ultimate weapon. Gathers all energy in body, grabs enemy and expodes self. Reforms body after use.

Relive Ray: Revives the dead, heals wound and repairs machinery.

King Bracelet: Has multiple forms and uses.

Big Blue Bucket of Doom: Carries water and wakes up drunken monsters.




Was one of the Ultras to vouce for Ultraman Mu's candidacy to work on Earth.


Ultraman Taro vs. Piccolo