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Strong in attack but low on defense, Ultraman Great fought the Gudis in Australia, and is known as the Lone Wolf Ultra on M78. He is good friends with Ultraman Powered.



Name: Ultraman Great

Human Form: Jack Shindo

Height: 60 meters

Weight: 70,000 tons

Transformation Item: Delta Plasma

Support Team: UMA (Universal Multipurpose Agency)

Active on Earth: 1990—1992


Burning Plasma: Energy blasts from hands, very powerful.

Triangle Shield: Small energy shield.

Energy Blade: Laser blade from hands.

Finger Shooter: Laser blasts from fingers.

Greatium Ray: Plus style ray, not very powerful.


One of many warriors from The Land of Light, Great was considered by many the lone wolf of the group. When it came time to join the elite "Ultra Family," he was instead asked by Ultraman King to become a Gudis Hunter alongside his good friend Ultraman Powered. While Powered became side-tracked with his fight, Great made contact with the Gudis, chasing it across space to the Sol system and the planet Mars. Arriving just as the monster was attacking a top secret Mars landing, he arrived too late to save one of the astronaunts from being killed by the creature. In a fierce battle, he managed to mortally wound the Gudis. However, before he could deliver the fatal blow, the monster coverted itself into a virus and escaped to Earth. Not wishing to abandon the one remaining astronaunt to a slow and painful death, Great merged with Jack Shindo and returned to Earth. Joining the defense group UMA, Shindo soon learned the Gudis's awful plan after battling several of it's mutated monsters. The monster wished to absorb and feed on all life on Earth. Allowing himself to be absorbed into the creature, Great weakened it's resolve enough to defeat it's current form and remove all trace of it from the planet. Staying a bit longer to take care of lingering threats, Great soon faced a new danger as UMA's attempt to close the Ozone layer instead unleashed an ancient curse from pre-history. Soon after finishing off this final group of foes, Great unmerged with Shindo to return to M78 to give his final report on the Gudis situation. Jack Shindo's whereabouts are unknown at this time, though it is rumored that he vanished soon after during a strange aurora.

Sub Sen Connection

Not known yet.


Ultraman Great vs. Garukadon