Ultraman Jack

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A Ultra from M78, Ultraman Jack is one of the six Ultra Brothers



Name: Ultraman Jack

Human Form: Hideki Goh

Height: 40 Meters

Weight: 35,000 Tons

Transformation Item: Force of Will

Support Team: MAT (Monster Attack Team)

Active on Earth: 1971-1972


Specium Ray: Same as Ultraman The First.

Ultra Bracelet: A multi-purpose weapon, with several forms:

  • Ultra Spark: Able to immobolize monsters.
  • Ultra Cutter: Energy or solid boomarang.
  • Ultra Lance: Long spear able to stab enemies.
  • Ultra Cross: A weapon against vampire monters.
  • Ultra Defender: A shield able to defend against most attacks.

Cinerama Shot: Wide blast from L-Shape arm formation.

Shooting Star Kick: High jump kick.

Ultra Barrier: Powerful force field able to push back immense forces.

Ultra Frost: Can completely freeze an enemy.



Sub.Sen. Connections



Ultraman Jack vs. Kodaigon and Grotes-Seijin