Ultraman Ace

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An Ultra from M78, Ultraman Ace is one of the six Ultra Brothers.


Name: Ultraman Ace

Human Form(s): Seiji Hokuto and Yuhko Minami

Height: 40 Meters

Weight: 45,000 Tons

Transformation Item: Ultra Rings

Support Team: TAC (Terrible Monster Crew)

Active on Earth: 1972-1973


Metallium Ray: L-shaped laser. Turns upper body left and turns back quickly to fire.

Punch Laser: Laser fired from beam lamp on forehead.

Space Q: Powerful energy ball created in hole in fin on head.

Ultra Guillotine: Energy slices. Many varations, including Horizontal, Circular, Multi and Guillotine shot.

Circle Barrier: Energy barrier.

Ace Blade: Sword created by force of will.



Sub.Sen. Connections

None Known


Ultraman Ace vs. Hotarunga