Ultraman Leo

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One of the two last Ultramen of Planet L77, Ultraman Leo is the greatest marital artist of all Ultramen.



Name: Ultraman Leo

Human Form: Gen Ohtori

Height: 52 Meters

Weight: 48,000 Tons

Transformation Item: Leo Ring

Support Team: MAC (Monster Attack Crew)

Active on Earth: 1974-1975


Leo Kick: High flying kick with energy added in. Leo's signature weapon.

Kirimomi Kick: Spinning kick.

Leo Chop: Hand chop.

Hand Slicer: Leo Chop plus energy.

Leo Cross Beam: Two lasers fired from beam lamp on forehead.

Timer Shot: Powerful laser from color timer on chest.

Shooting Beam: Laser from both arms.

Full-Body Radiation: Energy blast from entire body.

Energy Light Ball: Energy ball shot from hands.

Ultra Mant: Magical Cape from Ultraman King. Multiple uses.

Ultra Double Flasher: Energy blast used alongside Astra.




Leo helped train Ultraman Mu in unlocking his Rising Mighty Form.


Ultraman Leo vs. Flip-Seijin